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This Genius Thermos Hack Will Keep Your Ice Cream Cold All Summer Long

There’s no season that has a more dire need for cooling agents than summer does. One of our favorites is ice cream, the cold, sweet treat that satisfies our inner Foodbeast while also keeping us from overheating from the start of summer to the dog days.

The only problem I have with ice cream is that it melts way too fast. We don’t have any special ice creams that resist melting over here in the US yet, but this clever usage of a Yeti thermos cup can keep us going until that happens.

The hack was discovered by Twitter user Donald Li, who has gone viral after posting photos of his idea and even received some free stuff from Yeti and Enlightened (the ice cream brand featured in his hack) as a result. Here’s how it works: Add some ice to the bottom of a 30 oz Yeti mug, which can perfectly fit a pint of ice cream in its top compartment while the ice underneath helps keep it extra cold.

It’s incredibly simple, but it’ll help keep your ice cream from melting throughout the day so you can enjoy it longer. If you’re like me and typically scarf a pint down in under five minutes, this hack may not be as applicable to you. But for everyone else, give this frigid ice cream thermos trick a shot if you want to take your favorite pints on the go.


There Are Now Mini Thermos Tumblers for Tea


With the cold fronts racing in and the snow starting to fall, all you want is something warm. This year, Thermos Japan offers a delightful way to fight off the cold with a new line of mini Thermos tumblers made specifically for tea.

The new line comes without a handle in order to let you cup your hands around them.  The mini Thermos also features a resin brim and a lid to keep heat in. And while the cup itself is metal, filled with the brand’s vacuum heat-trapping technology, the outside is finished to look and feel like ceramic material.

The 200 ml tumbler comes in Azuki (red bean) and Kuri (chestnut), retailing for 2,000 to 3,150 yen (US$19 to $30) at department stores in Japan. Adorable? Yes.  Functional? Heck yes. Where can I get one?

H/T + Picthx Rocket News


This Heat Sensitive Cup Will Help Prevent That Awful Burnt Tongue Feeling By Booping Your Nose First

If you don’t know what a “boop” is, chances are you’ve been doing it or have seen it done for years without ever knowing what it’s actually called.

This, ladies and gents, is a boop:

It’s adorable.

It’s the cutest thing ever.

It’s literally impossible not to smile while witnessing.

But before this post gets too cray, let me get back to the point.


The point is, a group of designers from Singapore have just designed a heat sensitive cup concept that will literally boop your nose as a warning that the drink your silly little head is trying to consume is still much too hot to drink, according to Design Taxi.


The Nohotcup, they’re calling it, and its lid features a circular section of heat-sensitive material that expands into a dome when heated. Once the drink’s temperature drops below 30°C, the dome flattens out, indicating the liquid inside is finally safe to drink and won’t make your taste buds feel like sandpaper.

Now isn’t that sweet?

H/T + PicThx Design Taxi, Buzzfeed