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Canned Insects Include Bacon and Cheese Grasshoppers


It’s never too early to start thinking about holiday gifts, especially for the foodie in your life who loves a good snack.  So for those of you already hunting for the perfect present, an Edible Bug Gift Pack might be just the thing.

The set includes six tins of flavored and cooked bugs, plus a bonus tin of giant waterbug chili paste. (Convenient, since you’re always running out of Sriracha.) Particularly notable treats include bamboo worms, bacon and cheese grasshoppers, and sour cream and onion dung beetles.


Although, we bet these little critters make great patter platters too. So, throw a party, break out the bug snacks, and sit down to watch the game.  Who knows, it might even be better than chips.

Edible Bugs Gift Pack, $40 @ThinkGeek

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