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Country Fried Bread Pudding French Toast Is The Most Decadent Brunch Item Ever

I don’t think the phrase “treat yourself” could be more applicable to any other food item than this one.

What we have here folks is a brunch dessert item of pure decadence. Our fellow Foodbeast fam, @thenaughtyfork, has unleashed a Country Fried French Toast of epic dessert proportions. What sets this fried bread over the top is that it’s actually deep-fried slices of a bread pudding that’s made with buttery, flaky croissants.

If you’re craving this indulgent dish, it’s gonna be the feature dessert item at a Naughty Fork event called “The Naughty Brunch” at Phuc Yea in Miami. If you’re in the area on July 16th, I’d pick up some tickets to go just for the Country Fried French Toast alone.

If not, between the above Instagram video and the description of the French toast on the Naughty Brunch’s website, you should be able to easily recreate this crave-worthy sweet treat at home so that it’ll leave everybody in food comas after the first bite.

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McDonald’s Meets Brunch In This Sexy Happy Meal Benedict

HAPPY MEAL BENEDICT! Waffled French fries, cheddar cheese patties, and a whole lotta eggs benedict #PHAAT

A post shared by Sam Schnur (@thenaughtyfork) on

Fast food and brunch never really seem to go together. I mean, sure, Jack in the Box has a brunch menu, but it’s missing out on yolk porn, mimosas, and hollandaise sauce. Can you imagine how dope it would be if a fast food place sold an Eggs Benedict?

Thanks to our Foodbeast friend The Naughty Fork, we don’t have to imagine anymore. She’s created a Happy Meal Benedict that takes fast food to the next level. It’s got some pretty rad McDonald’s twists to the classic Benedict, such as waffle fries in place of English muffins.

The Happy Meal Benedict is a meal worthy to grace the brunch halls of any establishment, fast food or otherwise, and the food porn shots displayed on this bad boy are evidence enough of that.

We’ve crafted and seen some amazing fast food recipes before, but the double ooze from the egg yolk and hollandaise on this one may just make it the sexiest of all time.

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How To Improve Your Food Instagram

So you want to be a food blogger with a cool Instagram and a ton of followers? Cool. Get in line. There’s hundreds, if not thousands of new food blogs and food-based Instagram accounts popping up on the daily. Standing out from the rest of the fray is high-key goals AF if you have plans of succeeding.

But fear not, we’ve gathered some top notch intel from the industry’s best of the best. Thanks to crucial advice from successful food bloggers and Instagrammers like The Naughty Fork, Try It Or Diet, The Vulgar Chef, Stir and Style, and Cheat Day Eats, we’ve put together a quick video that drops gems of knowledge and truth on y’all aspiring foodies.

So pay attention and take notes, unless you are about living that struggle IG life.