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Listen Preppies, The Saved By The Bell Themed Diner Is Coming To L.A.!

When I wake up in the morning and my alarm gives out a warning that the uber cool Saved By The Bell themed diner is truly coming “bayside,” I geeked out harder than Screech does with robots named Kevin!

The pop-up diner dubbed “Saved By The Max” (after the sitcom’s original) has been in Chicago’s Wicker Park for the past year, with an overflowing amount of SOLD OUT evenings.

And now, “The Max” is making its way to the Los Angeles area!  Unfortunately, no word yet on when and where at this time… but I expect the 90s nostalgia will come rushing back to you as more details are revealed.  With Hollywood so close by, who knows which of your favorite SBTB stars will stop by.

Expect the same pre-millennium vibes, with similar menu items that pay homage to the characters that made the show such a hit. A.C Sliders? Lisa Turtle Milkshake? A Kelly Kapowski sandwich? Count me in!

Seems so cliché to quote Jesse Spano… but I can’t help it — “I’m so excited! I’m so excited!”

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Keep it locked on their social media channels: @savedbythemax or their website for further announcements!

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The ‘Saved By The Bell’ Pop-Up Goes On A National Tour

Earlier this year, Chicago was lucky enough to be the home of the Saved By The Bell pop-up restaurant called Saved By The Max. This left the rest of the country extremely envious of the Windy City’s claim to Zack and the gang.

Don’t worry, there’s hope.

The pop-up announced that they’ll be packing up in Chicago and heading on a nationwide tour so that the rest of the country can enjoy the food inspired by the Bayside High gang. Heck, they even got Big Bopper himself, Mr. Belding, to break the news.

Menu items include both a dinner and brunch menu that feature dishes like the Bayside Burger, Tori’s Fried Chicken, a Time Out Benedict, and Mr. Belding’s Fries.

We still don’t know where exactly they’ll visit, but the pop-up says they’ll stay in Chicago for one more “semester” before hitting the road. If you are in the Chicago area though, you can make a reservation at Saved By The Max and get your nostalgia on.

We’ll keep you posted on when exact tour dates and locations will be available.

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The ‘Saved By The Bell’ Pop Up Is Coming And It’s Totally Worth Ditching Class For


A while back, a pop-up called Saved By The Max announced that they would be doing a Saved By The Bell-themed dinner somewhere in Chicago.

Now, we finally know exactly where.

The group released a video, starring comedian/magician Ed Alonzo who played the character Max on the classic ’90s sitcom.

You can find the pop up at 1941 W. North Ave. in the heart of Wicker Park, Chicago. It will open on Wednesday, June 1.

Tickets go on sale Friday April 22 at


‘Saved By The Bell’ Pop-Up Diner Is Opening In Chicago And We May Need That Chill Pill


Growing up, we always wondered what it would be like to spend a meal at the Max. The fictional diner was made popular by the ’90s sitcom Saved By The Bell. Now, you can finally experience what it’s like enjoy a meal of burgers, fries and a shake at the max.

According to Chicagoist, the Max will get its very own parody pop-up somewhere in Wicker Park this June called Saved By The Max. Menu items include dishes named after popular characters like the AC Sliders, Belding Fries, Lisa Turtle Milkshake and Preppy BLTs.

A full bar with cocktails inspired by the show will also be open to guests.

It seems Saved By The Max will even host a daily costume contest for fans willing to come dressed as Zack and the gang as well as trivia nights. The waitstaff will also be named Max or Kelly after the two most notable employees at the diner.

While not affiliated with the actual NBC series, the restaurant will pay homage to the ’90s series. Honestly, it sounds like a great throwback.

Expect to find it open on June 1.

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