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McDonald’s ‘Horror Happy Meal’ Concepts Would Scare The Crap Out Of Children


People have been dying for the calendar to hit October, just so they can have an excuse to start finding their costumes and watch a bunch of horror films.

With that Halloween spirit in the air, artist Newt Clements put together an un-official series of what he feels McDonald’s Happy Meals should look like, and they look terrifyingly awesome.

Clements not only designed awesome boxes inspired by some of your favorite horror shows and movies, such as The Exorcist, and American Horror Story, but he also included some creepy toys alongside, because it really wouldn’t be a Happy Meal without a toy.

There’s even a Stranger Things box, as by now it’s a shoe-in for the Netflix darling to show up on any Halloween related series.

The concept is pretty creative, and McDonald’s would be pretty ballsy to put together something like this. Maybe one day they’ll hit this guy up and make some movie magic Happy Meals.

Check out the concept horror boxes below:










h/t thatsnerdalicious, picthx Newton Clements


Fantastic Four Inspires Fantastic Pumpkin Carving

Note: ‘Carving’ might be a little generous here, but considering the size of this thing, we’ll let it slide.

Tired of all those wimpy pumpkin carvings only using one pumpkin? Are you sick of seeing Jack-o-Lanterns restricted to porch steps, all tiny and lit by a single candle? Do you want your pumpkin sculptures to be both intimidating and scantily clad?

Look no further than this beast: a life-size, eleven-pumpkin, light-up Jack-o-Lantern in the form of The Thing from Fantastic Four.


Created by Reddit’s wizardtig, this guy stands at an impressive 6’4″ and is built on a wood-and-chicken-wire frame, towering over all those other sad, tiny Jack-o-Lanterns, probably bellowing in pumpkin-speak, something like, “It’s clobberin’ time!”

Because, you know…it’s The Thing.

Source/Photo Credit Obvious Winner