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REPORT: Disneyland Staff State Churro Toffee the Most Successful Candy In Nearly A Decade

When you think of iconic Disneyland snacks, there’s Dole Whip, Mickey-shaped pretzels, and the ever popular churros. Disney has long played with different variations on churros, but one of their ideas that debuted in 2018, churro toffee, has exploded to a fan favorite beyond anything Disney employees have seen before.

According to Disneyland Resort Candy Production Manager Monica Weda, the squares of churro-flavored toffee have become one of the park’s top-selling candy items, and one of the most successful items that she’s seen in her almost eight years working in the candy production team.

“The churro toffee has been Candy Production’s number one selling item consistently, week over week.” she told Foodbeast. “I’ve never seen a [candy] treat over the last nearly eight years that has had popularity this strong and consistent.”

This means that amongst all of the candy apples, crispy cereal treats, cake pops, and other items you can find in Disneyland’s multiple candy shops, churro toffee is the top seller.


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“It’s got some weird magical quality to it,” says Disney Food Blog creator AJ Wolfe. She was among the first to find it during its debut, and has since become a big fan of it.

The sweet is made by enrobing squares of toffee in a coating of white chocolate and then dusting it in a cinnamon sugar. Weda confirmed that it’s the same blend of sugar and spice that’s used to coat Disneyland’s churros. It also comes with an intriguing backstory, as the toffee was a concept that had been sitting on the back burner for years.

“Back in 2013, we had a product development session, and one of our candy makers said, ‘Hey, how about we try our English toffee but with white chocolate, cinnamon, and sugar?'” Weda said.

The toffee was delicious, but it wasn’t rolled out that year due to a lot of major sweet releases coinciding with the park’s 60th anniversary. Churro toffee, and its recipe, were kept away in files for a few years until the debut of Pixar Pier in 2018. The Candy Production Team then decided to try it out at the newly-opened Bing Bong’s Sweet Shop, and it rapidly became a fan favorite that spread to the rest of California Adventure before year’s end.

By late 2019, churro toffee was so coveted that the other parks’ food and beverage teams wanted in on the action. They used the candy squares to create other items, like a Churro Toffee Cold Brew and Churro Marshmallow Wands, that were launched during the holdiay season. Weda confirmed to Foodbeast that Marshmallow Wands, which were originally sold in just 2 locations, will be available across all of the candy shops starting in 2020 due to their recent success. When asked about the meaning of Disneyland adding treats to other creations, Wolfe mentioned that “[Disney] knows when something sells.”

Churro Toffee has definitely been a huge seller, with it going from test item to a Disneyland “Core Classic,” or staple, within less than 18 months of its debut. Based on the popularity it has on both social media and within the parks, it seems like this is the next hyped treat to get alongside Dole Whip and the actual churros themselves while perusing the parks.

“I don’t see it going away anytime soon,” Weda said. “I do feel that this is going to become one of our staples within our assortment.”

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7 New Foods To Try At Universal Halloween Horror Nights

Every year, thousands make their way to Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights for a spooky fun time. While you’re probably trying to squeeze in every maze and ride you can, you usually make enough time to grab a bite or drink in between.

If you are making the trek to Hollywood to check out all the Stranger Things, Ghostbusters and Us mazes, here’s your guide to the new delicious goodies that accompany those attractions:

Kotton Kandy Cocoon Doughnut

This raspberry-filled doughnut is a sugar rush that excites the senses. Topped with pink vanilla frosting, pink cotton candy, and a straw to suck out the jelly with, the Killer Klowns-inspired treat will surely indulge your sweet tooth.


Zuul’s Egg Sandwich

There is no Dana, only Zuul’s Egg sandwich. Named after the Ghostbusters demon, this Eggslut-like sandwich is a bit of an out of body experience, and arguably one of the tastiest things at the park. Within the brioche bun is a fried egg, turkey sausage patty and cheddar cheese topped with a chipotle aioli and caramelized onions.


Slimer’s Dog

Another one that’s inspired by Ghostbusters, the Slimer Dog is a quarter pound hot dog with “green slime,” that’s actually just green colored nacho cheese, and roasted peppers.


Eleven’s Waffle Sundae

OK, so a lot of these items are diabetes waiting to happen, but I’ll be damned if I’m not gonna scarf down a Stranger Things-themed sundae. Within the cup is a serving of vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce, jelly beans, Reese’s Pieces, chocolate chips, and of course, mini waffles. Would it even be an “Eleven” sundae without waffles? Nope.

Firehouse Hot Chicken Bites

If you complained about all the sweets on this list, here’s something savory. The breaded Nashville chicken bites lie on a bed of coleslaw and are topped with pickles, with a piece of toast as its sitting vessel. The firehouse, of course, is known to house the Ghostbusters, and can now house your tastebuds. If you’re lucky, this thing will be hot enough to make you forget how scared you are at the park.


Mind Flayer’s Milkshake

The “Mind Flayer” shadow monster is a bit of a dick, but this milkshake makes up for all the trouble it caused in Stranger Things. The chocolate milkshake is topped with strawberry sauce, chocolate whipped cream, crumbled Oreos, a black waffle cone and black licorice that kind of looks like the Mind Flayer’s tentacles.


Spooky Cocktails

Universal released a trio of cocktails, and if you just scared yourself shitless at a maze and need a drink, they’re the perfect remedy. The “Ecto Slime,” “Frankenstein Skull” and “Zombie Butterfly” cocktails all come in an awesome transparent skull cup sthat light up, and the drinks themselves change color. The Ecto Slime consists of Crystal Head Vodka, blue Curacao, citrus sour, passionfruit and orange juice. The Frankenstein consists of Three Olives vodka, butterfly pea tea, apple syrup, pineapple and lemon juice. The Zombie Butterfly also has Three Olives and butterfly pea tea, but has citrus sour, blueberry syrup and lemon juice.
These are all excellent choices to munch on this Halloween and if you do try them, be sure to snap a pic and tag Foodbeast for a possible feature.

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Disneyland’s Newest Macaron Comes With A Hidden ‘Bleeding Sprinkle’ Surprise

Have your smartphones on the ready when buying Disneyland’s newest macaron, because whoever bites into it is gonna be in for a bit of a surprise.

Photo courtesy of Disneyland

When you break into the new Birthday Hat Macaron at Disney California Adventure’s Cozy Cone Motel, you’re going to unleash a flurry of sprinkles that are hiding in the middle of the treat. It’s akin to the viral “bleeding sprinkles” cakes that have cracked off on Instagram, but in a smaller, more jolting form.

Foodbeast’s own Elie Ayrouth got an early sneak peek at the new treat, which drops in January to coincide with the new “Get Your Ears On” Mickey and Minnie Mouse celebration. Peep the video below to check out his full experience with the macaron, including the color it changed his tongue at the end.

It’s not all flash and flair with the Birthday Hat Macaron, however. Ayrouth noted that the macaron and filling inside tasted like cotton candy, making this treat a unique fusion of multiple modern theme park favorites.

The macaron will be available at the Cozy Cone Motel during the Get Your Ears On celebration, which lasts through the whole of 2019.

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Disneyland’s Pixar Pier Is Opening, These Are The New Foods That Will Be There

While Pixar Fest has been going on for a while now at Disneyland, there is now a whole new Pixar-themed part of the resort for you to explore.

The grand opening of Disney California Adventure’s Pixar Pier is underway, and of course, the new section comes with plenty of new treats.

There’s a handful of new food vendors within the Pier, and the Pixar-themed treats they’re offering look pretty tasty already.

If you’re headed to Disney California Adventure soon, and need a guide to Pixar Pier’s food, here’s a look at what to expect from each of the new food spots.

Adorable Snowman Frozen Treats (Monsters, Inc.)

This booth has been open as a “sneak preview” for a while now, and has become one of the most popular spots in the park, of late. Their signature is the vegan lemon soft serve, called “It’s Lemon!” People have been calling this the “new Dole Whip,” and with its bright citrus flavor, is definitely a standout treat. You can get it on a cone, with a “Snow Cap” of white chocolate, or as part of the fan-favorite Pixar Pier Frosty Parfait, where the soft serve is swirled together with blue raspberry slush.

Jack Jack Cookie Num-Nums (Incredibles 2)

Themed after the new Incredibles 2 film, this stand is all about cookies. There’s the classic chocolate chip available as well as a plain shortbread. For gluten-sensitive folks, there’s the IncrediCookie, which is gluten friendly and stuffed with blackberry jam.

Lamplight Lounge

Replacing the Cove Bar is this new restaurant, which is described by Disney as a “California casual gastro-pub.” New offerings on the menu include some interesting takes on sushi, like the above Carne Asada Roll with escabeche and a roasted Fresno chile salsa. There will also be some favorites from the Cove Bar returning, including the beloved Lobster Nachos.

Poultry Palace (Toy Story)

Based on a Toy Story Pixar short, you’ll be able to get your fried chicken fix here. While there aren’t buckets of it available to carry around, you can get a set of fried drumsticks with coleslaw. Other Disney favorites, like smoked turkey legs and chimichangas, can also be found at this spot.

Señor Buzz Churros (Toy Story)

Would it be a new Disneyland Resort area without a churro cart of some kind? This one offers up two new specialty churros: The spicy sugar-coated Caliente churro, or the Cinnamon Sugar Galaxy Churro, where the crystals decorating the churro are colored silver to represent the night sky.

Angry Dogs (Inside Out)

You can get hot dogs throughout the park, but this stand will have a special “Angry Dog” that utilizes a spicy sausage and is served with red-hot fries.

Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff (Inside Out) 

pixar pier

This candy shop is one of the only spots not opening up right away, but is going to have multiple things going for it when it does launch later this summer. There will be seasonal and permanent lineups of cake pops and caramel/candy apples available, as well as “Candy Tears” from Bing Bong himself and “Memory Refreshers,” multi-colored and flavored frozen drinks.

As Pixar Pier opens, all of the non-seasonal foods will permanently be around, as they are a new addition to Disney California Adventure, not a seasonal listing as part of Pixar Fest. So even if you come to the park after September 3, you’ll be able to add most of these treats to your Instagram feeds.

All photos courtesy of Disneyland Resort.

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10 Foods You Should Be Eating At Knott’s Berry Farm This Holiday Season

There was a time when food was a theme park afterthought, but Knott’s Berry Farm was founded on its food, and continues to build its menu, especially during the holidays.

From the backend of November to January 7, the Southern California park transforms itself into Knott’s Merry Farm, breaking out an array of holiday specific foods, putting you in the holiday spirit as the temperatures begin to drop, and your tummy begins to grumble.

From Chocolate-Dipped Peppermint Cheesecakes, to Christmas Pizzas, the wintertime food at Knott’s is nothing to scoff at, as Chef Bobby Obezo and the Knott’s food team make sure that serious thought is put into holiday items, for the sake of our enjoyment, really.

We got ourselves in the Christmas spirit and tried all their special holiday goodness. Check it out below:

1. Chocolate-Dipped Cheesecake On A Stick – Santa’s Cabin

We’ll start off with one of our favorites, the chocolate-dipped cheesecake on a stick. It’s exactly what it sounds like, as they put a slice of cheesecake on a stick, dip it into a chocolate fountain, top it with bits of crushed candy cane, and let the chocolate cool for an amazing combination of sweet flavors partying in your mouth.

2. Boysenberry and Nutella-Stuffed Crepe – Santa’s Cabin

Knott’s combined their famous Boysenberry with Nutella and stuffed it inside a warm crepe. What else do you need to know to convince you to run over and grab a bite? It’s topped with a drizzle of chocolate and raspberry sauce, and has a little powdered sugar on top, making this another go-to dessert.

3. Christmas Tamales – Santa’s Cabin

The holidays are when tamales shine in Mexican-American traditions, and while everyone has their own way of making them, Knott’s went with festive red and green tamales. The salsa roja tamale is filled with tender beef, while the salsa verde tamale is filled with chicken. They really did right by the masa, as it’s not too thick, nor chewy. It’s just right.

4. Holiday Churro – The Churro Factory

Knott’s is known for its hand-pressed churros, as you can literally watch them being made right front of you. For the holidays, they’re putting a twist – or rather, a curve – on their classic churros, shaping them like candy canes.

Filled with candy cane Bavarian cream, glazed with white chocolate ganache, and sprinkled with, well, sprinkles, this churros will definitely make you feel jolly.

5. Santa Hat Snoopy Cookie – Santa’s Cabin

The Snoopy sugar cookie is a favorite year-round, and with it being Christmas time, the little homie’s rocking a Santa hat.

6. Hot Chocolate – The Churro Factory

You can already feel the winter breeze, and nothing says “Christmas” quite like hot chocolate. Get one of these with a churro and you’re set.

7. Holiday Kettle Corn – Santa’s Cabin

This colorful kettle candy corn consists of three flavors that just feel and taste like the holidays. They’ve got cinnamon (red), caramel (gold), and peppermint (green). It’s something quick, portable and easy to snack on while you wait in line for Ghostrider.

8. Christmas Pizza – Hollywood Hits

This pizza will really stimulate your senses, as you’ve probably never had anything close to it. Instead of tomato sauce, the Christmas pizza has a bottom layer of cranberry and yam puree.

It’s then topped with turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, sliced Brussels sprouts, gravy and a bit of cranberry sauce. If you’re feeling adventurous, this pizza will not disappoint.

9. Holiday Smoked Turkey Sandwich – Boardwalk BBQ

Just because Thanksgiving is over doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good “leftovers”-style sandwich. This holiday sandwich has a healthy serving of smoked turkey, some amazing stuffing that they wouldn’t give me the secret recipe to, and some cranberry sauce to give you a sweet and savory flavor at the same time.

10. Knott’s Famous Beef Stew In A Sourdough Bread Bowl – Ghost Town Bakery and Ghost Town Grill

With it being a little cooler outside, we’re throwing in Knott’s Famous Beef Stew in a sourdough bread bowl, even though it’s available year-round. It’s hard to beat a slow-cooked beef stew, but add a bread bowl to the mix and you’ve got some serious magic happening in your mouth.

Photos by Evan Lancaster

Created in partnership with Knott’s Berry Farm

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Universal Studios Orlando’s New Theme Park Features Island-Inspired Cuisine

Universal Studios Orlando will be making a splash in a couple of months when they introduce their brand new theme park, Volcano Bay, into the Universal Orlando Resort on May 25th. This water theme park will be tremendous, and so will all of the awesome food that’s going to keep park goers full and happy.

The food is all inspired by dishes and flavors from the South Pacific, and encompasses over 60 menu items across four different dining locations: Kohola Reef Restaurant & Social Club, Whakwaiwai Eats, Bambu, and Feasting Frog. Here’s some of the most exciting food you can find at each of those locations.

Kohola Reef Restaurant & Social Club

One of the most exciting items exclusive to this restaurant is a Mango BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich. Based on Hawaiian flavors, it’s served with caramelized pineapple and fresh mango slaw inside of a King’s Hawaiian Roll.

Other awesome food you can only find in Kohola Reef includes sushi hand rolls like the iconic California roll and a Guava Tapioca Pudding.

Whakwaiwai Eats

Whakwaiwai will be featuring an exclusive Island BBQ Chicken Pizza, which utilizes mango barbeque sauce, red onions, diced chicken, and Gouda on a fresh sheet of pizza dough. A Hawaiian pizza will also be available at both Whakwaiwai and Kohola Reef.

Whakwaiwai will also have a vegan Tropical Baby Greens garden salad and an Island Chicken Salad with a creamy coconut dressing on deck.


Bambu’s headliner is the Quinoa Edamame burger, which is also available at Kohola Reef. This veggie sandwich is topped with shiitake mushrooms and sriracha mayo and served with fries and mango slaw.

Bambu will also have the Island Chicken salad from Whakwaiwai available for purchase.

Feasting Frog

The Feasting Frog will feature a Taco Sampler of three different signature tacos, including a steak and a shrimp taco. Plantain chips and salsa will accompany this trio of tasty tacos.

Guests will also be able to find an exclusive Ahi Tuna Poke Poke Bowl at the Frog. The poke is tossed in a honey soy vinaigrette and served with plantain chips.


All images courtesy of Universal Orlando. 
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Theme Park Food Isn’t All Crap Anymore [The Katchup Podcast]

Theme park food has come a long way from corn dogs and funnel cakes.

Now, it seems like every theme park is coming up with legit but tasty food specific to their content, from poutine flatbreads at Disneyland’s Beauty and the Beast Red Rose Tavern to gigantic Pink Donuts in Universal Studio’s Springfield (a Simpsons-themed area of the park).

In the most recent episode of Foodbeast’s podcast “The Katchup,” Foodbeast Editor-In-Chief Elie Ayrouth brought in Foodbeast’s managing editor Reach Guinto, contributing writer Raphael Madrid, and video producer Michael Priestley to go deep into all of this awesome food you can get at amusement parks.

Following the successful launches of trending content featuring tons of theme park food, including a viral video about the themed eats at Universal Studios, the Foodbeast squad sat down to talk about the experience and what the best food different theme parks had to offer.

Here at Foodbeast, we regularly cover a lot of different treats, and typically get to go and try it ourselves. We’ve definitely had a lot of experiences with the good and bad when it comes to theme park food, and bring all of those to light in this discussion on this week’s episode of our Katchup podcast.

The group also talked about which theme parks have been producing legit and amazing food, as well as which ones are slipping and need to step up their food game.

If you want to know where to go to get the tastiest theme park food to enhance your entertainment experience, make sure to listen.