Hobbit-Inspired Beers No Longer Middle Earth Exclusive


Fans of the Hobbit film series will be pleased to hear that novelty beers will soon be available based off of the popular Lord of the Rings franchise. In a partnership between Fish Brewing, Ocean Brands, LLC and Bevlink, LCC, three brews were created based on the series’ well-known villains.

The beers are Gollum Precious Pils, Smaug Stout and Bolg Belgian Tripel. Gollum Precious Pils features an Imperial Pils that claims to be as smooth and crafty as the lovable creature itself. Smaug Stout finds its inspiration from Russian Imperial Stout with hints of Habanero chilies, because dragon. Bolg Belgium Tripel is styled after Belgium Tripel that’s supposedly as strong as the Orc chief himself. Each alcoholic beverage boasts a 10% ABV and is packaged in 22-oz bottles.

While the final installment of the Hobbit Trilogy, The Battle of the Five Armies, doesn’t hit theaters until Dec. 17, the beers will be available this week for purchase, presumably at alcohol retailers.

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Harry Potter, Doctor Who, The Hobbit & More Delightfully Curious Tea Blends

harry potter tea blend

Have you ever wondered what your favorite fandoms tasted like? Well Artist Cara McGee has answered that question for all of us by creating custom tea blends that include Supernatural, Doctor Who, The Hobbit, Harry Potter and many more for Adagio Teas. Oh, and some of the descriptions are pitch-perfect:

Tardis Tea: Ethereal earl grey and enchanting black berry with notes of vanilla.
Harry Potter: Treacle tarts, Pumpkin Juice and deep, warming spice. Boyish, yet brave, resourceful, and powerful.
Sherlock: All at once exotic and mysterious and perhaps a little bit insane, with a lingering hint of smoke.

The tea blends can be found in 3oz pouches, except for the Tardis blend which is 4oz because according to Adagio Teas, “the interior of the Tardis pouch is larger than the exterior, we were able to fit an extra ounce of tea.”

If those fandoms aren’t your cup of tea there’s plenty of other blends to choose from, or you can create your own.

Fandom Blend Teas $8-$10 @ Adagio Teas

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Take a Tour of Hobbiton and Its Normal-Sized Vegetable Garden

When Peter Jackson returned to the world of J.R.R. Tolkien to film The Hobbit trilogy, he understandably wanted to reconstruct the set for the pint-sized village of Hobbiton. Based on the first movie’s huge opening weekend, the structures and greenery that make up this real-life Hobbiton look to be safe for a few years.

But Jackson wanted to go one step further and set up the movie set as a year-round tourist attraction for fans who weren’t satiated by almost three hours in his magical IMAX 3D High Frame Rate wonderland in theaters. It features The Green Dragon Bar from the series, all the cute Hobbit Hole houses (although you can’t go inside of them), and of course a cafe and gift shop for all the owners’ moneymaking needs.


What takes this standard theme park fare to the next level is the year-round working vegetable garden growing bok choy, onions, broad beans, brassicas, artichokes, and silver beet according to tipster and honorary hobbit gardener and horticulture student Daniel from New Zealand’s Waikato Institute of Technology. He also describes the careful maintenance of the gardens and shrubbery must be done to look like the work was performed in a pre-industrial era.

Visitors can also visit the nearby sheep farm located on the Alexander Family Farm where Hobbiton was constructed. A petting zoo where you can bottle feed a lamb and hand feed a sheep? Sold.

via TreeHugger / photo courtesy of dannychopsnz