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7 Of The Craziest Things Bear Grylls Has Made Celebrities Eat

I’ll be frank with you guys: It’s almost impossible for me to watch Bear Grylls shows. The grotesque “foods,” like raw yak’s eyeballs and dung, that he puts in his body make me wanna upchuck just watching him eat them. That’s all in a day’s work for Grylls, but getting his celebrity guests on Running Wild to do the same thing is a whole other story.

The stars that have dined with Grylls have been treated to some pretty outlandish eats, at least by our standards. Below are just some of the more insane ones that they were somehow able to get through without puking all over the place. I know that that would’ve been my reaction to having to eat any of the “foods” below.

Drew Brees – Crocodile

When you’ve got an NFL quarterback on the trek with you, make the most of him. Grylls certainly did that, getting Drew Brees to tackle a crocodile from behind so they could catch and kill it in a single shot. At least gator’s kinda popular in New Orleans, so maybe Brees had some prior experience of eating the reptile?

Vanessa Hudgens – Maggots and Rattlesnake

Admittedly, Bear Grylls makes for a much better counterpart to Vanessa Hudgens than Zac Efron. At least the two of them can get through eating “live maggots,” slitting rattlesnakes’ throats, and eating it nearly straight afterward. I don’t know if teenage Zac would’ve had his head in the game enough to accomplish any of that.

Channing Tatum – Rattlesnake and Scorpion

Tatum showed off his intestinal fortitude by helping Grylls gut a rattlesnake in one smooth stroke. That didn’t put him off at all, but the writhing pieces of chopped-up snake left afterward definitely had him feeling some type of way.

Sterling K. Brown – Raccoon

Raccoon is one of the more common animals you might find in the wilderness, so sure, it would make sense for Sterling K. Brown and Bear Grylls to dine on one. Apparently, Brown is not a fan of these creatures, though, so the thought of digging one up from a frozen grave left him as wide-mouthed as he probably was watching that slow cooker scene from This Is Us for the first time.

Barack Obama – Half-Eaten Salmon

A far cry from the presidential meals he was probably used to, former Presiden Barack Obama was instead treated to a feast of half-eaten salmon by Bear Grylls. Fortunately, the previous owner of that carcass, a bear, had just eaten all the fatty bits. That meant that Obama and Grylls could keep their protein game on point to power them through their journey.

Courteney Cox – Maggots From A Sheep’s Testicle

When Courteney Cox and Bear Grylls pulled a sheep’s carcass out of the river, you’d probably figure that some mutton would be on the menu that night. If you consider using the sheep’s testicles as a sack to cook the maggots feasting on it in, then sure, that was the case. I bet that Rachel’s trifle looked like a delicacy to Cox at that point.

Michelle Rodriguez – Mouse and Urine Soup

You know the food is awful when even Bear Grylls struggles to get it down. Making this piss-and-mouse soup for Michelle Rodriguez elicited that reaction, so how she even managed to stomach a bite of mouse shows just how Tonka tough she’s built.