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Watch And Learn Gordon Ramsay’s Perfect Crab Cake Recipe

Gordon Ramsay is no stranger when it comes to delicious recipe videos. His take on a crab cake recipe, however, may be his simplest and tastiest recipe yet.

In an unaired clip of his show The F Word, Chef Ramsay walks us through his rendition of this seafood staple. Gordon also gives us some incredible tips on some side dishes he would pair with crab cakes. These include an incredible sauteed asparagus and the best creamed corn recipe to have touched a single can.

What’s interesting to note is that this is the second unaired The F Word clip to surface this past week. Gordon Ramsay also participated in a Chopped-style grocery store challenge that popped up on the internet. It seems like there was an episode or two that never launched, which is why these surprise clips are appearing.

Whatever the reason may be, we’re just glad to have a new Ramsay recipe video to drool over.

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Gordon Ramsay Meets Chopped In This Never-Aired ‘F Word’ Footage

Gordon Ramsay meets Chopped, the popular Food Network TV show, in this awesome clip that never aired on TV.

Chef Ramsay recently uploaded the footage, which features a “deleted scene” from The F Word, to his Facebook page. The show recently wrapped up its first season, which contained several pre-taped clips of various challenges.

This particular pre-taped clip featured Ramsay at a local grocery store. While there, he faced the challenge of cooking dishes for shoppers. That may seem easy at first, but the customers also had a challenge to complete from Gordon. They got sixty seconds to select five ingredients, after which Ramsay would convert them in a tasty and delicious meal. Thanks to that time crunch, Ramsay got some pretty difficult foods to work with, including nacho cheese chips and yogurt.

The clip definitely reminds me of Food Network’s Chopped, where chefs get a “mystery box” of ingredients to convert into culinary masterpieces. While it’s not exactly the same thing that Gordon did, Gordon’s task was still a challenge.

Honestly, it would have been cool to see the clip run on an episode of The F Word, but at least Chef Ramsay gave us all the chance to see it anyway.

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Gordon Ramsay Goes Python Hunting And Turns One Into A Delicious Meal

Gordon Ramsay is no stranger to capturing and cooking exotic animals, having gone after lionfish, wild boar, and even turning into a legit puffin catcher in the past. But his latest hunting challenge was definitely one of the toughest he had to face.

On the latest episode of his new TV show The F Word, Chef Ramsay and his son Jack traveled to Florida to meet up with a couple of snake hunters. Their goal was to help wipe out some of the invasive Burmese python that had begun to infest the local swamps, wipe out native species, and destroy the surrounding ecosystem.

After a vicious hunt and struggle, the group was able to wrangle up a MASSIVE snake for Gordon to break down and convert into a much less harmful and pretty delicious lettuce wrap recipe.

If you’re in an area where hunting python or other snakes are common, this could be an interesting go-to recipe for the next time you bring a few in. Otherwise, it’s pretty cool to witness Chef Ramsay going toe-to-toe with a massive snake.

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Here Are Gordon Ramsay’s Top Fried Chicken Tips

One of the most iconic and delicious dishes found all across the United States is fried chicken. It’s so beloved that it breaks past Instagram algorithm trends and has styles like Nashville Hot or Georgia Gold that give it a special identity in different parts of the country. Families all across the nation have their own variations on fried chicken, and they’re all worthy of diving into.

If you’re aspiring to make your own version of this culinary legend, Michelin-starred chef Gordon Ramsay has got a few tips and tricks to help you get started. On Foodbeast’s livestreamed recap of a recent episode of The F Word, Chef Ramsay revealed one important trick to make your fried chicken as tender as physically possible.

“The secret of a great fried chicken is when you debone the chicken. And then you get your fork and sort of press that into the thigh and the drum. Slide that into buttermilk two days before… If you penetrate the chicken first before, the buttermilk starts to break it down.”

Ramsay also broke down how to further season, dredge, and cook your bird to achieve ultimate levels of crispiness, tenderness, and flavor in a lengthened recipe video he posted of the Buttermilk Fried Chicken served on The F Word. Definitely check that out to turn your fried chicken into the talk of the town this summer.

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Gordon Ramsay Gets Roasted While Undercover In A Focus Group [WATCH]

Gordon Ramsay knows how to take getting blasted well, it seems.

On the latest episode of Chef Ramsay’s new show, The F Word, Gordon went undercover at a focus group concerning the new show and himself as a person. When asked various questions about Chef Ramsay, the focus group participants didn’t hold anything back, giving brutally honest opinions of what they thought about Gordon on his various shows.

The entire ordeal, which was captured on hidden cameras, must have been painful for Chef Ramsay, as the group members discussed everything from how much of a jerk he could be, impressions of him being an asshole on TV, and even if Gordon Ramsay would be considered “sexy” or not. (Most said no to that question).

When Gordon did finally reveal himself to everyone, they all lost it and were likely embarrassed, especially considering how they had just trashed the chef to his face.

Gordon appeared to take it all in stride throughout the whole thing, however. I mean, he does go and roast people on Twitter all of the time for their food, so it’s good to know he can take what he dishes out all the time. I probably wouldn’t straight-up insult him to his face, though. You know how Chef Ramsay can handle a knife.

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Gordon Ramsay Sets The World Record Time To Filet A Fish

Gordon Ramsay may have 16 Michelin Stars and multiple restaurant and TV awards, but a Guinness World Record has been a coveted accolade that’s constantly eluded him — until now.

As part of his brand-new TV show The F Word, which airs on Wednesdays at  9/8pm central on FOX, Chef Ramsay challenged viral halibut filleting sensation Jenna Fabich to a contest to see who could break down their fish the quickest. As an added challenge, Guinness World Record judges were on hand to see if either participant could shatter the record for fastest time to filet a fish.

The criteria to beat the record were simple: 15 portions of halibut that weighed 40 grams or more had to be prepped in 2 minutes or less. While Jenna was only able to come up with 13 usable pieces in her attempt, Gordon cut the required amount of valid pieces in with plenty of time to spare, finishing in just one minute and five seconds to claim his first-ever Guinness World Record.

When discussing his thoughts on the contest on our F Word Recap livestream, Chef Ramsay revealed to Foodbeast’s Reach Guinto that while filleting, he was oblivious to the fact he was setting a record pace.

“I had no idea I was going so fast, because I was just doing it normally.”

Setting a world record doing what he always does? Just another day in the life of Gordon Ramsay, I guess.

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Gordon Ramsay And Katy Perry Cooked Together And It Was Hilarious

It turns out that when you put Gordon Ramsay and Katy Perry in a kitchen together, the results are downright hilarious.

Chef Ramsay popped up on Katy Perry’s Witness World Wide live stream to record a clip for an upcoming episode of his new show “The F Word.” A quick sum-up video of what happened in that recording was later posted to Katy Perry’s YouTube channel, and it showcased some seriously hilarious moments.

Basically, it was Gordon’s job to teach Katy how to make a healthy Zucchini Noodles with Meatballs dish, but he could only coach her verbally as she tried to maintain pace with the Michelin-Star chef. Comedy ensued as Perry struggled to keep up, giving us some hysterical quotes like this perfect one-liner:

“I’m a pop star, you’re a chef, STAY IN YOUR LANE!”

The entire video was a solid laugh from start to finish, and I’m positive we’ll see an even more comical recounting of Gordon’s cooking lesson in tomorrow’s upcoming episode of The F Word on FOX.

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Here’s Your Chance To Get Roasted By Gordon Ramsay LIVE

Gordon Ramsay is known for going ballistic in the kitchen, violently calling out everyone who messes up even the slightest portion of the cooking process. Now, he’s going to take that shtick and apply it to everyday people like you and I.

Ramsay said that he will roast your cooking LIVE on social media, this coming Tuesday, and apparently all you have to do is comment or hashtag your photos with #TheFWord.

He didn’t say how long his roastmaster skills would be on display, but Ramsay has shown in the past that he has no problem going on a savage spree, and letting fans have it on Twitter.

Of course, this is all to promote his new American version of the hit TV show, The F Word, which will be premiering the next day, Wednesday, May 31.

The Ramsay Roasting should be fun, as the fiery chef is always colorful in his commentary, and it’s one of the coolest ways he can get involved with fans of his show.