What Jon Hamm, Rihanna and Other Celebs Look Like as Pieces of Meat

Have you ever wondered what celebrities would look like as pieces of meat? Me either, but these pictures from World Wide Interweb are still hilarious, as Jon Hamm’s face looks just as dreamy on an actual piece of ham, and Shia LaBeouf is just as crazy on a piece of beef as he is in real life.



The gorgeous Jessica Biel as a piece of veal. Come on, guys. She’s more than just a piece of meat to be gawked at.







If you’ve ever had trouble pronouncing his last name, just go with this.



This one was too easy. Almost as easy as the next one.



I guess this is how I always pictured Meatloaf.



Not doing anything to retract the stereotype that football players are meatheads.



It kind of looks like a bruised up Jon Hamm after a brutal MMA fight.



Tell me this wouldn’t make for a creepy sandwich.



Maybe Rihamma and Jon Ham can make beautiful ham babies.



Enough is enough! I’ve had it with this motherf***in’ Spam on this motherf***in’ plate!


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New York’s Carnegie Deli Introduces “The Jetbow”

Newly acquired New York Jet Tim Tebow hasn’t even been formally introduced as a Jet, but he already has a sandwich with his name on it.

“The Jetbow” was announced by the Carnegie Deli in New York as the restaurant’s latest celebrity-named sandwich.

The Jetbow consists of corned beef, pastrami, roast beef, American cheese, mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato all crammed in between two pieces of white bread, and weighs an estimated 3.5 pounds.

Carnegie Deli’s walls are completely covered with pictures of celebrities who have attended the restaurant, and is known for its tributes to certain celebrities. The deli has sandwiches such as “The Woody Allen,” cleverly named after Woody Allen, and “The Melo,” named after Knick’s star Carmelo Anthony.

Carnegie Deli Owner Sandy Levine said that it would be the first time in the restaurant’s 75 years that a celebrity-named sandwich would contain white bread and mayonnaise, different from its usual combination of rye bread and mustard.

Levine also said that the ingredients in the Jetbow perfectly tailor to Tebow’s “All-American Boy” personality. Tebow’s picture already adorns the Carnegie Deli walls as he visited the restaurant after his Heisman-winning Season at the University of Florida in 2007.

Tebow is not even the starting quarterback for the Jets, but Tebowmania is the only thing stronger than Linsanity in New York, so he gets a sandwich.

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