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Doritos Pasta Chips Are The Best Version of The Air Fryer Pasta Chips Hack

Another day, another TikTok food trend. This time it’s the Air Fryer pasta chips hack that’s got folks throwing their cooked pasta in those magical machines to turn them into snackable chips.

Josh Elkin, ever the wizard in the kitchen, decided to one up the simpler recipes out right now by throwing a Doritos slant on this trend. Watch the clip above for some snack action that’s got me thinking, “Why didn’t I try that oh that’s right I’m not Josh Elkin.”

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Funny Viral TikTok Shows You How To Order Right At An NYC Deli


#greenscreen how to order food in nyc deli #newyork #nyc

♬ original sound – Krystaly Figueroa

There’s rules to things to ensure said things are done properly. Why? So you don’t look like a weirdo when attempting to do said things for the first time — especially when its concerning particular code when you’re not a local.

When it comes to ensuring you have a proper New York City deli or bodega experience, look no further than this hilarious TikTok clip from @krystalyfigueroa. It’s all factual etiquette here as you’re put up on how to greet the bodega cat and how to order the quintessential baconeggandcheese.

So pay attention and catch yourself acting right the next time you’re in New York City.

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TikTok Recipe For One Bite Smoothies Might Be A Valid Snack


One bite smoothie boutta be the snack of the summer 😍 @vitacoco #smoothie #nationalsmoothieday #foodtiktok #VitaCocoPartner #fyp #ad

♬ Ji-Eun’s Sunset – City Girl

TikTok food content creator Michael Ligier has had some of his creations go viral with the help of his scientific approach to recipes. Molecular dumplings, clear tacos, and crystal bread caviar are just some of the high brow concepts that have resonated on the app. This time around, he’s targeting the summer heat in his latest recipe: One-Bite Smoothies.

Here we see Ligier create a peach strawberry smoothie bite, which at immediate glance looks like an egg yolk. What we learn, though, is that a few deft touches of science are applied to create an edible orb encasing the tasty smoothie.

This surely is another banger in Ligier’s recipe arsenal that could be the funnest snack of the summer.


Viral TikTok Clip Brings Up Hilarious Theory On Trader Joe’s Unique Products


trader joe’s is the twilight zone of grocery stores

♬ original sound – z (she/they)

In the hilarious TikTok clip above from @cowbabyzee, she brings up a funny possibility on just why Trader Joe’s items are so damn unique, even borderline wacky.

“So my hot take of today is that I don’t think Trader Joe’s is real. I think Trader Joe’s dropped in from an alternate reality. And I think that if we all just took a little bit more time to stare at Trader Joe’s products, we would realize that it looks like aliens trying to interpret human grocery items.”

I mean, it’s a funny premise, sure. Until you suddenly realize that a tub of Nashville Hot Cream Cheese with Everything Bagel Seasoning really would look right at home on a Trader Joe’s grocery aisle.

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TikTok Recipe Recreates A Whole Boston Market Meal In Mesmerizing Fashion


Not Boston Market 🍗 #fyp #DSWCutLoose #foryou #viral #food #eatthetrend #popular #2018vs2021 #ItsOurHome #DIYProjects

♬ Satisfaction – Album Version – Eve

“But basically this was my pregnancy craving many many moons ago,” explained private chef and TikTok recipe creator Shanae Johnson. It’s a good preface to a recipe video she posted on her TikTok and Instagram that recreates her go-to meal at Boston Market.

Throughout the recipe clip, viewers are treated to a wholesome story that illustrates her love for a Quarter Dark with sides of sweet potato casserole, mac & cheese, and creamed spinach. As Chef Nae opens up with the back story, we’re then fed some indulgent visuals of her whipping up the whole meal from scratch, resulting in a proper Boston Market interpretation that just might look more delectable than the OG itself.

Chef Nae, I’ll have to pull up for a whole plate, just a heads up!

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This Mini Banana Pancake Recipe Has Taken TikTok by Storm


mini banana pancakes 🥞🍌 #bananapancakes #cookingtiktok

♬ VANO 3000 – VANO 3000

Reimagining slices of bananas as the most adorable little pancake bites is really a flex that deserves the 2 million+ likes that TikTok recipe creator Maddison’s Kitchen has received for her recipe. But as you can see in her TikTok video, it’s a simple and deliciously creative way to start your day.

But with breakfast really being the most versatile meal, who’s to say we can’t snack on these mini banana pancakes throughout the day? Couldn’t tell me otherwise the way I can pop these little things like some chips!

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Is Adding Mayo The Secret To Extra Moist Chocolate Cake?


@bdylanhollis @portillosofficialtiktok #mayonnaisecake

♬ Pure Imagination – Kathleen

I was today years old when I found out that adding mayonnaise to a chocolate cake recipe levels it up to an upper echelon type of moistness. On a recent TikTok bender, I happened upon the above video for a chocolate cake recipe that incorporates mayo into it.

As the home chef indicates in the clip, the mayonnaise adds “extra egg yolk and a very creamy texture.”

Apparently this cake hack hearkens back to around World War II or the Depression, when cooks were forced to get creative with replacements in recipes due to ingredient scarcity, as cited by The Kitchn.

Though mayo in cake may incite an automatic “nah” on paper, the end result of the creamiest, most moist chocolate cake ever sounds enticing enough to try.

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Jason Derulo Has Gone Full Foodbeast During Quarantine And We’re Here For It

The quarantine life has us all on kitchen duty and results have been a mixed bag for many. Folks not used to their way around the kitchen have been forced to get acquainted while others may have found a second calling the way they’ve been giving full exec chef energy with some creative and delicious creations. Count one of those of the latter to be pop star Jason Derulo.

The “Want To Want Me” star has been making the most of being at home with entertaining TikTok videos that have him either showing off his renowned dance moves, doing funny skits, and most surprisingly of all, going full blown Foodbeast in the kitchen with some uber decadent recipe videos.


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Celebrating 10 million followers on TikTok ! So I made this🤯

A post shared by Jason Derulo (@jasonderulo) on

In a series of TikTok and Instagram videos that have him celebrating million follower milestones, Derulo is seen concocting some pretty Foodbeast-worthy creations like skillet pancakes loaded with what looks to be the entire candy section of the movie theatre concession stand and French toast sticks loaded with all the sweetest breakfast cereal. In the video up top, he’s celebrating 16 million followers on TikTok by throwing together a chocolate pizza that’s got a caramel-glazed pizza crust and topped with what looks like Nutella, cookie dough, M&M’s, and chopped up Twix bars. Wow.

Look I’m not even mad that watching some of his recipes feels like my blood sugar is rising dramatically. I mean the man is out here living his best Foodbeast life and buying ovens with automatic pop-out trays — I support it!