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The Weirdest Comic Book Of All Time Features The Flash, Green Lantern…and KFC’s Colonel Sanders

Flash KFC

With New York Comic Con kicking off this weekend, expect to see tons of comic book news hit the web. One item for attendees to keep an eye out for at the convention is this wacky crossover: Colonel Sanders teams up with The Flash and Green Lantern to fight his evil Earth-3 counterpart.

Yep. That’s what that says.

The DC Comics superheroes have been known to team up with one another pretty often. However, this marks a rare occasion that they both join forces with Kentucky Fried Chicken figurehead.

A hard-copy of Kentucky Fried Chicken Presents: The Colonel of Two Worlds will available for free to attendees at NYCC. If you don’t have plans on going, but want to know what the heck would bring the Scarlet Speedster, Emerald Knight and the Fried Chicken King together, you can also download the comic here.

The Colonel of Two Worlds pays homage to the classic Flash story The Flash of Two Worlds. In a similar scenario, the Flash meets his Golden Age counterpart from another Earth.

An interesting note, the Colonel’s superpower is the ability to fry chicken. I guess we’re all heroes here at the office.