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16 Unique Coffee Mugs You Need In Your Mornings

The best part of waking up is coffee. Maybe not any coffee, and probably not Folgers, but this nectar of the gods is the life force for many of us. Why bother throwing such an important beverage into a boring mug? We brewed up a few mugs to fix that.

1. Lego My Coffee


Because Lego’s are the foundation of any nutritious breakfast.

2. Taste The Rainbow


Drink coffee and poke your enemies eyes out. Plus rainbows. So, basically all your favorite things.

3. Pipe Dreams


Perfect for mushroom tea.

4. Schroedinger’s Coffee


The only problem is that the coffee is both cold and hot until you sip it…

5. Who Needs A Plastic Surgeon?


My other nose is a fucking disaster.

6. C Is For Coffee


Addictive behavior is hilarious…

7. The Call of Coffee


Cthulhu Coffee: Perfect for kicking your morning into beast mode.

8. Put Your Donuts Where Your Mouth Is


Because 8 AM is simply too early to talk your way into a sexual harassment suit.

9. Flush Once For Caffeine


Get it? Cause I have a potty mouth? And everything else about me is horrible.

10. Quali-tea



Mostly confusing, because this is a coffee mug with a tea pun on it. And vestigial arms.

11. The Sunday Morning Mug


A classy way of saying what we could already smell coming out of your pores, Linda.

12. Early Morning Accomplishment


Wanted a medal, got a mug :\

13. All The Rage


He’ll probably be really angry when he actually tries to crumple it.

14. Emotional Little Sith


I’m guessing you take it… dark?

15. I Can See Clearly Now


The only time it’s acceptable for your lens to be steamy.

16.  Snooze Button Managed


Who needs a wand when you have coffee?


Star Wars Oven Mitts Are PERFECT For Force-less Bakers Who Can’t Touch Hot Cookie Trays

SW Mitts

So the newest and final trailer for Star Wars The Force Awakens dropped last night and it was AMAZING. Definitely got us in a Star Wars craze today at work. That’s where we found these delightful oven mitts.

Whether you’re a blue collar Stormtrooper or the Sith Lord himself, baking cookies can be tricky without the proper hand protection. Gotta keep the Empire fed somehow.

Online novelty retailer ThinkGeek is now selling two whimsical oven mitts based on the designs of Darth Vader’s glove as well as the glove of a Stormtrooper. The gloves are made from silicone and fits the right hand.

You can purchase them here for $15.



The Coolest Way to Brew Tea in All of Time and Space is With This TARDIS Tea Infuser


With all this Doctor Who 50th Anniversary talk how could we not mention this sweet TARDIS Tea Infuser? Designed as a metal replica of the Doctor’s beloved spaceship the infuser steeps your favorite loose leaf tea Whovian style. Unfortunately, the infuser doesn’t make the TARDIS’ traditional “whoosh” sound as it brews the tea. Bummer.

Simply pop open the top of the TARDIS, drop in some tea leaves, and let the TARDIS go to work in a cup of hot water. We suggest pairing the TARDIS Tea Infuser with some TARDIS tea, served in a TARDIS mug. No, don’t talk crazy, there’s no such thing as being too nerdy when it comes to tea.

Don’t worry about your infuser getting lost in your mug, the Sonic Screwdriver at the end will hold your TARDIS in place.




TARDIS Tea Infuser $19.99 @ Think Geek

H/T + PicThx That’s Nerdalicious


Egg & Bacon and Sushi Scarves, For Your Favorite Winter Hipster

I’ve never understood people’s obsessions with wearing hideous scarves and sweaters during the holidays, but these Egg & Bacon and Sushi Nom Nom scarves from Think Geek aren’t hideous – they’re just awesome.

Now you can spend your frigid winters looking down and imagining whole trains of raw fish or crispy bacon hanging around your neck. Never mind that they’re not made of actual food and that salivating over them (or worse, tasting them!) will just make you look like a class-A weirdo. Just give ‘em a splash of your favorite bacon or sushi-scented perfumes and pretend they’re good enough.

Nom Nom Scarves $30 @ ThinkGeek


The ManPRESSO Machine

The Espresso machine comes home, electricity-free and relatively inexpensive!

The Presso might lack the bells, whistles and even the electrical power of other espresso machines. But what it lacks in flash it makes up for in utility as this device brings home-made human-powered espresso right to your kitchen with ease. The device has two metal arms on either side of the machine that utilizes leverage and a specially designed one-way valve to produce approximately 10 bar of pressure on your ground and tamped coffee. Just add hot water to the device’s reservoir, and press down on the arms and voila! Home-made espresso!




Conventional espresso machines can range from few hundred to even a few thousand dollars depending on the features it offers, so $149.99 for this electricity-free bad boy is not too shabby.

(via Thinkgeek)


Plush Sushi

Love sushi? Love sushi so much that you could sleep with it? Well now your bizarre dream is one step closer to becoming reality! Plush Sushi is on sale at Tuna, Shrimp, Salmon Roe and even Ginger and Wasabi plushes are available individually or as a complete set from the website. Each one of these faux fish delicacies are approximately 8 inches in length, depending on the sushi piece and makes for a fun little gift for any sushi enthusiast. Be quick though, they won’t be on sale forever! ($6.99 – $22.99 @ ThinkGeek)