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Jimmy Fallon’s Latest Prank Proves Nobody Can Pronounce LaCroix Correctly

LaCroix is one of the hottest drinks in stores right now, but it’s also one of the hardest to pronounce. To prove that nobody really knows how to say the sparkling water brand’s name, The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon pranked people with alternative LaCroix names.

To make the prank happen, Tonight Show writer Arthur interviewed passerby in the streets to see if they’ve tried LaCroix. Every time he asked them, however, Arthur would switch around its pronunciation, with his takes on the brand name ranging from deceitful to downright hilarious.

Mostly everybody just assumed Arthur was saying LaCroix, though, perfectly fitting into the Tonight Show’s prank. As each interviewee ignored the increasingly ridiculous names, everyone just kept laughing harder. Arthur definitely had some great interpretations of LaCroix’s name to back him up, but we’re surprised that nobody demonstrated how to correctly pronounce the drink. Guess the Tonight Show really did prove their point with this segment.

And, for the record, it’s “La-Croy.” You’re welcome.

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Hugh Jackman Breaks His Wolverine Diet For A Giant Bowl Of Pasta [WATCH]

You can’t become one of the most bad-ass comic book heroes ever without a crazy diet and workout plan that keeps you shredded. That has been Hugh Jackman’s life over the last 17 years playing Wolverine in the X-Men movie franchise, keeping up his impressive physique throughout the years.

Jackman will be starring in his final Wolverine movie as “Logan” releases March 2, so while making his rounds promoting the film, he found himself on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

After all these years on the “Wolverine Diet,” eating endless amounts of steamed chicken breasts, Jackman broke his diet, as Fallon brought out famed chef Mario Batali, who gave Jackman a giant bowl of pasta to grub on.

Jackman was thrilled, saying, “That is the greatest freaking thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

There’s absolutely no way that this is Jackman’s first cheat meal in 17 years, but whatever, it’s not a bad way to celebrate the final Wolverine movie, ever.

Hit-Or-Miss Humor Video

Aziz Ansari Reads Savage Restaurant Responses To Nasty Yelpers

Aziz Ansari has been in a couple of award winning TV shows, just hosted Saturday Night Live, and is beloved for his stand-up comedy, so he’s got the ‘funny guy’ role down.

While Ansari was on the Tonight Show this past Friday, he and host Jimmy Fallon went through a few 1-star Yelp restaurant reviews.

Fallon read the customer reviews first, then Ansari, getting into the character of a restaurant owner, read the ridiculed restaurants’ savage comebacks.

For example, one reviewer said that they would not be recommending Onefold Coffee Shop to friends who visit Denver, to which the restaurant’s owner responded with:

“Not recommending this place to your friends is a purely hypothetical situation. First, you will probably need friends, then second you will have to be likable enough for them to visit you in Denver. I hope we can survive without your theoretical friends visiting our establishment.”

Now imagine that coming out of Aziz Ansari’s mouth, with the most snarky tone.

If you need a good laugh today, just go through the whole video. It’s worth it.