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Tom Brady Can Outdrink You, And It’s Not Even Close [WATCH]

Once upon a time, NFL MVP Tom Brady was a college student, and aside from forming an incredible football skillset at the University of Michigan, it seems he picked up an incredible drinking skillset, as well.

While on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Handsome Tom talked about his TB12 Method diet, and how he doesn’t consume certain things anymore, one of them being beer. Upon hearing this, Colbert magically pulled out a couple glasses of beer, challenging Tom on the spot to a chugging contest.

Despite the rarity of Brady even having a beer these days, it was no contest, as he took down the entire glass in one quick gulp.


Brady slammed down the glass, took an extra sip of the remnants, and just patiently waited for Colbert to finish his glass, making him look like an amateur.

You can tell Colbert was giving it a real effort, too, but as we all know by now, Brady is a beast at everything he does, and apparently that extends to frat boy drinking games.

Brady might be one of the most competitive humans on the planet, and if you want to come at him in a chugging contest, good luck. He’s got a championship pedigree and I  put money on him every time, no matter how good of a drinker you think you are.

Colbert looked like he was in pain after, while Brady just calmly sat there like chugging beer was a favorite pastime of his.

While it’s easy to hate on the football legend, you have to respect his lack of gag reflex.

Celebrity Grub Video

Stephen Colbert Loses His Mind During Brutal Hot Wing Challenge

The Late Show’s host Stephen Colbert is usually the one doing the interviewing, but the tables were turned Tuesday, as Colbert was the one answering questions, and doing it while trying to eat some of the hottest wings on Earth.

As his Late Show guest, Colbert had Sean Evans, the host of First We Feast’s Hot Ones web series, where celebrities try to answer questions while eating wings that get progressively, and eventually insanely hotter.

Evans took his wings, and questions to the Late Show, and Colbert tried his hand at ones covered in sauce called Da’ Bomb and Blair’s Mega Death Sauce With Liquid Rage. For a little perspective, the Mega Death sauce is 110 times hotter than a jalapeno.

The challenge usually requires 10 wings and 10 questions, but due to time constraints, Colbert only tried four. While it meant less wings, it also meant the Late Show host had to get to the hottest wings a lot quicker.

Colbert looked calm to start, and when asked about his preference between New York-style and Chicago-style pizza, he had the wherewithal to say, “I like the crispness of a New York slice. That’s pizza. Chicago deep dish is a baby pool filled with sauce and cheese.”

By the time they got to the third wing, which was Da’ Bomb and its 135,600 Scovilles, Colbert felt the heat, saying with a nervous chuckle, “This feeling I have in my mouth right now, is what I was afraid of from the beginning.”

The wing challenge even got Colbert to curse a couple times, which the network probably didn’t love, but was hilarious nonetheless. Stephen even jumped out of his chair, losing his mind, as the crowd just anxiously watched.

The entire interview was gold, and the courageous talk show host made it through the four wings, even if he did lose all sense of reality.

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Gordon Ramsay Hates These American Foods, And He’s Wrong AF

Gordon Ramsay is a legend in the food world, and his word is taken as gospel by many, so when Stephen Colbert asked Ramsay what American food he hates, the next words that came out of his mouth we’re going to be crucial.

Ramsay claimed on the Late Show that he’s not a fan of grits, which isn’t a big deal as it is a bit of an acquired taste, but then he went on to attack our American style sandwiches.

“You go to a deli, and the sandwich is like f*cking 12-feet tall,” Ramsay said, like that’s a bad thing. “You can’t eat it!”

Thankfully Colbert came to the defense of our beloved giant sandwiches, saying, “That’s the sandwich of a superpower, my friend. Back when you had an empire, your sandwiches were much larger.”

Yeah, you sometimes have squeeze the sandwich down a bit in order to get a good bite, but it is absolutely doable, and we’ve been doing it for years.

Then he had the nerve to diss deep-fried turkeys.

OK, he might have a point with the turkeys, making the argument against its dryness, but do it right so it’s not dry! Plus, this is ‘Murica, and absolutely everything must be deep fried. Colbert politely corrected him again, saying, “I’m from the south, everything is deep fried. We dip it in concrete, and then we deep fat fry it.”

If the great Gordon Ramsay really can’t handle a stacked pastrami sandwich from Katz’s Deli, or enjoy a nice deep fried turkey, I might have just lost a hero.