You’re Pronouncing Sriracha Wrong, and 6 Other Things You Didn’t Know About Rooster Sauce


For being the most popular hot sauce in the world, Sriracha is still a huge mystery. No one really knows where it came from (pho restaurants), no one really knows when it got here (1980s), no one even really knows the correct way to pronounce it (SIR-rotch-ah, not SREE-rotch-ah). Luckily, foodie trivia is interesting for some reason, and the folks at Thrillist decided to compile this list of things you probably didn’t know about Sriracha (but you know, probably actually did).

(Hint: one of them is “You can cook really good food with it.”)

Prepare to have your mind blown.


1. It’s pronounced Sir-Rotch-Ah, not Sree-Rotch-Ah


For those of you who didn’t read the intro. Yeah, you thought I wouldn’t notice, didn’t you?


2. It’s less spicy than a jalapeno.


Jalapenos rate between 2,500 and 5,000 Scovilles; Sriracha weighs in at a wee 2,200.


3. The founder’s Chinese zodiac sign was a rooster.


Thus the logo and our lovely “cock sauce” pseudonym.


4. They make over a ton of the stuff every hour.


So go ahead and drizzle half the bottle all over your microwave mac & cheese. There’s plenty more.


5. They’re making a documentary about it.


Thanks Kickstarter!


6. You can buy the stuff direct and it’s really cheap that way.


$7 for two bottles of sriracha, plus chili garlic paste, plus Sambal Oelek.


7. Apparently you can make really good food with it, according to Thrillist.


I know, crazy right? We had no idea.


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