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Mentioning These Foods On Tinder Could Double Your Chances, Study Says

If you’re looking to boost your Tinder profile game, food may be the answer you’ve been searching for. Guacamole especially may play a factor in helping get more people to slide into your inbox.

A new study from dating website Zoosk unveiled a whole host of ways to utilize food to get more people willing to hit you up on the popular casual dating app. Most notably, mentioning guac in your Tinder profile will increase the number of messages you get by an astounding 144%, according to the study. Potatoes and/or chocolate will also roughly double your incoming requests, apparently.

There are a plethora of other methods to increase your prospects on Tinder as well. Mentioning that you’re a “foodie” in your profile will up your messages by over 80 percent, while mentioning eggplants (well, at least the emoji, I would guess) increases the response rate by 10 percent.

Surprisingly, being a vegan dramatically helps your chances out as well, as you’ll get 62 percent more incoming messages than average.

When it comes to things people don’t like to see on Tinder profiles, yams and fried chicken are two of the ones that definitely drop your viability. Yams decrease your message count by 70 percent, while fried chicken does so by 15 percent.

To add insult to injury, mentioning fried chicken, burritos, or pizza in your chats will also drop response rates by roughly six or seven percent. Guess people aren’t as into my favorite foods as they used to be.

Of course, like all Tinder moves, this data is only proven to help get your foot in the door.

What happens next is entirely up to you, #foodbeast.

Hit-Or-Miss Technology

There’s An App That Figures Out What You’re Craving For Lunch

If you often find yourself sitting in a car with your friends, trying to figure out the perfect lunch spot, you know the frustration of searching for restaurant after restaurant, and not being able to figure out what you’re craving.

Fret not, my friends, as a little help is here in the form of an , of course.

It’s called FoodFaves, and it’s actually pretty similar to Tinder, as you swipe left or right on food photos you like, while it tries to figure out the perfect food match for you.

You start off by browsing and selecting some of your favorite restaurants, as it stores them all on your profile. From there, you take what they call a “Crave Quiz,” as photos from your favorite restaurants, and even some additional ones, appear for you to either swipe right in roval, or left if you’re not feeling it.

The more restaurants you select, the more food photos you have to choose from when you’re taking the quiz. After a few selections, it will suggest a restaurant for you. If you’re not feeling their selection, just take the quiz again.

The app’s founder Sydney Epstein, 24, is a New York City-native who felt our pain when trying to find somewhere to eat. She found that the best way to fix this problem was to crowdsource the best food pics restaurants have to offer, have users respond to the photos, and try to find results from it.

In a world where we spend hours on social media, often looking at food photos, there’s probably no better way to decipher what you’re craving than with those photos.

A lot of those food photos come from Instagram or Facebook, depending on what you sync it with. I tried out the , and synced it with my IG account. Some initial thoughts—I felt it didn’t really give great suggestions, but keep in mind that I didn’t have too many restaurants saved in there yet, as I just downloaded the . I chose several pizza photos on the quiz, and a few pasta dishes, yet it recommended In-N-Out for some reason. I’m not totally mad, as In-N-Out is the perfect restaurant when you’re in an indecisive state, but I don’t think it really fit with my swiped selections. It later suggested a New York restaurant, which really does nothing for me here in California. I double checked my location settings, and then peeked outside, and nope, I wasn’t in New York.

It’s still exciting that an like this exists, and I’m going to give it a shot for a while, hoping for some great suggestions. It beats the hell out of scrolling through Yelp for 45 minutes.

main pic via IG

Hit-Or-Miss Humor

Guy Takes An ‘L’ On Tinder, Still Asks Date For $3 Coffee Refund

Tinder dates are hit or miss sometimes, and if you decide to pay for the date, it should come with no strings attached.

That’s not how this date went down, though, as a guy thought a cup of coffee entitled him to a second date, even though the girl wasn’t feeling it.

London blogger Lauren Couch shared her conversation with this guy, who was pleading to get a second date and cook for her.

When she respectfully declined, he demanded that she refund him the cost of the coffee he bought her.

Obviously this was a stupid request from an asshole who just doesn’t know how to take an “L,” so she got super savage, said she would donate 5 euros to the charity of his choice, which would cover her coffee, his bus ride, and even threw in a British Joke about Armistice Day, which went over my American head.

As if this joke of a guy didn’t embarrass himself enough, he literally went as far as to send her his bank account number so she could transfer the 3.50 Euros he spent on her.

Just. Take. The. L. Bro.

That’s where the conversation ended and they never spoke again, obviously, but this story is cringeworthy, and shows why the dating life is so tough.

h/t 22 words

FOODBEAST Hit-Or-Miss Humor Opinion

Here’s What Ya’ll Said About Costco Tinder Dates And Hot Cheetos Waffle Cones [Feedback Oct. 28]

Welcome to another edition of our weekly Foodbeast “Feedback,” where we feature your Facebook comments, and respond directly to your views on our recipes, videos, and stories.

In a wild 7 days, full of some crazy food news stories, you guys provided some worthy comments, per usual.

This week Shaquille O’Neal bought himself a Kripy Kreme franchise, someone made a Hot Cheetos waffle cone, and we found out that Costco dates are totally awesome.

You guys responded to those stories through Facebook, and now it’s our turn to respond back.

We always appreciate that you read our posts, and take the time to add your own commentary.

Here’s what made the cut this week. Think you can make next week’s list?



STORY:Girl Tries To Prove Her Head Fits In A Pumpkin, Doesn’t End Well

Dude, her head is in there. You can’t just smash the shit out of it with hammer, Gallagher-style. Fire department would have been a good call, unless they end up just smashing the shit out of it with a hammer.


Story:Shaq Loved Krispy Kreme So Much, He Bought His Own Franchise

I just peeped your profile to talk shit, Robbie. It looks like you’re an indie wrestler, and looking at your matches on YouTube, I’ll admit you’ve got some hops. Maybe you can actually dunk on Shaq.

hot cheetos cone

Story: Dude Makes A Hot Cheetos Waffle Cone And Stuffs It With Mac & Cheese
Holy shit, dude. It’s just cheetos and mac & cheese, why the hell would it give me cancer. I guarantee it’s not the same as drinking drain cleaner. Don’t tell me how I know, just trust me.

STORY:Josh Elkin’s ‘Pizza Pong’ Table Is The Newest PBR Challenge Invention

Getting high as f*ck and eating the table after is the only way to play this, really. You’ve got the right idea.


Story:Taco Bell Is Giving Everyone A FREE Taco On Nov. 2

There is something about Taco Bell that makes me spend quality time with my toilet. Fair enough, plumbers just might have their hands full after the World Series.


Story:5 Reasons to Take Your Tinder Date to Costco

SAVAGE. You might be on to something, though. I’m going to take a date to Costco, see what happens. Guys need to step their game up.


Story: 13 Of The Strangest Things Seen In A McDonald’s PlayPlace

I’m sorry you had to go through that. I hope that turd wasn’t in the ball pit. I can only imagine it’d plop out when you’d least expect it, just making your day shitty.

Hit-Or-Miss Humor Tastemade/Snapchat

5 Reasons to Take Your Tinder Date to Costco


If you’re fearing another “Netflix and chill”-style Tinder date, you might want to up your game a little bit. But getting creative doesn’t need to be costly, and amateur Casanovas should muster up the chutzpah to ask their dates to Costco. Before you scoff, Costco can be both a spendthrift’s wet dream and a sneakily impressive first date. Put on some comfortable shoes and get ready for a meander to remember.


Free Samples


Having a snack attack? Not very likely at Costco, since you’ll have plenty of opportunities to taste bagel bun hot dogs, Kirkland cheese, or red snapper. The free sample tables make it easy to get your munch on without breaking your stride.


Dinner for Two Costs $10


If you don’t get your fill of the free stuff, head over to their dining section with prices that are too awesome to avoid. You can get four hot dogs (and a very gassy date) for around $10. Or split one of their pizzas on your way out and discuss your favorite toppings.


Packed with Conversation Starters


Why would someone need that many ear plugs? What’s the most powerful vacuum cleaner at the store? Who do these children belong to and why are they everywhere? Search for these answers and countless more as you get lost in the superstore. Plus, these talking points keep the conversation perpetually unpredictable, so you don’t have to fall back on scintillating topics like the weather.


Show Your Date How Thrifty You Are


Saying, “that’s a great price on quinoa” demonstrates: A) You know what quinoa is in the first place. B) You’re aware of the quinoa market in general. C) You are a budget conscious individual who will not blow shared income by purchasing too much quinoa at a terrible price. Who wouldn’t be impressed?


Tons of Aisles to Explore (Hide and Go Seek)


If you’ve got a playful date, then a game might be in order. Have you or your date hide somewhere in the store then text an “I spy…” style clue. By the time you find him or her, you’ll also find the carefree love of your life. Conversely, you could also just run out of the store without saying an awkward goodbye if your date’s a dud.

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Features Hit-Or-Miss Humor

Kissing And Eating Frogs: A Female Foodie’s Dating Adventures

It’s no secret the food world is overwhelmingly dominated by men. That doesn’t mean great female culinarians don’t exist, because they totally do. Some of my personal idols include Alex Guarnaschelli, a total sweetheart yet hardass known for her scrutiny as a judge on the show Chopped, Amanda Freitag, an almost docile woman who can turn on the heat literally and figuratively in the kitchen, and Chrissy Teigen, because she eats whatever she wants and doesn’t give a fuck.

I’m not saying I’m even close to these professionals on the totem pole – I’m not an officially trained chef – but I do know a lot about food. My entire life basically consists of developing recipes for my blog The Bacon Princess, eating food, photographing food, writing about food, reviewing restaurants, maybe sleeping, and then repeating the whole cycle every day.

When I meet new people my age, I feel almost like a circus attraction. Living in Washington, D.C. it’s rare to find a millennial employed by someone other than the Federal Government, and when they find out I “do” food as a living, the fact usually leaves them agape. In this case, I’m just talking about meeting new friends. Dating is a completely different story. When a guy first hears that a) I love bacon (hence my blog name) and b) I eat a lot of food, it’s almost like their brain short circuits for about 30 seconds straight until they know how to process it.

Here are some of the guys I have encountered in the dating world after they find out I’m a girl who is passionate about food:

1. The Showoff

I went on a date with a seemingly pleasant gentleman to a restaurant in Washington, D.C. called Thip Khao. The joint serves traditional Laotian cuisine, and it is fantastic. I actually think the guy picked this place, which was refreshing. But when the meal started, I could tell why.

This fucker had apparently traveled through Laos on some janky boat, and because of this, considered himself an expert in everything Laotian. It took nearly 45 minutes to place our damn order, because he kept engaging the server in detailed conversations about the most obscure things on the menu, proving that he knew what they were, in an attempt to dazzle me with his vast knowledge of Laotian cuisine. On the walk back to the metro, I finally thought we had landed on a normal conversation about childhood pets, but after I mentioned my family had a dog he replied, “I’ve never had a dog as a pet, but I’ve eaten one before.”

2. The Boozehound

Just because I appreciate great food doesn’t mean I need to eat like a princess all the time. But when a guy suggests we have our first date at a grungy bar known for buckets of unidentifiable liquors and blacking out on Saturday nights, I just can’t. So instead, I suggested one of my favorite restaurants in the city I knew had great happy hour deals, and an impressive assortment of local beers on tap. Guys like beer, right?

Turns out the dude was already two vodka cranberry’s deep by the time I arrived fashionably late by a whopping two minutes. The vodka cranberries continued throughout the duration of the date, which by some miracle lasted ninety minutes instead of thirty. Turns out we should have just gone to the dingy bar…or maybe he could have just gone and imbibed without me.

3. The Plain John

Washington, D.C. has some pretty awesome food places. One of my personal favorites is a local chain called &pizza, where you can customize your pie and wait while it’s made right in front of you. However, the best thing about &pizza is that there is only a base price for customizable pizzas, rather than charging you extra per topping, for which many pizza places are notorious.

I don’t know about you, but I go wild with that shit. I’m going to get everything that will physically fit put on that pizza. If you’re a little more modest, I can understand opting for maybe two or three toppings. But I went here with a dude and he legit ordered a straight cheese pizza. Not even three-cheese or four-cheese. Literally just crust with sauce and cheese on it. Do you know what this tells me about your moves in the bedroom? Bye.

4. The Tinder (Douchebag)

Admittedly, I hopped on the Tinder bandwagon in its early days. It was good clean fun to me. I swiped at work when things were slow, on the metro when I could get service, whenever I was on the toilet – you get the picture. My profile definitely mentions my affinity for bacon, and this has turned out to be a great conversation starter.

One day, I opened a message from a pretty attractive guy. He was impressed I liked bacon. Most guys are. He checked out my Instagram, did his homework, and asked an incredibly reasonable question: “Do you get paid to promote bacon?” I replied that I didn’t but have been given ample supply of the fine meat in the past by certain purveyors. He then says, “Cool. You eat a lot of bacon, but I like that you’re still trim.” Glad my body is good enough for you, bro.

5. The Carnivore

A few weeks ago I was speaking with another guy from Tinder about food. He worked in the restaurant industry and also sold fine wines, so I felt at home. We had a good amount to talk about. For some reason he was really shocked when I said one of my favorite foods was chicken wings, so we set a date to get our wings on. I would assume many girls are overly conscious about what they look like while eating wings, or if they have sauce on their face, but I don’t really give a shit.

I met with the guy in-person, ready to get some wings in my belly, but he decided to go for the gold and order ostrich. I’m not really sure why this barbecue place decided to have ostrich on the menu, but they did and the dude ate every bite. I have to admit, I was a little turned on. I love a man who can eat adventurously.

6. The Guy That Makes It Weird

When I was living in Chicago, I got a lot more messages about the bacon aspect of my Tinder profile. I am correlating this to the fact that Chicago is a meat-eater’s dream, with hot dogs, cheese steaks, and deep-dish pizzas loaded with pepperoni around every corner. One day, I received a first message from a guy that literally said, “How about you come over, I cover you in bacon, and let’s get busy.” I briefly decided to entertain his fantasy by asking “Cooked or raw?” to which he replied “raw.” Strange. Am I Lady Gaga, or something? Even I’m not into that. The same guy actually happened to walk into the restaurant I worked at one night and we exchanged a very awkward glance of recognition for a painful amount of time.

7. The One Who Just Really Doesn’t Get It

I have a weakness for cocktails. Not rum and cokes or bourbon gingers, but carefully crafted cocktails. Obviously I drink the shitty ones too because I’m not rich and I am indeed a human, but I can appreciate the time and skill it takes to make a good drink. In a surprising twist of events for me, I actually “dated” a guy for nearly three months. He was alright. Except, he did not share my affinity for skillfully composed food or drink. This turned out to be an issue.

Knowing that he liked whiskey, I took him to Jack Rose Dining Saloon, a well-known whiskey bar in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of DC. This place is legendary. They have so many different types of whiskey, they literally have one of those library ladder things to move around just so they can navigate the whole collection. I thought he would love it. But then he saw the price of one cocktail was $13. Sure, that’s steep, but for the quality, is it really? Good whiskey can be pretty expensive.

He explicitly said, “I’m not going to buy a cocktail at that price when I can buy a whole unit of whiskey for less.” Bruh, what kind of piss whiskey you drinkin’? I’m out.

8. The Wine and Dine-r

Every once in awhile, I am impressed by the culinary aptitude of a man my age. I don’t mean to sound degrading at all, but there are a lot of people in the “eat to live” camp versus the “live to eat camp.” One time, a dashing gentleman invited me over to his apartment for a home-cooked meal. I obliged mostly because I thought this would be pretty entertaining for me, watching a guy struggle in the kitchen.

But this man did not struggle. When I arrived, there was already a bottle of red wine in the decanter. A DECANTER! I didn’t know people actually owned those things. When I asked him what was for dinner, he said sushi-grade Ahi tuna with freshly sliced (not pre-packaged!) kiwi as a garnish. This was impressive. Needless to say, that date went well.

9. The Exhibitionist

There are always those guys on Tinder, whatever dating app, or even in-person that are trying to see you naked from the get go. You may call these people “males,” but I prefer to refer them to exhibitionists. I was approached by a scantily clad muscle man on Tinder who was trying to get the conversation started, but instead of asking for a nude, he decided to mix it up. He said, “Hi. How’s it going? Care to exchange Snapchat? Send me your best food baby photo and I’ll send back a photo of my abs. Fair deal?” Whether this guy is turned on by food or baby bumps, the world will never know.

While I’m not certain whether other females who chose food as a livelihood have encountered the same near-freak incidents as I have, I do know that food is and will always be my most loyal love. As long as I remain the type of girl who values humor and a great story, I shall toil forward through the dating game, ready for whatever characters I meet next.

Adventures Humor

A Glass Of Wine Made A Tinder Profile And The Results Are Intoxicating

Last year we learned what happened when an anonymous girl jumped on Tinder and posed as a cheeseburger cleverly named Patty. She used the profile to determine which characteristics men most often displayed in conversations with her: hungry or horny?

It turns out that they were all a little bit of both! Which got me thinking, ‘How would girls respond if they were being hit on by, oh I don’t know…a glass of wine, perhaps?’

So I did the next logical thing…

I signed up for Tinder:

Photo Nov 20, 4 14 09 PM

Since I’m just a glass of wine and don’t have fingers (woe is me), I had my friend Sean Fahmy help me out by typing my responses for me.

Some girls loved the idea of opening up to a glass of wine. Some didn’t care much for what I said, they were just excited to be talking to alcohol. A surprising number completely ignored me altogether (hey, more me for me!). Some marveled at the fact that a charming yet perverted little glass of wine could talk, while others took all of my liquid advances in stride, even volleying back a few clever lines here and there.

I also used a few lines more than once. There are only so many puns about my people that I can come up with, and EVERY SINGLE GIRL swiped right on me, leaving me with over 300 matches in two days. Normally I would have made my way into all of their hearts and bellies, but Sean keeps “wining” about his fingers hurting from typing so much. Dude is acting like a real box of wine. BE LESS SQUARE, BRO.


The Ladies








Photo Nov 17, 3 19 27 PM—–







jordan karen






jackie-front ali










Clearly some of these girls already had some of me before they started Tindering.


Amy Schumer On Dating Apps: ‘It’s Called Foodspotting…Like Tinder, But For Food’


When actress and comedian Amy Schumer isn’t pissing off Disney/LucasFilm by sucking down C3PO’s finger on the cover of GQ, she’s making appearances on Ellen’s day time showing talking about how Foodspotting is her form of Tinder.

Foodspotting, an app that helps you find food local food based on individual dish pictures, and Tinder, a casual dating app that lets you swipe left or right until you find someone you want to hook up with, have probably never been used in the same sentence before. Until Amy Schumer.

I’ve tracked the video to the Tinder / Foodspotting bit, but if you have time, the rest of the video is equally comical:

She also has a really side-splitting commentary on how people eat popcorn. She remembers how her popcorn eating process begins with reluctancy, one kernel at a time, only to end in a primal fist-to-mouth butter sucking crescendo.

Amy Schumer is a true Foodbeast, and she gets us: