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McDonald’s Has An Entire Oreo McCafe Menu In Hong Kong


One of our biggest gripes with McDonald’s in the US is that the McFlurry machine always seems to be broken whenever we’re in the mood for an Oreo McFlurry. Meanwhile, over in McDonald’s Hong Kong, the fast food chain is launching an entire menu based on the creme-filled cookie.

Brand Eating reports that McDonald’s has partnered with Oreo to create a McCafe x Oreo Oreo Thins Delight menu.

The menu offers two drinks and two dessert items, all featuring a notable presence of Oreo Thins.

Coming from the dessert side are an Oreo Tiramisu and a Chocolate Cheese Tart, with the latter featuring an Oreo tart shell that’s stuffed with cream cheese and gooey chocolate. An Oreoccino, served hot and iced, and an Oreo Tiramisu Latte are available on the beverage side. Both drinks are mixed with bits of Oreo and topped with crushed Oreo wafers.

You can find the McCafe Oreo menu at participating McDonald’s locations in Hong Kong for a limited time.

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OREO Sheds Some Weight With Thinner, Sleeker New Cookie


Oreo is going thinner this summer with a new cookie. Dubbed Oreo Thins, the snack offers a sleeker look to the classic cookie. Fans of the original, however, need not worry. They’re still making the original Oreos.


Since the cookies are notably thinner, Oreo Thins will boast fewer calories. Four Oreo thins will have 140 calories where three regular Oreo cookies average about 160.

Confident in the cookie’s success, Oreo Thins will be a permanent addition to the Oreos lineup. The three available flavors are Original, Golden and Mint. Each pack will be available for a suggested retail price of $4.59.

According to Oreos, the Thins pair well with a cup tea. Sorry to disappoint you, milk.