Packaged Food

Report Suggests Industry Should Market Frozen Food on Freshness. Wait, What?

According to a recent report by Packaged Facts, retail sales of frozen foods (excluding beverages and desserts) are set to experience sluggish growth over the next five years. Their suggestion: emphasize freshness. I get it; technically, freezing food stops time and locks out the bacteria that leads to decay and preserves nutrients and all that good stuff.

But seriously food industry? Are you going to go for this? Healthy Choice is already pushing “fresh-tasting” as packaging copy, which is a dubious qualifier that makes me question whether it’s fresh because it was frozen as such or because they engineered it to be so. I don’t think there’s any way to make “frozen fresh” not a complete oxymoron in the minds of the American consumer. This semantic complexity over just what defines “fresh” seems a little information heavy for an industry that relies on split-second deception in labeling.

via Food Business News / photo courtesy Cooked From the Heart