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Tim Hortons Celebrates Mother’s Day With Brilliant Donut Disguise Box

Photo courtesy of Tim Hortons

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and for those scrambling to find something they think their moms would enjoy, look no further.

This year, Tim Hortons is offering up what we low-key believe is the most incredible gift for any mom whose love for donuts surpasses that of their children.

Upon first glance, it looks nothing more like a hefty hardbound book that would likely collect dust on a coffee table or sit untouched on a shelf for decades at a time. However, when you open it up, you’ll find six Tim Horton’s donuts inside.

The box will be available on May 8 and 9 when you purchase a six-pack of donuts at U.S. locations in Buffalo, Columbus, and Detroit metropolitan areas. All you have to do is ask for the Donut Disguise Box at the counter or drive-thru.

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Tim Hortons Unveils Froot Loops Donuts And Timbits

Photo courtesy of Tim Hortons

I have to admit, I’m a sucker for anything vibrant and colorful that comes in donut form. Blame it on growing up in a donut shop as a child or years of watching The Simpsons on syndication.

If you’re a fan of the same level of vibrance encompassing your fried dough confections, look to Tim Hortons for their latest innovation: Froot Loops Dream Donuts and Froot Loops Timbits.

The Froot Loops Dream Donuts are topped with a strawberry glaze, Froot Loops cereal, and white icing drizzle.

As for Tim Horton’s iconic Timbits, they are coated in a strawberry glaze and topped with Froot Loops crumbs to create a colorful variation of the iconic Canadian donut hole.

You can find these new Froot Loops donuts available now at participating U.S. locations of Tim Hortons.

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Tim Hortons Creates A CHURRO DONUT For National Donut Day

We live in a time where there are nearly as many donut options out there as there are stars in the sky. While my slight hyperbole there may not be the most accurate, it seems there’s a new donut unveiling from a different fast food donut chain almost every week. Fantastic for a donut lover such as myself.

For National Donut Day (Friday, June 7), Tim Hortons is making mine and other donut fanatics’ dreams come true by releasing what’s essentially a Churro Donut.

Here’s the delectable deets: Tim Hortons takes a Honey Cruller Donut and pipes it with a sweet caramel filling. Then, a dusting of cinnamon sugar coats the exterior of the cruller to create the churro masterpiece.

Be still my churro-loving heart.

The Churro Donut will be available at participating Tim Hortons locations starting June 7, and will make a national launch on June 12. Churro fans, you may want to snag a donut or 12 before they run out, as they’ll be available for a limited time only.

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Tim Hortons Celebrates Easter With CADBURY EGG DONUTS

Easter is weeks away but Tim Hortons has already begun celebrating the spring holiday with the release of their newest donut. For fans of the time-honored Cadbury Mini Egg, this is a must-cop.

Tim Hortons locations across the United States have begun selling these new Cadbury Mini Egg Donuts.

The donuts are covered with white fondant, green sprinkles, and finished with a nest of three Cadbury Mini Eggs resting on top. Cadbury’s mini eggs are made with a rich and creamy milk chocolate and covered in a crispy candy shell that come in a variety of pastel colors.

Visually, it’s one of the coolest fast food donuts I’ve seen. Part of me, however, wishes these were also filled with Cadbury’s famous egg creme. But perhaps that’s a discussion for another Easter drop.

Those looking to sink their teeth into this Easter addition can find them at all Tim Hortons locations across the US through April 21.

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Pissed Off Woman Craps In A Tim Hortons, Flings It At Employee [WATCH]

Imagine being so mad at a fast food restaurant that you literally shit on their dining room floor, pick it up with your bare hands, and rifle it toward a poor employee.

That’s what happened at this British Columbia Tim Hortons after an employee denied the woman restroom access, Monday, according to The Province.

As crazy as this all sounds, it was all caught on surveillance video.

The poor employee can be seen trying to calm down the woman, but to no avail. Even as she pulled down her pants, he calmly got on the phone to call the police.

Then shit got serious.

After finishing her business in the middle of the floor, she grabbed the fecal matter she just produced and aimed right at the employee’s head.


The woman was detained by Langley RCMP, then later released, and there have been no charges filed as of now.

The poor employee doesn’t get paid enough to put up with this crap, and while it’s not evident in the video, we can only hope she missed.

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Tim Hortons Unveils Buffalo Wing Flavored Latte

When we hear the name Tim Horton’s, we usually think of Timbits, coffee, Canada, and Josh Elkin. Now, all we’re going to think about is this buffalo latte. No, seriously.

The popular donut and coffee chain has released a limited-time beverage inspired by the iconic chicken wing dish. Hey, at least it’s not another pumpkin spice entry.

According to GrubStreet, the beverage is made from freshly brewed espresso, steamed milk, mocha, and a bold buffalo sauce flavor. It’s then layered with whipped topping and a zesty buffalo seasoning.

Not sure how those flavors will go together, but hey, good on Tim Hortons for shooting their shot.

Those curious about the new flavor can find them at the Tim Hortons located at 3470 Main St. in Buffalo, NY as well as 9849 Transit Rd. in Depew, NY. The beverage is available now through Oct. 20 while supplies last.

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Tim Hortons Franchisees Are Suing Parent Company For Destroying Their Brand’s Image

Photo: Luis (Wikimedia Commons)

When you think of Canada, some of the iconic items that come to mind include hockey, maple syrup, and Tim Hortons coffee and doughnuts. Many franchisees of the legendary coffee chain, however, feel that corporate management is sucking the Canadian spirit out of their businesses, and have sued Tim Hortons’ parent company, Restaurant Brands International (RBI), in response.

Here’s why: After Burger King acquired Tim Hortons in 2014 to form the conglomerate now known as RBI, corporate bosses began to implement extreme cost-cutting and revenue-inflating efforts despite assurances to owners that everything would be “business as usual.” These measures included raising the price on coffee and other restaurant essentials that owners need to buy and scaling back funding for local community programs that franchises had hosted and run for years.

Workers have been laid off as a result of the new changes, and some owners even source supplies like sugar from Costco because it’s cheaper than what corporate now charges for new ingredients and utensils. The community has also noticed, as the brand has begun to lose it’s nice-guy image as the ability to continue the local neighborhood programs has been lost. Menu prices have also gone up enough to begin to irk Tim Hortons regulars.

Some friendships are meant to bean. Tag the friend you like a latte below for #NationalBestFriendDay!

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As a result, Tim Hortons franchisees that are part of what’s known as the Great White North Coalition sued to prevent further destruction of the community-centered, friendly and low-cost brand image that has been cultivated over the years. While this union represents only half of Canadian owners, nearly half of the 700 U.S. locations have joined in the lawsuit, according to Bloomberg. The lawsuit claims that the money from all of the products sold to owners, which makes up 70 percent of RBI’s revenue, is being funneled towards other interests unrelated to the brand “at the wrongful expense of franchisees.” The coalition of owners is seeking $500 million in damages in this suit.

We’ll have to wait and see if Tim Hortons owners will be able to get their way in court and begin restoring their beloved Canadian personality to their locations.

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For One Day, Tim Hortons Is Serving A Poutine Donut In The United States

Photo: Tim Hortons

Things are about to get a little more Canadian here in the United States — at least for one day.

In honor of Canada’s 150th Anniversary, US locations of Tim Hortons will be serving a donut that draws inspiration from our neighbor to the north.

The Poutine Donut is the chain’s signature Honey Dip Donut topped with potato wedges, gravy, and cheese curds. It will be available for about $1.49, depending on the region.

Other Canadian-inspired items include Maple Timbits (donut holes) and a Maple Bacon Iced Capp (frozen coffee). That’s a lot of maple.

Unfortunately, you can only get the exclusive donut on July 1. This means if you’re near a Tim Hortons and you’re a fan of poutine, don’t sleep on it.

Hopefully, if proven popular, Tim Hortons may think about adding the poutine donut to the menu, or at least extending its run of availability beyond a single day.