This Tiramisu Milkshake Is Truly A Juggernaut Of Sweetness

The Counter in Los Angeles, Calif., made headlines last week, when we showed you their Chicken Parm Burger, as it displayed some epic cheese pulls. Well, if you’re looking for something just as epic, but a little more sweet, grab yourself a Tiramisu Milkshake.

Just the fact that it’s made with vanilla ice cream and blended with chocolate and espresso would categorize this drinkable treat as a veritable juggernaut of sweetness.

However, to really bring this milkshake to life, The Counter tops it off with whipped cream, and a heavenly mouthful of Tiramisu. Basically, it’s a milkshake you can eat and drink.  

You’ll never look at milkshakes the same again.

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Chicken Parmesan In Burger Form Needs To Be Seen In All Its Glory

Amid the heavily trafficked streets and bustling sidewalks of Downtown Los Angeles surrounding Staples Center are hidden culinary gems waiting to be discovered.

The Counter, a custom burger joint with the majority of its locations peppered across Southern California, prides itself on bringing outside-the-box burger recipes like their Lamburger, Holy Crab, and the new limited-time only Chicken Parm Burger.

The Chicken Parm Burger is truly a sight to behold and will provide all you Instagram aficionados proper cheese pulls for days.

Keep calm and Chicken Parm 🍔 on. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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It’s part chicken parmesan sandwich, part cheeseburger. Featuring an Italian seasoned, mozzarella stuffed, panko dusted house-made chicken burger, topped with marinara sauce, provolone, and basil, served on a brioche bun.

So, next time you’re in the city, slow down a little, you might just be steps away from the gnarliest cheese pull you’ve ever seen.


The Counter is Offering Free Burgers for Dads on Father’s Day

If you’re looking for good places to take your dad come Father’s Day, you might consider the build-your-own burger chain The Counter. Come this Sunday, June 17th, the 30+ location chain will be offering free burgers for all dads.

The promotion is called BFD, or ‘Big Freakin’ Deal,’ and if you stop by any The Counter location and tell the waitress that your dad is a BFD, your pops will get a standard 1/3 lb. burger with included toppings, for free. As long as he has an accompanying paying guest, you’ll be good to go!

The deal is available at all The Counter locations except the one at Miami airport.


“The Counter” Burger Bar…May Have a Serious Gambling Problem This Super Bowl Sunday

Founded in 2003, The Counter has spent almost the last decade cementing itself as one of the go-to high end fast casual build-your-own-burger restaurant chains in the United States (they’re in Ireland too). This year, the custom burger house wants some of that Super Bowl day money, and they’ve come up with a deal hoping to position themselves against myriad of folks who will be ordering up pizza and wings.

What can a sit-down restaurant offer? Well think of a taco cart…but a Burger Bar. That’s right, The Counter will offer up a gourmet burger spread, delivered straight to your home, for your friends to customize their own burger.

The way the bar works is simple. Fill out a Burger Bar order form (pictured below, and available on The Counter website), determine how many people will be eating and participating, mix and match your proteins (beef, chicken, turkey, veggie patty), choose your cheeses, sides, sauces and buns, and call or fax your order to your local The Counter location for pick-up or delivery.

Cool, right? Right.

What makes this event more interesting? The Counter is setting a wager with their customers. For everyone ordering the Burger Bar to be delivered on game day, Sunday February 5th, you’re up for a possible free food party. If the 2nd half kickoff is returned for a touchdown, then all Burger Bar orders placed for that Sunday will be FREE.

Super interesting gamble. The likelihood of a returned kickoff isn’t high, obviously, but for the avid gambler, this might be a prop bet worth taking…if you were going to get the Burger Bar anyway.

Deal Specifics:

Only people who order the Burger Bar from the following locations/regions qualify for the free Burger Bar wager: 

  • Los Angeles area
  • Orange County
  • Houston
  • Northern California 
  • New York City 
  • Reston, VA 


The Counter [ADVENTURE]

If you’re a fan of uber-customization when it comes to your burgers and you haven’t been to The Counter in Los Angeles, California, then you’re missing out. Lucky for you, a few of us took to the streets of L.A., built up and appetite, then hit the Wilshire Ave and Fairfax location to build up some of our longtime burger dreams.

The Counter has many permutations on possible combinations (calculus son!) of customizable burger choices. From the ability to choose how big your patty is, to all of their fixings including Fried Eggs, Horseradish Cheddar, Spicy Sour Cream and of course, Bacon!  Here’s a look at what we built:


National Grilled Cheese Day: 1/2 Off At The Counter

Tomorrow is National Grilled Cheese Day which is obviously dairy cows’ favorite holiday. The Counter wants to partake in the celebration by offering everyone half-off their Trifecta grilled cheese. The Trifecta is a golden-brown grilled cheese with your choice of three different cheeses. Personally I’d go with Gruyere, Danish Blue Cheese and Sharp Provolone, you know because I’m fancy like that.


The Counter: Custom Built Burgers (Irvine, CA)

A few weeks ago Victor (VYaniePhoto) and I were cruisin’ around in Irvine, and I mentioned to him about The Counter, a place he had never experienced. In typical Victor Yanie manner, he went all out and ordered their one pound burger. Basically this burger could feed a small African village, but that’s how Vic rolls, Foodbeast to the core. If you haven’t ever been to The Counter, you really should go because it’s quite awesome and the food quality is amazing. Check the rest of our trip after the jump.

Adventures News

The Counter To Open Second OC Location


A while back we posted a Craving for a delicious looking burger custom built at The Counter, a gourmet, build-your-own burger restaurant. I found out today that the Culver City-based restaurant is now opening a second location in Orange County. The chain is known for its Angus-based, all beef, custom burgers which from which you decide your toppings using a clipboard as your menu. The second burger joint should be opening in Westcliff Plaza in Newport Beach and should be a big hit because it will be a lot closer to most Orange County residents. If you haven’t stopped by yet, please do. Check out my visit and the burger I created after the jump. (Thx The Counter & FFM)