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Tina Fey Proclaims ‘Sheet Caking’ To Be Weekend’s Hottest Activity

I don’t really need an excuse to devour cake this weekend, so I’m down with Tina Fey’s sheet caking idea.

The acclaimed actress appeared on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update to make her case for this gluttonous activity. Fey would rather we go “sheet caking,” or devouring whole cakes, instead of attending white supremacist protests this weekend.

To showcase what exactly she means, Fey brings out her own massive dessert to consume live. She called on us all to order cakes with the American flag on them and just eat them as alternatives to violence. Tina then proceeded to go sheet caking while blasting white nationalists in the hilarious SNL skit.

Racist rallies similar to those in Charlottesville are occurring this weekend. Those events inspired violence and hate, so Tina Fey’s message is more than just a comedic one. As a result of her message and hilarity, sheet caking has gone viral across Twitter.

Even if we can’t consume whole cakes like Tina can, stopping bigotry, racism, and white supremacy is still a message we can get behind. So don’t hate: eat a cake instead.


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