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We’re So Down To Take Milk Shots Out of This Ube Flavored Cookie Shot

The Dirty Cookie has quickly become a favorite in the Southern California dessert world, and they’ll be bringing their edible cookie cups to Foodbeast’s Noods Noods Noods festival.


Not only will TDC bring its Matcha Green Tea Cookie Shot, but it will be making an exclusive Ube Cookie Shot, as well.

The Ube Shot will be rimmed with white chocolate, dipped in toasted coconut flakes, and filled with milk for a sweet break from all the savory items at the festival.

The Dirty Cookie made a name for itself for its unique cookie shot glass concept, as the cookies are made in-house, shaped like the adorable “glasses” and formed sturdy enough to hold the milk without spilling.

To try the matcha, and the exclusive ube shot, along with other exclusive food items from Orange County’s finest and most popular restaurants, make plans to attend Foodbeast’s Noods Noods Noods Festival, presented by Cup Noodles.

For tickets and more information, head to for the V.I.P, all-you-can-eat and drink (21 and over) section ($60), or the pay-as-you-go marketplace ($10).

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Strawberry Lemonade Cookie Shots Are The Dessert You Never Saw Coming

If there’s one treat that could serve as the poster child of snack food pairings, milk and cookies would easily be the leading candidate. With that in mind and National Lemonade Day on August 20 on the horizon, The Dirty Cookie decided to bake up something even sweeter.

The Dirty Cookie, located in Tustin, California, has managed to pioneer the simple concept of milk and cookies into one of the most unique and tasty dessert trends of the year — shot glass shaped cookies, served with milk inside.

Taking inspiration from their classic cookie shot glass, The Dirty Cookie and Hubert’s Lemonade have teamed up to create the Strawberry Lemonade Cookie Shot, made with Hubert’s Strawberry Lemonade.

Using red cookie dough, lemon zest, Hubert’s Strawberry Lemonade, and the Dirty Cookie shot glass template, this partnership has created an imaginative and mouth-watering delicacy you can only find in Southern California.   

Served with a thin layer of white chocolate on the inside of the shot glass, the Strawberry Lemonade Cookie Shot might be the best thing invented since OG milk and cookies.

Hurry in to The Dirty Cookie, because this after school special will end on September 3.

Created in partnership with Hubert’s Lemonade