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Burger King Ditches “The King” In Wake of Company Changes

Let’s say a collective good bye to Burger King‘s ever-creepy King mascot. As of today, the brand’s new focus will not be their teen customers, but those customers Burger King never really thought to approach — the moms.

Fresh changes all around? With a new CEO, marketing chief and marketing agency on deck, the struggling no. 2 burger chain is doing all it can to get a foothold on a particular brand focus. USA Today put it best in regards to Burger King’s agenda — “Perhaps the most consistent thing for BK over the past two decades has been its inconsistency.

As part of this “new” change, the brand seems to be embracing their recent customer studies and criticisms. As a result, they’re ditching The King, and will be putting forth an effort to revitalize the way people perceive the brand.

Their problems don’t end there, though. Same-store sales for the chain were down 6% in the first quarter, and the perceived quality of their food lags behind McDonald’s, Subway and KFC [USA Today]. Burger King faces a monumental challenge of embracing a period in time where value is no longer king, but healthier options coinciding with value are driving sales.


Attack of the 4 Fast Food Kings: Rad Omen – “Rad Anthem”

Before you watch this video, just know that it is probably NSFW. One of my favorite DJ’s; Troublemaker, and Rad Omen released this song aptly titled “Rad Anthem” and Rad it is. Watch as The King, Ronald, The Colonel, and Jack party it up and terrorize the city. (Thx Radomen)


The King

The King himself grubbing on a classic Foodbeast item…a Fried Peanut Butter, Bacon, and Banana sandwich. Which, for the record, was something his mom made for him and was one of his favorites. Do it up Elvis! (Thx tvland)


Video: The King's Gone Crazy

The new Steak House XT Burger’s are crazy, and only for $3.99! The King is recession proof.