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Beer Brand Goes Viral For New Berry Brew

If you love The Little Lad, the viral star behind “Berries & Cream,” you can now toast to him with his own beer. Shiner Bock Beer recently announced the limited release of a new Berries & Cream brew, in celebration of the social media sensation.

The Texas-based brewery created a new brew that will exclusively be available on tap at the Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, Texas. All brewery visitors will be offered a complimentary sample when they book a tour. 

The beer (ABV: 5%) is based on Shiner’s classic cream ale recipe. Its Berries & Cream brew also includes a healthy splash of raspberries and blackberries giving it a fresh, juicy flavor, and it all comes together with a crisp, refreshing finish.

“This festive beer is designed to treat our brewery goers to something special,” says Shiner Head of Marketing, Matt Pechman. “Here at Shiner, we don’t take ourselves too seriously.  Just like the Little Lad, we love Berries & Cream and are excited to spread joy with our new brew!”

Like most trends, Shiner Bock’s Berries & Cream will only be around for a limited time.

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TikTok Kitchen Will Be Bringing The App’s Most Viral Recipes To Fans

Baked Feta Pasta, Corn Ribs, Smashburgers, Pasta Chips — what do these foods all have in common? They all popped off and became viral recipes on TikTok this past year. Now imagine having these mouthwatering creations delivered straight to your door.

That possibility will soon be a reality, thanks to a new partnership with TikTok and Virtual Dining Concepts (VDC), which will launch TikTok Kitchens, as first reported by Bloomberg. The new food delivery concept aims to get fans the trendiest recipes on TikTok sent straight to their door. There’s big plans for TikTok Kitchen as TikTok and VDC will reportedly open around 300 locations across the US to start, with plans of expanding to around 1,000 spots by the end of 2022.

TikTok Kitchen looks to be a traditional ghost kitchen concept on the surface, but further details reveal that it will make use of existing restaurants’ existing kitchens and employees, who will then be provided the proper training, food packaging, and TikTok-sourced recipes.

The initial menu for TikTok Kitchen looks to serve up such viral creations like Baked Feta Pasta, Corn Ribs, Smashburgers, and Pasta Chips, though the menu will be updated quarterly to keep things fresh and current with viral food trends.

An noteworthy detail of TikTok Kitchen is that the creators behind the viral recipes on the menu will receive a part of the proceeds. Look for TikTok Kitchen to being rolling out around March 2022.

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Viral TikTok Shows a Massive Haul of Food From Whole Foods Dumpster


Reply to @celester The same WF that throws out enough each night to feed a community😔. ##dumpsterdiving ##freegan ##usa ##dumpsterdiver ##AEHolidayForever

♬ original sound – Dumpster Diving Freegan

TikTok user @dumpsterdivingfreegan recently posted a clip that went viral to the tune of over 3 millions views, which highlighted a massive haul of seemingly fresh food that she obtained dumpster diving through a Whole Foods market.

The account’s aim is to use dumpster diving as a way to expose the problem of food waste in America. In the clip above we see what look to be a still packaged and still frozen whole turkey, dozens of what seem to be fresh raw meat and Beyond Meat, juices, sauces, milk, yogurt, fresh cut fruits, salads, and packages of guacamole. It’s a sobering visual, really, knowing the disparity between the amount of food being wasted and individuals in need.

This whole account has numerous clips that show the mass amounts of still good products and food that’s being wasted by markets and stores in the US, and hopefully with its sizable following of 347k+ followers, can further shed light on the problem that can lead to solutions.

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Let the Delicate Way This Decadent Breakfast Sandwich is Made Relax Your Whole Day


ホットサンドを酎ハイでキメる動画。Hot sandwiches.##tiktokfood

♬ Chopin Nocturne No. 2 Piano Mono – moshimo sound design

I was today years old when I found out that listening to Chopin while watching a decadent homemade breakfast sandwich being made ever so delicately is the recipe for absolute peace and self-satisfaction. And it’s all thanks to the TikTok clip above from @hitorimesi.

Watch as a gloriously loaded — yet void of fancy frills — breakfast sandwich is made with tender precision. Stay for the vociferous crunch of the toasted bread. Repeat because the calming aural fixation you suddenly developed from the accompanying soundtrack of Frederic Chopin’s Nocturne Op.9 No.2 is the cerebral cortex massage you never knew you needed.

Let that all come to be and you have yourself a peaceful moment of delicious bliss.

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Viral TikTok Shows A Giant Squid Get Stuffed Gourmet Style


Cooking giant 🦑 . ##giantsquid

♬ original sound – Jet

TikTok user @jetbentlee is known for his viral clips that highlight his celebrity chef father, Susur Lee, turning humble fast food meals into gourmet delights. This time around, however, Chef Lee is presented with a giant squid, and the results are all at once jaw-dropping and hunger inducing.

Of course, when a giant squid is involved, an equally giant knife is used to handle it. What’s next is an eye-opening sequence of the squid being stuffed with rice, plump shrimp, succulent scallops, and burly lobsters — a true seafood feast fit for Poseidon himself, never mind the corpulent sausage making a guest appearance in the mix.

No wonder that this clip’s garnered over 7 million views as of this writing, as the finished product is a seafood bounty I’m ready and willing to swan dive face first into.

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Viral TikTok Shows a Man Make a Piano That Can BBQ Meat


##cook ##piano ##foryoupage ##foryou ##fyp

♬ original sound – quentinkkv98

“Holy shit that’s fuckin’ whimsical.”

That’s the initial reaction fellow Foodbeast Pete had when I presented him the above TikTok clip from @handmakelee_, showing the man with a piano that he created, which can somehow rove about while also grilling delicious meat skewers all at the same time. It’s like those one-man-band side street acts meets a barbecue. Fun.

What’s not lost on me is the absolute skill that this genius has when playing the piano, his fingers a whirlwind of classical chaos summoning a fury of sounds that would tighten the collars of both Beethoven and Rachmaninoff. Play it again sir — but watch for that meat skewer on the verge of burning.

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Check Out This Brilliant TikTok Recipe For Fried Spam Jack-O-Lantern


Made a creep out of spam today ##tiktokhalloween ##tiktokcooks ##halloweenathome

♬ Boogie Woogie Wu – Insane Clown Posse

Spam lovers are for sure going to go nuts over this TikTok recipe from @sooziethefoodie. In the clip above she brilliantly hollows out a can of Spam into a Jack-O-Lantern, then fills it with cauliflower rice.

Out of all the Halloween recipes I’ve come across recently, this has to be one of the coolest, enough for me to want to try at home myself. Between my eternal love for Spam and the cool factor of turning a whole block of it into a Jack-O-Lantern, it’s no wonder I was thoroughly impressed with the whole affair.

Now imagine the possibilities of filling it with other delicious things. Fried rice is already on deck, for sure, but maybe even filling it with eggs can turn up some cool possibilities.

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This Viral TikTok Claims You Can Order Raising Cane’s Sauce By The Cup


PART 2! ##raisingcanes ##canes ##canesambassador ##canessauce ##lifehack ##learnontiktok##foodreview##smackbae##smacks##HowIBathAndBodyWorks @raisingcanes

♬ Life Goes On – Oliver Tree

Yesterday we highlighted TikTok user @smackbae and how she revealed a secret menu item at Raising Cane’s: Naked Chicken Fingers. This time around, she’s gotten even more views to the tune of over 7.2million on a part 2 to her Raising Cane’s exposé. What gems has she dropped for us this time? You can actually order Raising Cane’s sauce by the cup. BY. THE. CUP.

Tell a friend, tell a foe, tell everybody you know. The fact that I can take home Raising Cane’s undeniable sauce in an amount that’s equivalent to my fountain drink is a reality that’s too good to be true. What’s more, the TikTok clip above further reveals that you can order your chicken tenders extra crispy as well.

The world salutes you @smackbae for your crucial contributions to our endless appetite for Raising Cane’s.