R2-D2 Can Serve You Coffee Every Morning As This Coffee Press


Anything that’s R2-D2 related usually looks pretty cool, but this coffee press might go as far as actually end up being your best friend by making you feel like a highly-caffeinated C-3PO.

Available through Think Geek, this little android holds four cups of coffee, and is actually an officially-licensed Star Wars product, so it’s not just someone’s bootleg creation. The description says it comes with something called, “Beep bean bloop brew,” and although it doesn’t say what kind of coffee that is, I still want it.


Mornings are rough, and a lot of us need coffee to get through them, so I have absolutely no problem with R2-D2 being a part of my waking up process.

It’ll be officially available in November for $39.99, and they are taking pre-orders, so if you want one, act quick before vicious Star Wars fans cop them all.


This Adorable Unicorn Mug Will Definitely Brighten Up Your Mornings


Think Geek is selling this super magical unicorn mug for just $13. As you can see, it is amazing. They’ve also got a t-rex version if you’re less into mythical creatures and more into prehistoric beasts or whatever.



Written by Brittany High, Incredible Things | Think Geek


Lego Shot Glasses Worth Stubbing Your Foot For


There’s a reason they give Legos to children, and not drunken adults. Sure, both are highly irresponsible and likely to lose the tiny, colorful building blocks, or try to eat them, or use them in any fashion other than the recommended play. But at least children are resilient. If they hurt themselves stepping barefoot on a Lego, they’ll be able to bounce back. If a drunken adult does it, well, have you ever wondered what it might feel like to be hungover in your head and your foot?

Not like that’ll stop us from using these Lego shot glasses though. New from Think Geek, these Build-On Brick Shot Glasses are perfectly compatible with regular Lego pieces, allowing kidults everywhere to indulge in as much Lego-themed debauchery as they please. (Think: sticking little Lego men on the side of the glass or trying to build a whole city in under an hour.) Especially crafty drinkers might even attempt to build flat Lego slippers to guard against the inevitable plastic shrapnel that’ll wind up in their carpets the next morning. For everyone else, it was nice knowing your feet?


Build on Brick Shot Glasses: set of 4 for $20 @ Think Geek

H/T Design Taxi


Canned Dragon Meat Pairs Well with Khaleesi Tears


From the makers of Unicorn Meat comes the next reasonable sacrifice in the imaginary animal food chain: Dragon Meat.

What I like to think would be a spicier version of it’s rainbow lovin’ counterpart, this Dragon Meat is sure to be a hit at your next Knights of the Round Table meeting.

No longer do you have to risk life and limb for a literal taste of victory. Put down your gauntlets, lay down Excalibur and grab a can of Dragon Meat, filled with your daily dose of “havoc, terror, inferno, destruction, magic and rage.”

Spoiler Alert: This isn’t actually edible. It’s a stuffed dragon’s head. Just an FYI. Don’t try to eat it. Seriously.

Canned Dragon Meat $12.99 @Think Geek

H/T + PicThx That’s Nerdalicious


Egg & Bacon and Sushi Scarves, For Your Favorite Winter Hipster

I’ve never understood people’s obsessions with wearing hideous scarves and sweaters during the holidays, but these Egg & Bacon and Sushi Nom Nom scarves from Think Geek aren’t hideous – they’re just awesome.

Now you can spend your frigid winters looking down and imagining whole trains of raw fish or crispy bacon hanging around your neck. Never mind that they’re not made of actual food and that salivating over them (or worse, tasting them!) will just make you look like a class-A weirdo. Just give ‘em a splash of your favorite bacon or sushi-scented perfumes and pretend they’re good enough.

Nom Nom Scarves $30 @ ThinkGeek


Adorable Toast Thumbdrives Are Adorable

Here’s the latest in boring things made inexplicably awesome when disguised as other things: the USB Toaster Hub and Toast Thumbdrives.

These precious, anthropomorphic 4 GB drives come in four “flavors”: Butta, Ry Ry, Crisp and Tato, and feature removable “heads” which sit snugly inside the USB toaster while your favorite or most important files are busy cooking away.

The toaster also comes with a SD card slot, so if tech scientists could get their ish together and get us some adorable looking butter or PB&J cards to go along with it, that’d be great, thanks.

Each thumbdrive is available online for $24.99; toaster hub available for $27.99


Hammer Bottle Opener

What better way to start getting hammered than with a hammer? Okay maybe that doesn’t sound too safe. But this badass Beer Hammer Bottle Opener is definitely the right tool to  get the job done. At eight and a half inches, this gadget sells for around $5. Just make sure to put it away once you can’t remember what it’s used for. Seriously, we’ve seen some bad things happen…($4.50 @ Amazon)


Ransom Demand Cookie Cutters

Ransom Demand Cookie Cutters

Were you the kid that cut out letters out of magazines and headlines in order to assemble demands for the kidnapping of the TV remote control? Did you ever sneak into your sibling’s room to abduct a personal object, just so you could have leverage over their Halloween candy? Of course you didn’t, because it didn’t involve baked goods.

But now the power is in your hands and your oven. Think Geek‘s Ransom Demand Cookie Cutters ($17.99) contain all 26 letters in various fonts, an ampersand and an exclamation point for emphatic demands. So what do you want for Christmas this year? DEMAND IT with cookies. For the pacifiers, anyone down for an intensely long game of Cookie Scrabble? We’ll need your extra warehouse space to play.