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You Can Buy Girl Scout Cookies On Amazon, But It’s Kinda Sketchy

You can find almost anything on Amazon, so it should come as no surprise that Girl Scout Cookies are on there. Can we trust these cookies though?


The Girl Scouts of the USA don’t work directly with Amazon on cookie sales, so whatever you see on there is being re-sold by someone else, according to NY Mag.

Some of the Amazon cookies are Prime eligible, and seem like they are real boxes of cookies, but according to reviewers, the cookies are often stale, melted, and clearly overpriced, as a box can go for upward of $10, when they usually sell for $4 or $5.

On top of that, you can’t even guarantee their legitimacy:

“We caution against sales of cookies bought online because you don’t really know. They can be expired. They can be from three or four years ago. We can’t guarantee they haven’t been opened or tampered with,” a spokesperson for the Girl Scouts of the USA told NY Mag.

A spokesperson told the magazine that the purpose of the cookies is for the little scouts to interact with people and learn financial skills, while these Amazon sellers are basically depriving them of that experience.

If you’re desperate for cookies during the offseason, you can take a shot, but you’re probably better off just snacking on the Girl Scout Cookie cereal, Nesquik, or Crunch Bars. At least they’re official, and don’t come in the mail tasting stale.

Alcohol Beer

Brewer Creates Girl Scout Cookie Beer Called THICK MINT

If you were ever looking for a middle ground between gorging on Girl Scout Cookies or pounding beer after beer, this might be right up your alley. Though we’re never one to make you choose between vices. That’s mother’s job.

Southern Tier Brewing Co. created an unofficial Girl Scout Cookie-flavored beer they’re calling Thick Mint. The name of the product parodies the iconic Girl Scout Cookie, Thin Mints.

According to Food and Wine, official approval from the Girl Scouts of America of the beer isn’t likely to happen any time soon. However, the brewing company is still able to draw inspiration from the corporation for their Thin Mint and stout mashup.

If you’re interested in trying out Thick Mint, there’s an online locator that will help you track down some sweet cookie beer.

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Girl Scout Cookie Cereal Is Finally Gonna Be A Thing


There’s only three seasons you should care about right now: basketball season, Yeezy season, and Girl Scout cookie season.

The latter is most exciting because our favorite Girl Scout cookies will soon be found inside cereal boxes, according to CBS News.

General Mills, the company behind Cheerios and Cocoa Puffs, confirmed to CBS that they are releasing the line of cereals nationwide in January, but didn’t give out many more details.

Food blogger @candyhunting got their hands on these tantalizing photos of the cereal, saying that the limited edition item will come in Caramel Crunch and Thin Mint flavors.


The two flavors are Girl Scouts’ most popular, and are the natural choice to lead the way in their new cereal aisle endeavor.

Whether it’s Girl Scout Frappuccinos, Girl Scout candy bars, or Girl Scout marijuana strains, we can’t get enough of the classic flavors, and welcome them in any form.


Girl Scouts Will Be Tempting Us With S’mores-Flavored Cookies Now



Anytime the adorable little Girl Scout troopers reveal a new flavor, there’s reason to run to the nearest Trader Joe’s or Kroger and try the new cookies. The Rah-Rah Raisins release in 2015 was pretty fire, and we should expect that same kind of heat from their new S’mores cookies in 2017.

There will be two variations of the S’mores, the first will consist of a crunchy graham sandwich cookie with a combination of chocolate and marshmallow filling. The second will have a crispy graham cookie, dipped in crème icing and covered in chocolate.

It’s no coincidence that the announcement came early Wednesday, on National S’mores day, but it sucks that we have to wait until 2017 to get our hands on these. They should have just kept it to themselves because now we’re going to crave Girl Scout Cookies with no outlet to get our fix!

Celebrity Grub Hit-Or-Miss

Tom Hanks Made Fans Buy Girl Scout Cookies Before They Could Get A Picture

Tom Hanks really, really, really, really, really, really likes supporting the Girl Scouts of America.

He ran into a few entrepreneurial young ladies in Los Altos, CA, last Thursday where he was looking to get his son’s vintage typewriter repaired. As an avid collector, he ended up buying two more.

Incognito in a hat and sunglasses, he bought four boxes of cookies from the girls and donated $20 (I would’ve just bought more boxes, but I don’t have an Oscar or a generally pleasant demeanor). As Hanks walked away, they gradually realized who he was, so they asked for a picture.

The Academy Award-winning actor obliged them, but he didn’t stop there.

As passersby noticed his presence and requested photos, Hanks wouldn’t allow them to take one unless they bought some cookies from the Girl Scouts.

Talk about a celebrity endorsement!


Girl Scouts Troll People into Thinking They Have a Cookie Webstore

The Girl Scouts of America have heard your pleas and are taking their infamous cookies where they have never been before: online. OK, not really, but close enough.

Digital Cookie is the Girl Scout website you’ve been dreaming of since 1998. And most of it is still in 1998.

The website serves the entrepreneurial interests of the Girl Scouts, not the consumer. Digital Cookie is not an online store; all orders have to be initiated by a Girl Scout.

Young girls can fill out a profile stating their goals for world domination peace and send emails to prospective customers (hopefully, not over a dial-up connection). If you didn’t get the link directly from a Girl Scout, the link will be broken and your cookie dreams get crushed.

In an attempt to ward off cookie fanatics and child molesters alike, the website is highly protective of each scout’s information and all profiles require parental approval. (You can still find a local young girl by using the official Cookie Finder app, if you really need your fix.)

The mobile app is much more 21st century, but still geared toward honing Girl Scouts’ marketing experience. They can manage their sales, schedule deliveries, and, most importantly, accept credit cards for payment.

Yes, you can finally just shove your credit card in a 10-year-old’s face and take all of her Thin Mints. Just make sure this girl is a Scout before you steal her cookies, OK?

H/t Wired


Girl Scout Nesquik is Real and on Store Shelves


Girl Scout cookies are like crack, and those little girls can easily leave you broke as you stock up on Thin Mints and Do-si-dos. Naturally, the trademark Girl Scout cookie flavors can and should be incorporated in as many foods as possible. We’ve seen them in coffee creamers and even frozen yogurt, now they’re available in flavored milk form.

Nestle teamed up with the Girl Scouts to make Nesquik On-the-Go flavored milk. They’re not offering the full array of flavors, but are available in Thin Mints and Caramel Coconut (AKA Samoas) flavors.

This isn’t the first time the two have collaborated, as in 2012 Nestle released a series of chocolate Crunch bars with Thin Mint, Samoa and Tagalong flavors. They have been spotted on store shelves and according to the Nesquik site, they’ll only be around for a limited time.

PicThx Thrillist

Packaged Food

Liquid Gold: Girl Scout Coffee Creamers


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I could have sworn summer was all about lightening up – shedding clothing layers, eating fresher foods, squeezing lemon into our roots. But it seems the folks at Coffee-mate didn’t quite get the message, since they just unveiled a pair of Girl Scout Cookie-inspired coffee creamer flavors – Thin Mint and Caramel & Coconut (AKA Samoas and/or Caramel Delites) – at least three months after anyone would drink them.

It’s cruel, really. Here we all are, trying our damnedest to fit into bikinis and speedos, suffering night sweats thinking about all the deep fried fair foods we shouldn’t be eating, and they have to torment us with Girl Scout Cookies? It’s no wonder so many Facebook fans have been begging Nestle to create sugar and fat-free versions of these things. We. Can’t. Drink. Them. Or at least we shouldn’t. No, no, we really can’t, we’re on diets. Ugh, okay, we guess a sip wouldn’t hurt. Yes, that’s considered a sip. Don’t judge us, you don’t know our lives!

The new creamers are expected to hit store shelves nationwide soon at $2.69/16 ounces per bottle.


H/T Brittany High + PicThx Nestle