TODAY: Suntory Releases Limited Edition Rolling Stones Whiskey

The Rolling Stones Limited Edition Suntory Whiskey

2012 represents some large landmarks: the end of the Mayan calendar, the two-year anniversary of Lebron’s Decision, James Bond’s 50th Anniversary, and the Rolling Stones’ 50th Anniversary. In conclusion, what would a celebration be without the booze? Not much of a celebration at all, actually.

So, to celebrate their formation some fifty years ago in 1962, The Stones have teamed up with Japanese whiskey maker, Suntory, to release a limited edition Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Whiskey that’s set to release today, October 30th. Suntory will release only 150 bottles of the rockin’ whiskey, at a price of 500,000 yen, or $6,300. At that price, you must make a deal with the Devil, Faustus.

The bottle dons The Rolling Stones signature tongue and lips. And the whiskey has been described as having a complex aroma, a rich heaviness, and a smokey aftertaste. So, sip carefully and enjoy the complex flavors, cause remember, each sip costs you about $200.

Because they’re only making 150 bottles with a steep price tag, I suggest the following:

1. Go to where ever it is that you buy alcohol.

2. Get a bottle of Maker’s Mark.

3. Bring the bottle home, open the internet to a picture of The Rolling Stones’ Whiskey, throw on a record, and drink the Maker’s Mark while staring at the picture and listening to your record. Close enough, right?

Photo courtesy DJStorm’sBlogMadeMansion