The Macallan x Oakley New Armored Flask is Sleek, Practically Indestructible and Kinda Looks Like a Grenade


It’s a flask fit for Bruce Wayne, and with an SRP of $900, he’s probably the only one who can afford it anyway.

Laser-welded and encased in a sleek, black carbon fibre composite, The Macallan | The Flask is a new creative collaboration by the makers of Macallan Single Malt Scotch Whisky and Oakley, and was designed to be “the definitive solution for the industrious and active gentleman.” AKA Batman, obvs.

Perfect for dropping out of helicopters or stringing behind moving cars – no really, that’s exactly what the press release says – the new flask is available on its own for $900, or as part of a limited edition set which includes Macallan’s first-ever single cask, 22-year old American Oak Scotch Whisky; a secured aluminum funnel to prevent spillage while filling; and a matte black steel and carbon fibre metal case to store it all in — all for the low, low price of $1,500.

So go ahead and drink on the job, all you crazy caped crusaders. Your new favorite crime-fighting toy can definitely take the beating.

The Macallan | The Flask: $900 @ Macallan




PicThx Macallan