This Beef Stroganoff Burger Is Excruciatingly Gorgeous


If you hated the Ramen Burger, we don’t give a damn, quite frankly, but now you have something new to hate on.

Cut from the same cloth as the Ramen Burger and the Macaroni Cheeseburer, say “Hello” to the Straganoff Burger.

The Food In My Beard has taken the wide egg noodles used in stroganoff and made them the buns for his burger. He basically cooked up the pasta, drizzled some egg yolk over them, pressed them for a couple hours and cooked them on both sides. He then shoved a burger and cream of mushroom between the noodle buns.

For the full recipe check out The Food In My Beard.


Is This Scallion Pancake Burger the New Ramen Burger?


As entrepreneurs, if there is one thing we truly admire in people and products, it’s disruption and innovation — this scallion pancake burger may be one of the tastiest innovations to disrupt your taste buds yet.

Food blogger and culinary artist Dan Whalen of The Food in my Beard mixed America’s most iconic food with some all-too-recognizable Asian features — you can’t deny this fusion would be delicious.

The Ramen Burger’s got nothin’ on this.


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burger-2 (1)

You’ve got the green onion pancake, which Whalen conveniently shows how to make on his blog, that sandwiches your beef patty (make sure it’s grass-fed), sriracha caramelized onions, and shredded sharp cheddar cheese topped-off with a fried egg. This scallion pancake burger also has jalapeños thrown in for extra sweetness.

Behold the evolution of culinary greatness:



burger-3 (1)

h/t: Thrillist Images via The Food in my Beard

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This Mac and Cheese Cheesecake is Everything we Could Ever Dream of


We’ve seen quite a few fusion creations this year from the cronut to the ramen burger, one would think it couldn’t get much better. Oh, but it has. Dan Whalen, owner of The Food in my Beard and author of Stuffed: The Ultimate Comfort Food Cookbook: Taking Your Favorite Foods and Stuffing Them to Make New, Different and Delicious Meals, has concocted something out of our wildest dreams, a Mac and Cheese Cheesecake.

The dish is put together and baked up in a springform pan similar to a cheesecake but is made up of typical macaroni and cheese fixin’s. Dan swapped out graham cracker crumbs in favor of breadcrumbs for the dish’s crust. The cheese sauce made up of creamy ricotta and cream cheese with the addition of cheddar to add some bite. Basil and canned tomatoes tossed with the elbow macaroni helps to bring some additional flavor profiles to the mac and cheese party but to be honest I’m still too distracted by the cheese sauce to notice such things.


The final product looks almost like a quiche but slicing into it will reveal that baked mac and cheese goodness. Look at those noodles all nestled together in a creamy cheesy cake. Dan has certainly come up with a new and unique way to nom on everyone’s favorite comfort food.

Yup, this is now officially on my to-do list.

PicThx The Food In My Beard



Edible Q-Tips and Earwax Make for a Questionable Appetizer

Dirty Pesto Q-Tips

The presentation of any given dish can have a big effect on its appeal. Cupcakes, for example, are obviously delicious, but would you eat a sugary maggot version? What about mozzarella and pesto disguised as Q-tips and ear wax?

Dan over at The Food in My Beard is known for concocting innovative food combos (see: Burgerrito), but his latest creation takes the classic mozzarella + pesto union and presents it in an ingeniously gross fashion; the mini cheese balls are edible Q-tips and the pesto (in an ear-shaped bowl, of course) is basically dippable ear wax.

If you’re in the market to make a deliciously gross appetizer for Halloween, Dan’s recipe takes just minutes to whip up. Check out how it’s made (starting at 6:45) in the video below:

Picthx The Food In My Beard