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Woman Climbs Drive-Thru Window, Robs McDonald’s In Worst Disguise Ever


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If you’ve ever been to a McDonald’s in the late hours, you’ve probably noticed that it’s usually one dude trying to work not only the front, but the drive-thru as well. Sure, there’s probably someone working in the back, but there isn’t much surveillance during the grave shifts.

Well, the cameras are on surveillance, but that didn’t stop a woman in Howard County, Maryland from climbing through the drive-thru window, filling up a drink, and stealing money from the register on Nov. 5.

Footage shows the woman reaching in through the window, attempting to fill up a drink, but after struggling a bit, decided to just climb all the way in.

Perhaps the funniest thing is how she showed her entire face as she made her way into the restaurant, but attempted to shield herself by pulling her shirt over her head on the way out.

Where the employees were, who knows, but you have to think some poor employee’s in trouble for not catching any of this heist go down.

You can try to call her a stupid criminal, but Howard County PD is still looking for her, so she got away, for now.

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Ninja Bear Breaks Into Bakery, Avoids All Cameras And Eats 38 Pies


This bear was living the thug life to its fullest, breaking into a Colorado bakery and downing 38 pies.

According to Fox31, the bear broke the back window and climbed into the Colorado Cherry Company, where he proceeded to gobble down 24 cherry pies, 14 apple pies, a sack of sugar and baking cocoa.

This wild bear, literally, tried to take off with some to-go boxes, but dropped them in front of the store on his way out.

The clever bear even avoided security cameras somehow, which is unfortunate for him, because the fridge in the camera’s view had a ton of pies he could have gobbled up.

Of course, Colorado is known for its legalization of marijuana, but there was no evidence that this sneaky bear-thief was intoxicated with a serious case of the munchies.

h/t little things


Squirt and Run: Woman Robs Pharmacy Using Breast Milk


In a situation that sounds like a scene from a Farrelly brothers comedy, a woman used her breast milk as a weapon.

According to the Local in Germany, the woman entered a pharmacy looking to buy a breast pump. As the transaction was taking place at the register, she whipped out a titty and started spraying the staff with her breast milk.

She then began to look through the cash registers and counters, simultaneously spraying anyone who tried to talk some sense into her.

Police said she only took 100 euros, which is about $126, so she didn’t exactly milk the pharmacy for everything they had.

The woman got away, apparently armed and dangerous, or boobed and dangerous.

H/T The Local


Man Arrested for Stealing Plumbing from Restaurants


We’ve seen dudes who have stolen cash or even food from restaurants, but never plumbing. I guess that changed when a Florida man was accused and arrested for stealing plumbing parts from multiple restaurants throughout a Florida city.

Brian Rinda, a 28-year-old homeless man, was arrested Friday by St. Petersburg police. The man was accused of stealing plumbing parts from restaurants such as Burger King, Bob Evans, Cracker Barrel and more. Rinda would trade the stolen parts at a Pinellas County recycling center. The estimated damage from the theft is about $1,000.

Rinda is currently being held on $20,000 bail at the county jail. He was charged with eight counts of grand theft and one count of petty theft.

Now we’re thinking this might actually become a thing. Lord knows fast food restrooms aren’t frequently checked.

H/T Yahoo News


Not the Onion: Man Named Fudge Robs Cold Stone Creamery

A few weeks ago a former employee of a Coldstone Creamery in Iowa was accused of stealing cakes, ice cream and cash from the ice cream chain. Supposedly, he wasn’t making his own creations complete with mix-ins but rather snatching the pre-packed pints for himself. The icing on the proverbial ice cream cake has to be that the suspect’s name is Conor P. Fudge. Gotta love how that works, right?

Fudge, age 25,  was charged with third degree burglary, a class D felony and a misdemeanor count of third degree theft — all for stealing $501 worth of cash and desserts. A steep price for some cheesecake fantasy ice cream.

H/T Des Moines Register + PicThx Cold Stone


Here, Have a Video of a Vending Machine Robot Thief


If you’re reading this article right now, chances are you either A) don’t speak French B) don’t have a solid comprehension of rudimentary robotics or C) at least one of the above. Which means whatever commentary Youtube inventor ioduremetallique provides in this following demonstration vid doesn’t do you one lick of good. But hey, it’s fun to watch.

Basically, this kid invented a machine designed to steal items from vending machines. Using a handheld video game controller-like device, he is able to manipulate the robot’s extending arm up through the rows of soda cans, where its two claws are able to grab, wiggle free and drop their precious cargo, all without him ever having to dig around for spare change.

Now I’m guessing most businesses wouldn’t take kindly to this device being sold in stores (something about cutting into profits and things), but I’m guessing it would be a nice way to always make sure those damn chip bags never get stuck again.

Check out the robot in action below:

H/T + Picthx Laughing Squid


Apparently Toy Guns are All You Need to Rob a White Castle


Let’s face it, robberies are hard. Between the costs of the gun and the getaway car, not to mention health insurance (for all those on-the-job work injuries), it’s no wonder budding thieves need to steal so much. They’re just trying to make a profit, the angels.


Hot Dog Thief to Spend 80 Years In Prison

In 2009, Charles Cleveland Nowden was arrested for attempting to buy two hot  dogs, two cokes and popcorn with a counterfeit $20 in Fort Worth, Texas. This week he received an 80-year prison sentence.

It looks like Nowden was buying for two at the movie theater. His poor date, Texas obviously doesn’t take too kindly to the term “wine and dine”…with counterfeit cash.

Upon getting arrested he was also found in possession of an additional $120 of counterfeit money. It turns out he has had a history of crime from selling stolen lawnmowers in 2011 to possession of a firearm.

(Via Gawker)