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Instacart Orders For Balsamic Vinegar and Sparkling Water Increase After ‘Healthy Coke’ Trends

Photo: TikTok/@healthylittlepeach

I’m all for living your best healthy girl summer but this newest viral trend on TikTok has me shook. “Healthy Coke” is the recent growing craze that contains two ingredients — balsamic vinegar and sparkling water. Both are common staples found in anyone’s kitchen, making this trending beverage an easily accessible alternative to Coke.

But the trend has blown up to the point that orders containing the two ingredients have had Instacart‘s sales of balsamic vinegar and sparkling water jump up 43% in the last week as the viral drink has begun to pop up on everyone’s feed. “Healthy Coke” has 38.8 million views on TikTok and continues to escalate for two reasons: one, because it is easy to make; two, it is a weird and disputed trend to try out.

@adellecerna #healthycoke ♬ Elevator Music – Bohoman

There have been differing conclusions on taste profile so you know I had to test it for myself. And to be honest, it tastes like when the soda fountain is running out of the flavored syrup AKA the best part. Although it does not smell or taste anything like balsamic vinegar, the thought alone of pouring it over ice was jarring. I’ll stick to working out so I can drink unhealthy Coke.

Will you be experimenting with this buzzy food trend or just watching the hilarious reaction videos from people drinking it?

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Make $25K Posting About Rice On TikToK

How often do you have a dish that doesn’t have rice with it? Seems VERY rare for a lot of us. You can have it as a side to compliment the main course or transform it to become the main entrée yourself by adding some vegetables and shrimp to it. From side dish to full on meal — true coming of age tale!

The amount of respect that Seeds of Change is giving to rice shouldn’t be overlooked. They’ve really stepped the game up for quick and easy rice and grain meal options that don’t require a stove or rice cooker. All the more reason why this new role they’ve created is a dream come true.

Seeds of Change is here to set you rice lovers on easy street with their new Chief Rice-Tok Creator position. From June 7th until June 20th, creative foodie TikTokers can apply for the job and if earned, will be tasked with creating 10 weeks worth of TikToks.

The content needs to highlight various and creative ways you can utilize Seeds of Changes products and there’s no limit to what you can do. The lucky individual who gets selected will earn $25,000 and a year of product from Seeds of Change!

Share your video on TikTok showcasing your ultimate rice recipe with the hashtag #BeASeedofChange and fill out the application for your chance to win this dream job.

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Get to Know the Hilariously Viral ‘Tortilla Challenge’ TikTok

@pattysbrain101 #tortilla #tortillatrend #challenge #friendships #bestbuds #hilarious #tiktokcanada ♬ original sound – Patti Mac

Who knew all it takes to get 50 million plus views on your TikTok is slapping your friend with a tortilla? That’s the lightbulb that came to TikTok creator Patricia (Pat) McDougall AKA @pattysbrain101 when she gathered her two good friends, Michael (Bucky) Walzak and Tony Nemis, to do what they called the “Tortilla Challenge.”

The rules are simple for this challenge: Participants fill their mouths with a drink, usually water, then play rock-paper-scissors. The winner of that then gets to smack the other person with a tortilla. Whoever spits their drink out first catches the big fat L.

As seen in McDougall’s TikTok above, the results were hilarious, with the tortilla slap skyrocketing to viral status within the first 48 hours.

Any ideas who you’d love to slap with a tortilla? I know I got some names I’d like to include in this challenge.

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This Unassuming Liquor Store is a Treasure Trove of Exotic Snacks

@mrbiggsmenu Exotic Snacks 🌎 🍭 #lahabra #orangecounty #candy #snacks #foodie ♬ Paper Planes – M.I.A.

Take a trip to La Habra, California and you’ll find an unlikely stash of hard to find snacks, drinks and candy in Sunny Hills Exotics. As captured by @mrbiggsmenu, a step inside the unassuming liquor store is a veritable treasure trove of rare treats.

“Go to the left corner and you will find the craziest snacks from all over the world,” gushed Mr Biggs. From the looks of his TikTok clip above, he was right. What we see unfold is your favorite stash’s stash, consisting of limited edition OREO flavors, different types of Kit Kat bars and a variety of sodas from around the globe.

Munchie connoisseurs and snack fiends alike would do well to flock to this hidden gem the next time the cravings come knocking down their stomach walls.

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For Some Reason TikTok is Mad About This Sunny D Seafood Boil

@chefjayvoo A Plato Shrimp Boil 🦐🔥 #fyp #ImoniCarly #shrimp #seafood ♬ Jazzy Chill hip hop(881579) – NOBB-D

This viral Sunny D Seafood Boil has the internet mad mad — like real mad. The self-proclaimed “Boil Master” @chefjayvoo uses a childhood favorite drink as the main base for this “platinum juice” boil.

The nostalgic drink, Sunny Delight, markets itself as an orange-flavored citrus punch, with a tangy “one-of-a-kind” orange taste, making this boil nothing short of unique. With the addition of bell peppers, vegetables, garlic, various seasonings and thirty-five pounds of Louisiana shrimp boiled to perfection, you can practically smell it through the phone.

Jarvis, the man behind the hilariously entertaining commentary, has over 3 million followers on TikTok, but despite his popularity, this recipe did not go over well with some for substituting water with Sunny D — mainly for reasons being that Sunny D is primarily corn syrup and less than 2% actual juice. People have felt so strongly about this that the time-honored beverage started trending on Twitter.

Overall, some people agree that using “orange juice” was a good idea to offset the spiciness but most are personally offended. Watch for yourself and smell with your eyes.

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Social Media Roasts Paula Patton For Her Awkward Fried Chicken Recipe


y’all come watch paula make chicken 🤦🏾‍♀️

♬ Italian Dinner Party – Italian Restaurant Music of Italy

Paula Patton is getting obliterated on social media for a fried chicken recipe that the Four Kids and It star had posted to her Instagram last month.

The controversial recipe was initially posted on March 4, yet began trending on social media after TikTok user @thetrackqueen, AKA Olympic medalist, Ashley Spencer, gave her own recap of the awkward fried chicken tutorial.

Off the jump Patton gets called out for the way she washed (or didn’t wash) her raw chicken, then continues to violate fried chicken protocol by failing to season the flour and then seasoning the chicken while it’s frying in the oil — which of course, will burn the spices and render them useless. Patton then slices into a piece of chicken, revealing undercooked, pinkish meat.

Social media was swift with their condemnation with Twitter and TikTok roasting the ‘famous fried chicken’ recipe that Patton learned from her mother.

“Paula, don’t eat that,” pleaded Spencer on the above TikTok clip.

Thankfully this story wasn’t all bad vibes, as it lead folks to chime in with their own surefire and foolproof fried chicken recipes. Let’s hope Paula Patton rolls with the punches on this one and takes notes on the reliable recipes shared.

Perhaps taking a look at Los Angeles’ best fried chicken can help cleanse ourselves of this unfortunate recipe.

Feature photo: Gage Skidmore

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Find This New Giant Mozzarella Stick at Downtown Disney

@foodatdisneyland New Giant Mozzarella Stick in Downtown Disney! #foodatdisneyland #disney #downtowndisney #giantmozzarellastick #cheese #cheesepull #fyp #foryou ♬ I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston

Just spotted by TikTok account @foodatdisneyland is a giant mozzarella stick at Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs in Downtown Disney. From the looks of this clip, it’s of epic proportions, one that rivals the size of the largest corn dogs out there.

What’s interesting to note is that the batter looks to be an outer layer of rice krispies, which would I can only imagine would yield the crispiest of crunches, like ab workouts with impeccable form. As expected with a mozzarella stick this large, it is only giving out epic cheese pulls, ones that would make a Ninja Turtle squirm in their shell.

Speaking of giant Disney food, here’s what happens to their massive gingerbread house displays from the holidays.

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Doja Cat’s New Song About Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza Should Be On Repeat


♬ original sound – Doja Cat

Doja Cat’s no stranger to oddly vibey and off the wall tunes (remember “Mooo!”?), so when her latest TikTok is an actual ode to her love for Taco Bell’s iconic Mexican Pizza, I already knew that it would be a banger.

“I made a song about Mexican Pizza because I love it so much. I wish Taco Bell didn’t discontinue it a year ago,” prefaced Doja Cat before she launched what she called a “monstrosity of a beat” and let off a couple poignant bars detailing just how much she adores Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza.

Only Doja Cat could make such a quirky tune be actually dope. I’m sure she’d be elated to find out that the Mexican Pizza is set to make a return later this year, though.