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The Halal Guys Adds Lemon Hummus and Signature Spicy Chicken to Menu

The Halal Guys has added two new items to their menu: Signature Spicy Chicken and Lemon Hummus. Now when The Halal Guys dubs something spicy, then I know it’s going to be legit — we have their volcanic red sauce to show for the abilities they have with spice.

This new Signature Spicy Chicken is marinated in The Halal Guys’ infamous hot sauce and barbecue sauce, while Lemon Hummus gets treated to a burst of tang.

Both the Signature Spicy Chicken and Lemon Hummus will be available at participating The Halal Guys locations for a limited time only.

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The Halal Guys Launches New Merch Collection With Streetwear Brand LFYT

Two New York City stalwarts have combined worlds with a new collaboration between The Halal Guys and LFYT (Lafayette). With the city’s streets serving as the common thread between the two, the result is a capsule collection of gear that pays homage to both the street food and streetwear culture of NYC.

The new capsule collection pays homage to The Halal Guys start on a Manhattan street corner in 1990 and includes outerwear, tees, and accessories. Check out the collection below and keep an eye out for its launch in early September.


The Halal Guys Is Now Serving Up Spicy BBQ Chicken

This content created in partnership with The Halal Guys.

Besides being known for delicious and reliable street food, The Halal Guys is also famous for their punchy sauces. Beginning as a street cart in New York City, the restaurant has exploded throughout the US, driven by their savory platters and simple, effective sauces. Creamy, mellow white sauce, dastardly spicy red hot sauce, tangy BBQ sauce ‒ all are staples to meat platter craving customers. Now, they’re combining two of them to make the newest addition to their menu: Spicy BBQ Chicken.

The hot sauce and BBQ sauce are combined to give their BBQ blend a twist. Then, it’s drizzled onto some perfectly charred chopped chicken and sizzles on the flat top, allowing the flavors to infuse. 

The new sauce isn’t as mouth-searing as the regular hot sauce, but does give enough oomph to accentuate the flavor of the BBQ sauce without making less tolerant palates run away with their tongues wagging. 

Regardless, I’ll take another line of hot sauce. Thank you.

You can find Spicy BBQ Chicken as an option for platters and gyros at any one of the 90+ The Halal Guys locations in the US and Canada for a limited time.


This content created in partnership with The Halal Guys.

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Halal Guys Adds Spicy LAMB To Their Menu For The First Time

The Halal Guys have been rapidly expanding across the globe, going from their famous street carts in New York to having over 90 locations worldwide. While they’re known for the chicken and beef gyro combo plates and sandwiches, the street food icon is adding spicy lamb to their lineup for the first time ever.

Spicy Lamb marks the first new protein to arrive on the Halal Guys menu. Made from the lamb shoulder, the meat is braised with an aromatic blend of Middle Eastern herbs and spices that also provide a spicy kick.

It’s not as fiery as the chain’s notoriously nuclear hot sauce, but the lamb still has plenty of punch when it comes to heat.

You can find the Spicy Lamb as an option for platters and sandwiches at all Halal Guys locations in the US and Canada for a limited time.

Photos by Pete Pham

Created in partnership with Halal Guys

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The Halal Guys Drop A Shoe Collab Based On Their Popular Sauces

Sneakerheads and hardcore The Halal Guys fans alike will be fighting to get their hands on pairs of the street food icon’s newest collab.

Photo courtesy of The Halal Guys

A joint project between Clarks, NYC boutique Extra Butter, and The Halal Guys, the above shoes bring as much heat as a packet of the chain’s legendary red sauce. It’s fitting, then, that the two colorways for the shoes are based on the spicy and white sauces that grace the platters of meat and rice the New York legend is heralded for.

These “Halalabees” were debuted by Extra Butter at ComplexCon 2018 and commemorate the 30-year history of the street cart classic. Extra Butter designed them with premium suede uppers, classic crepe outsoles, a custom branded leather hangtag and veg-tan leather insoles.

Photo courtesy of The Halal Guys

If you want to cop the “Halalabees,” Extra Butter will debut them in their East Manhattan flagship store starting on November 9th, but those not in the area will be able to score them via online. Only 200 pairs of each colorway are available, though, making these $180 kicks a hyper-limited drop that you’ll want to snag faster than an Uncle Paulie’s hat.

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The Halal Guys Made A Giant Gyro Meat Platter, Here’s Where And Why

If you’ve ever eaten at The Halal Guys, you know why people wait in lines out the door for it.

The New York-based gyro restaurant is without a doubt addicting, so seeing its delicious meats, pita bread, and famous ‘White Sauce’ on a MASSIVE 52-inch platter will make you feel a bit tingly, to say the least.

The larger-than-life platter will be a part of FOODBEAST’s upcoming food festival, Meat Street Presented by the Makers of SPAM Brand at MainPlace Mall in Santa Ana, California.

The Halal Guys will be in the festival’s all-you-can-consume VIP section, as festival-goers will be served their epic chicken and beef kebabs, hummus, rice, lettuce, tomato, and pita bread.

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The festival will be a meat lover’s dream, featuring not only this enormous halal platter, but several exclusive food items throughout the VIP and “Marketplace,” where one can pay as they go.

MEAT STREET is going down Saturday April 22, at the Santa Ana MainPlace Mall. For more event information or tickets please visit

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EXCLUSIVE: We Know Exactly Where The Halal Guys Are Opening Their First California Spot


The folks behind the project responsible for bringing The Halal Guys to Southern California have just divulged to us the exact address of their first California location.

Set to open in August, residents of Orange County will be able to make it rain massive amounts of white sauce before anyone else in the state. Specifically, the almost-beach city of Costa Mesa, CA, will receive the first location:



The above Google View snaps are of 3033 Bristol Street, Costa Mesa, CA, the home of a newly minted lease deal that will bring the official Halal Guys to a shopping center directly across the street from a lap-band procedure building, fittingly.

Our sources confirm the location is well thought-out, hoping it caters to the lunch crowd from all the offices near South Coast Plaza (the largest mall on the West Coast), the dinner crowd from the nearby residential area and runoff from the late night crowd leaving neighboring Newport Beach (wuddup).

It is also close enough to major schools like UC Irvine and Orange Coast College, and smack dab in the middle of three freeways, 55, 73 and the 405:



Just to get y’all in the mood, here are some shots of Halal Guys food that Southern California kids will no longer have to enjoy through the lens of a screen:






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The Halal Guys Officially Coming to Southern California, Here’s What We Know


UPDATE: Halal Guys also coming to Las Vegas and Bay Areas

The Halal Guys, that famous New York-based food cart that offers gyros, chicken and rice platters drenched in ‘White Sauce’  is officially coming to California.

Specifically, the NYC-based concept has just signed a 50-unit franchise deal to bring the famed cart concept to Southern Cali, apparently a Middle Eastern food desert (South County, lookin’ at you). 5 locations in Los Angeles and Orange County are anticipated to open by the end of 2015.

Industry reports mention that Southern California isn’t the only target for The Halal Guys’ expansion.


More deals have been inked that will likely bring The Halal Guys to locations in Houston, TX, Washington, D.C., Chicago, and Philadelphia. The Philippines, Kuala Lumpur, and Malaysia are also official targets.

Here is their franchise growth plan, if all goes accordingly:

  • The Philippines: 20 unit franchise agreement
  • Southern California: 50-unit deal for territories South of San Bernadino and San Luis Obispo
  • Houston, TX: 5-unit development deal
  • Washington, D.C.: 10-unit development deal for the entire city

Hell, if you have a couple million dollars to spare, you too can jump on The Halal Guys’ franchising bandwagon.

Bonus #foodbeast points if you open one in my mouth.