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TikTok Kitchen Will Be Bringing The App’s Most Viral Recipes To Fans

Baked Feta Pasta, Corn Ribs, Smashburgers, Pasta Chips — what do these foods all have in common? They all popped off and became viral recipes on TikTok this past year. Now imagine having these mouthwatering creations delivered straight to your door.

That possibility will soon be a reality, thanks to a new partnership with TikTok and Virtual Dining Concepts (VDC), which will launch TikTok Kitchens, as first reported by Bloomberg. The new food delivery concept aims to get fans the trendiest recipes on TikTok sent straight to their door. There’s big plans for TikTok Kitchen as TikTok and VDC will reportedly open around 300 locations across the US to start, with plans of expanding to around 1,000 spots by the end of 2022.

TikTok Kitchen looks to be a traditional ghost kitchen concept on the surface, but further details reveal that it will make use of existing restaurants’ existing kitchens and employees, who will then be provided the proper training, food packaging, and TikTok-sourced recipes.

The initial menu for TikTok Kitchen looks to serve up such viral creations like Baked Feta Pasta, Corn Ribs, Smashburgers, and Pasta Chips, though the menu will be updated quarterly to keep things fresh and current with viral food trends.

An noteworthy detail of TikTok Kitchen is that the creators behind the viral recipes on the menu will receive a part of the proceeds. Look for TikTok Kitchen to being rolling out around March 2022.