[Adventure] TLT Food Satisfies Our Inner Pork Belly Snob


Daniel Shemtomb has accomplished much in the last few years. The winner of Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race has kept busy maintaining the quality of The Lime Truck. Now the successful young chef has his hands full being a restaurateur as well.

Foodbeast vet Brian and I were lucky enough to be invited to dine-in at TLT Food in Westwood, Los Angeles recently, and we couldn’t have been happier. We’ve always been fans of The Lime Truck and it was great not having to chase it down for dear life for once. So, sit back and enjoy some glorious food porn from TLT Food.


Brussels Sprouts


I wasn’t a fan of brussels sprouts until a few years ago, but this item solidified my love for them. It was the perfect thing to start off the adventure with. The sprouts were perfect and each bite was more savory than the last. Cooked with a medley of prosciutto, garlic, chipotle honey aioli, Cotija cheese and picked red onion, you’d have no idea these were good for you.


Pork Belly Nachos


I was excited to try this more than anything else on the menu and TLT delivered. I’m pretty snobby when it comes to pork belly and they nailed it. Chunks of savory pork belly on top of gooey cheese nachos. What more could I ask for? Nothing, that’s what.


Grilled Cheese


Brian had more of this than I did. The concept was ingenious and after a couple bites I definitely wanted more. Unfortunately, I already killed the pork belly nachos and quesadilla and couldn’t afford any more cheese in my body. Brian loved it though. He threw around the word “orgasmic” a few times.



Pork Belly Taco


An awesome in-between meal snack while I snapped photos. As I mentioned earlier, the pork belly is on point and the taco is something I definitely need to try more of next time.


Beef Short-Rib Quesadilla


The beef was super moist and pretty much just melted in your mouth. Every bite was epic. I pretty much killed this whole thing within minutes. Their signature Tomatillo salsa was a great contrast to the richness of the quesadilla and added a cool refresher to each bite.




Skipped breakfast and lunch for this meal and it was ever so worth it after trying the PBAT. Made with parmesan-crusted bread, cured pork belly, arugula, tomato, red onion and aioli, this sandwich was a masterpiece that couldn’t be told in one sitting.




The desserts really hit the spot. Between the Lime Panna Cotta and the Triple Chocolate Cake, we were in dessert heaven. Unfortunately my limited lactose intolerance only allowed for a few small bites for the Panna Cotta, as I maxed out my cheese budget for the evening with the nachos and quesadillas. Cake was bomb though.

TLT Food has now also opened a new location in Downtown Los Angeles this past week. Unique to the restaurant, TLT will be offering their first brunch menu.

I smell another adventure.

TLT Food

1116 Westwood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310) 443-4433

Food Trucks

The Lime Truck Founders Go Brick and Mortar With TLT

You may know The Lime Truck as The Food Network’s Great American Food Truck Race Season 2’s winner, or from chowing down on some of their tacos during your lunch break, or even from this interview they did with CNN Money but now, you can get to know them in a whole new way.

The Lime Truck has recently gone brick and mortar with their new restaurant, TLT, in Westwood, CA. As co-founder Daniel Shemtob puts it, “Now 2 years and 500+ dishes (off of a truck) later, we came up with our brainchild, TLT!” TLT seeks to bring the same hip, chef-driven flair that is a staple from their truck, while offering affordable and delicious beer and wine to pair with the food. Like The Lime Truck, TLT’s menu is eclectic, offering you an assortment of foods that invite you to try different combinations and plates, rather than being tied down to just one dish.

After two years of driving around and serving up great food, they deserve to be driven to. Though fear not, the truck is still running!

Photo Courtesy OC Register

Food Trucks

The Lime Truck Owner on Using Corporate Irvine to His Advantage [VIDEO]

The Lime Truck, season 2 winner of Food Network’s “The Great Food Truck Race,” has taken their Southern California fusion food from just one truck back in June 2010 to four roaming trucks today.

Truck owner, Daniel Shemtob, recently spoke with CNN Money in regards to his tactics in leading the bustling trend in Orange County, just south of Los Angeles.

Irvine, CA is a very interesting city to build up a food truck scene in, quite different from Los Angeles and other cities, because of the city’s suburban incorporated vibe littered with corporate and chain influences.

Shemtob mentions that he utilizes the chain restaurant atmosphere permeating throughout the city, and the lack of chef-driven restaurants in the area, to his advantage. Our guess is that the stereotypically stale environment ends up making the food trucks more glamorous and sought after. Plus, all the corporate parking lots make great food truck meetups — giving blue-collar and white-collar citizens mobile, chef-driven food courts just outside their work places.


The Playground — A Look at the New Eatery From Ex-Lime Truck Chef

Just a few months ago, Jason Quinn led the way as Lime Truck‘s lead chef, not only making a name for the truck in its hometown of Orange County, but branding the Southern California-based mobile food kitchen as one of the hottest trucks in the country.

After snatching $100,000 and the title of best food truck on the second season of Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race, it looks like part of those winnings went to fulfill his dream of opening up his own brick-and-mortar restaurant concept — The Playground.

The downtown Santa Ana location is flanked by a hodgepodge of art, music, fashion and eating/drinking destinations, an almost perfect compliment to the vibe Quinn hopes to achieve with his location —

I dreamed of taking what I started on the The Lime Truck and expanding it into a restaurant…I envisioned a big, beautiful building filled with character and style, an open kitchen and stunning bar, shiny new equipment and a team of passionate foodies to help me change how food and drink is prepared, served and appreciated. — Jason Quinn

No longer a part of The Lime Truck, Jason is hoping his charisma, passion and skill-set will port over to a brick-and-mortar concept. Early reports from our friends and colleagues spoke highly of the atmosphere and even higher about the food, some calling their staple ‘Playground Burger,’ one of the best burgers they’ve ever tasted. Those are huge claims, and you best believe we took a night out to test the waters.

Here’s what what we found:

[Exterior Photo Thx: FoodieInDisguise / All Other Photos: Phil Gorgeous]


The Great Food Truck Race Season Finale [VIDEO]

Just a short week after the announcement of The Lime Truck‘s $100,000 win on Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race, our friends over at IM King have made available the entire final episode for our viewing pleasure. For those that haven’t seen the episode yet, The Lime Truck went head-to-head against The Hodge Podge Truck out of Cleveland, Ohio. The episode was filled with twists, turns and a killer speed bump that had both savory trucks forcibly become dessert trucks for the last leg of the race.

Enjoy the stream of the final episode before it gets inevitably pulled by the powers that be:


Also, don’t miss our additional food truck coverage:

The Hodge Podge Truck: (Cleveland, OH) / Facebook / Twitter / Website

The Lime Truck: (Orange County, CA) / Facebook / Twitter / Website



Adventure: The Lime Truck

Ever since they won Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race and hearing all the buzz surrounding The Lime Truck, I knew it was time to have a proper food adventure into the heart of Orange County to grab some delicious “California fusion” food.

After a cursory glance at the menu, me and my fellow FOODBEASTS decide to get the most out of our experience and order up a number of choice dishes.

We even got to sit down and have lunch with one of the food truck’s founders Daniel Shemtob and talk a little about the Food Truck Race and the finer points of running one of OC’s premiere food truck. But back to the food…

We started off with some succulent Crab Ceviche. The citrus tangy flavor coupled the natural sweetness of the shrimp and crab definitely made this dish a great way to start off our FOODBEAST meal.

We also had some roasted corn topped with spicy remoulade sauce and cotija cheese. Because FOODBEASTs need veggies too!

The Lime Truck’s Ahi Poke Tuna Nachos really was a sight to behold. The edemame hummus really brought a splash of color and flavor to some delicious raw Ahi Tuna chunks. It was almost a shame to eat such a beautiful thing… almost. A nice way to head into some heartier dishes.

Now this had to be one of my favorites of the entire meal. The Carnitas Fries. Sour cream, guacamole and chipotle cole slaw nestled on a bed of pulled pork–What more can anyone ask for? Some fries to eat them all with, that’s what. This proved to be the messiest and therefore delicious things eaten on this venture.

Daniel concedes it’s definitely one of his favorites they serve on the menu.

Nothing finishes a meal quite like a Slammin Lambin Sangwich. I say that because after all that food and this mountain of marinated lamb, veggies and tzatziki sauce and sriracha atop a flat bread bun, your meal is definitely finished. Good thing I had my fellow FOODBEASTs to help chow down on all this delectable grub.

Food Trucks

Great Food Truck Race’s ‘Lime Truck’ To Open New Truck in LA

The FOODBEAST Crew headed to the OC Foodie Fest this past weekend and we all wished we had brought an additional stomach. Between judging 30+ savory food items AND the individual appointments we set up for interviews, we thought we would never eat again (that changed in 1.5 hours).

We had the pleasure of hanging out and chatting with Daniel and Jason from The Lime Truck, who are currently featured on Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race. We talked about the origins of their truck, some of their cuisine and then Rudy entered their Chile Eating Contest with #HotterThanGhost Chiles (/yikes!).

In an exclusive interview with FOODBEAST, Daniel announced his plans to launch a Los Angeles based Lime Truck in the next month. The truck currently gears its focus on Orange County, but this new move looks to expand upon the brand’s growing operation. So Hollywood, Santa Monica, Venice and LA will be able to taste the California fusion cuisine in their own neighborhood. Check out the footage from the Chile Eating Contest, and the full interview with Daniel and Jason below:

Food Trucks

OC Foodie Fest Comes to Angel Stadium This Saturday

OC Foodie Fest Logo

The 2nd OC Foodie Fest is making its way back to Anaheim, CA this Saturday, August 27th and its bringing over 100 gourmet food trucks with it. Food Trucks from both Los Angeles and Orange County will be in attendance including two trucks from the current season of Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race – The Lime Truck & Seabirds Truck. Other truck notables include: AhnJooLA, Dogzilla Hot Dogs, Great Balls on Tires, Poutine Truck, The White Rabbit Truck and you know, 91 more trucks in case you’re REALLY hungry.

Foodie Fest 2010

The OC Foodie Fest was founded by fellow Food Truck Entrepreneur James Foxall of Taco Dawg, an OC truck that has been placed on hiatus because of the success of the original OC Foodie Fest. Saturday will feature a number of additions to the festival including a car show, expanded arts and family area, an inflatable soccer field and oh yeah, beer pong tournaments with the Bud Light Girls.

“This Foodie Fest is a continuation and evolution of what was started last year,” said Foxall. And when asked about future plans of Foodie Fest outside of Southern California Foxall added, “Foodie Fest will be everywhere within the next couple of years.

Foodie Fest is at the very least expanding outside of Orange County as Foxall mentioned a signed-deal with The Home Depot Center. The event is supposed to be scheduled in the next few months, and urban dwellers shouldn’t be too surprised if the event lands at an arena near you.

FOODBEAST asked Foxall if he had to get just 1 item from 1 food truck on Saturday, what would it be?

Seabirds makes a fried avocado taco. That maybe the best thing, that doesn’t have meat in it, I’ve ever tasted in my life,” Foxall said. “I’m a Midwest boy and grew up with meat, but this is what people should try, it’s to die for.”