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This Streetwear Collection Is Dedicated To Exotic Fruit and 90s Basketball

Streetwear brand FLAN, known for their creative takes on food and fashion, are debuting a new collection that pays unique homage to exotic fruit and 90s NBA basketball.

Dubbed the “Exotic Fruit Association Capsule,” the collection of four tees and a sticker aims to shed light on delicious fruit that go beyond the typical selection of apples and oranges. FLAN is looking to challenge consumers’ culinary borders when it comes to fruit choices, which are showcased in tees boasting mangosteen, soursop, dragonfruit, and mamey sapote graphics done in throwback 90s NBA-style graphics.

The “Exotic Fruit Association Capsule” debuts on FLAN’s site this Friday, June 11. Check out the pics below for a look at the whole collection.


If You Really Miss Dunkaroos, Here’s How To Make Them At Home

Chef Josh Elkin‘s Snack Back series focuses on the best bites of our childhoods. In his latest installment, the chef tackles the classic Dunkaroos.

You know, the tiny cookies you dip into a deliciously sweet cream.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Cream cheese, unsalted butter, salt, vanilla extract, powdered sugar and rainbow sprinkles. Oh, and cookies to dunk with of course.

Here’s what to do:

Cream together 4 ounces of room temperature cream cheese with 1/4 cup of unsalted butter. Add a pinch of salt a a teaspoon of vanilla extract, continuing to mix it together until the consistency of is uniform.

Now, add a cup of powdered sugar in three stages. Don’t dump all of it into your mix at once. When the powdered sugar is completely blended into the cream, add 1/3 cup of rainbow sprinkles.

Gently fold the sprinkles into the mix. If you over mix, the sprinkles will bleed into the base.

All that’s left to do is dunk to your heart’s content.


Your 90’s Heart Will Melt: Reptar Bars with Proper Packaging

reptar bars

Back in January we featured a Reptar Bar recipe so 90’s kids could make these nostalgic treats at home. But I got to thinking, besides taking a chomp into the chocolate, how would you KNOW it was a Reptar Bar?

I made these throwback candy bars over the weekend and decided to be an over achiever and designed a wrapper for these candy bar supremes. Because let’s be real, any 90’s kid worth their weight in pogs would seriously nerd out if they saw a real life Reptar Bar.

Thanks to the powers of Google I was able to get a screenshot of these ancient candies from an episode of Rugrats. After two hours of photoshopping, this 90’s fictional cartoon candy bar was born into the reality of the 21st Century.

I made my Reptar Bars with green caramel and nuts instead of green marshmallow fluff, to ensure ultimate green mouth-age.

I’d say I successfully made some childhood dreams come true this weekend.


Mailbag: Throwback Pepsi-Cola

Just the other day, this package from Pepsi came in as reference to their throwback beverages we covered a little while back. I’m not sure if I can drink the cans, or if they’re just for show…I’m sure they are consumable, right? Right?