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Restaurant’s Avocado Toast Is A Middle Finger To This Australian Billionaire

The internet and the food industry are once again undefeated with their petty comebacks! As you might recall from an article that went viral last month, an Australian property rich guy named Tim whocareswhathisnameis shamed millennials’ spending habits for overspending on avocado toast.

In proper internet fashion, UPROXX challenged Burnt Crumbs in Huntington Beach, Calif. to put together an avocado toast worth a whopping 100 doll hairs… basically as a big “MIND YO DAMN BUSINESS” middle finger to any millionaire 1%-ers with a desire to give us unwarranted budgeting advice.

So, what ingredients are included in this ‘holy grail’ of avocado toasts? Obviously you begin with a massive slice of sourdough bread, a mountain of smashed avocado, beautiful buttered poached lobster, ricotta cheese, white truffle shavings (of course), and edible GOLD flakes.

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This glamorous behemoth of an avocado toast can be found at Burnt Crumbs in Huntington Beach, CA. But you might need to give them a two-day heads up if you plan on ordering it.