Winners of a Food Network Show Spend Their $100,000 Prize on Ping Pong?

In a ridiculous story forming out of TMZ,  a series of pictures shadily taken from inside the homes of either Daniel Shemtob or Jason Quinn ‘have surfaced’, insinuating that the two personalities from The Lime Truck blew their winnings on a top of the line ping pong table.

For those that don’t follow the premise of the Food Network show these two won (The Great Food Truck Race), their particular food truck edged out seven other trucks from across the country to claim a grand prize of $100,000.

The only thing we can conclude from this TMZ story is that it’s a fabulous joke/satire piece. Currently, Jason Quinn is no longer with The Lime Truck, focusing on his own project, a brick-and-mortar restaurant that just opened in Orange County (see: The Playground).

Daniel has also expanded The Lime Truck‘s presence with a second truck for their LA consumers shortly after the show’s conclusion. We’re positive they didn’t spend their entire loot on a single ping pong table, instead more on the expansion of The Lime Truck operations and for Quinn’s new restaurant.

Fun story though, TMZ.