A Sonic Screwdriver for Doctor Who Fans Still Devastated over the Ponds

This Sonic Screwdriver is the only companion you’ll need to enjoy the new season of Doctor Who. It’s also perfect for drowning your sorrows, that is, if you’re still reeling over the loss of the Ponds.

Made up of blue raspberry vodka and orange juice over ice, this Sonic Screwdriver resembles the same green hue of The Eleventh Doctor’s trusty all-in-one tool.

This drink probably tastes all timey-wimey, like an alcoholic Blue Raspberry Push Pop. But after knocking a few back, I’m sure you’ll be too wibbly-wobbly to care.

Check out the full recipe on Being Geek Chic or watch the video below.

H/T Being Geek Chic + PicThx Rocket Shitty