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This Is The Iced Tea You Should Be Making This Summer

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Thai iced tea is a creamy, spicy-sweet and healthy drink that is loved by many around the world. Our Thai tea recipe will come in handy when you need a tasty pick-me-up. Here’s how to make the beloved beverage.

Thai iced tea is a sunny day essential, especially when paired with a spicy dish like pasta with peanut sauce or chicken curry. This sweet, spicy and creamy Thai tea recipe will become your go-to beverage. It’s commonly served in Thai restaurants, but we’re going to show you how to brew your own tea at home.

What Is Thai Tea?

Thai tea is made from strongly-brewed Ceylon black tea, enlivened with spices such as star anise, vanilla bean, crushed tamarind seed, orange blossom and cardamom. Its deep amber hue, creamy drinkability and vibrant notes make it a culinary gem.

The decadent drink is a hit in Southeast Asia and (thankfully!) growing traction in the States. If you’re a fan of Chai tea, you’ll most likely also love Thai tea.

Thai Tea Benefits

It’s no wonder humans all around the globe have been sipping tea for millennia—tea has tons of health benefits. Thai tea, in particular, does the body and mind good.

Increased Energy and Focus

Black tea, similarly to coffee and some sodas, contains caffeine, making it the perfect beverage for work and study sessions. The caffeine and antioxidants in Thai tea help boost your metabolism, so when you hit the gym, it can help you burn calories more quickly. Just be sure to still drink plenty of water!

Healthy Arteries

Drinking black tea expands your arteries, allowing them to pump blood more efficiently throughout the body. This can lessen the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Decreased Cancer Risk

Some studies have shown that drinking tea lessens the risks of many cancers. This is because black tea is full of antioxidants, which protect your cells against the damaging effects of free radicals.

Alleviated Stress

Tea helps soothe the body and mind. So, snuggle up in your coziest blanket, slip on your fuzziest socks and sip on some Thai tea—hot or iced—for instant bliss.

Thirsty for even more goodness? Indulge in these healthful drinks for a boost of nutrition.

How To Make Thai Iced Tea


Yields: 1 serving

  • 4 Tbsp. Thai tea mix
  • 2-3 tsp. sugar
  • 1-2 tsp. condensed milk, whole milk, half and half or coconut milk
  • Lemon wedge, for garnish

Step 1: Boil the Water

Bring one cup of water to a boil.

Step 2: Steep the Tea

Submerge the tea mix into the boiling water with a strainer or tea filter and steep for 5 minutes.

Step 3: Sweeten and Serve

Add the sugar and milk. Give it a good stir and serve in a tall glass over ice. Add a slice of lemon to the rim. Sip slowly and savor the flavor.

Editor’s Tip: You can make a large batch of Thai iced tea in advance and store it in the refrigerator to enjoy at any time. After the second step, carefully pour the tea into a large mason jar or covered pitcher and place it in the fridge to cool. When you’re ready to enjoy a glass, pour the tea over ice, then add the sugar and milk.

Next, learn how to make sweet tea like a Southerner.

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This Thai Tea Shaved Ice Is The Mt. Everest Of Desserts

In terms of shaved ice mountains, this is one of the biggest and tastiest I’ve ever seen in my life.

The above Instagram video, posted by user Magdalena Fridawati, captures a glorious mound of Thai Tea shaved ice from Luk Kaithong in the EM district of Bangkok, Thailand.

This massive shaved ice is more than just a gigantic pile of sugar and flavor. Magdalena told Foodbeast the cool local flavors and creative additions that make this dessert stand out, from the different types of tea used, to the various boba.

Kaithong starts out by dousing the shaved ice (and a few pieces of bread) in a Thai tea blend of five different kinds of tea: Ceylond Island Sri Lanka Tea, local Southern Thai Tea, Red Tea, Black Leaf Tea, and Emperor Oolong Tea.

The sweet ice is then loaded with scoops of chewy boba and a peak of whipped cream, before being drizzled with copious amounts of sweetened condensed milk.

It’s finally garnished with smaller spheres of white and orange boba, and a generous sprinkle of toasted sliced almonds.

The Thai tea blend soaks into the entire shaved ice, giving you sweet and aromatic flavors throughout the entire dessert experience. Fridawati said she also loved it best when melted, creating a tasty puddle of Thai Iced Milk Tea.

Luk Kaithong’s Thai Tea mountain is a fun, shareable experience that’s also surprisingly affordable. The cost of this entire shaved ice pile, which can easily serve 4-6 people, is 295 Thai bhat, which equals roughly $8.34. A typical individual shaved ice here in the United States is about double the cost at its cheapest.

Thank goodness Spring Break is coming up, ’cause I suddenly want to go to Thailand and try this refreshing concoction for myself.


Finally, A Major Coffee Chain Unafraid To Appropriate Thai Iced Tea


As an apparent limited-time offering, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf chain will be the first of its kind to unleash both a Thai Iced Tea Latte and Thai Tea Ice Blended drink into its product lineup.

As far as our education serves us, this is the first time a major coffee chain is offering a Thai Iced Tea, a flavor normally only available at Thai restaurants and concept tea houses.

According to sources, the products are available through Sunday, May 17 only.

If you have a participating Coffee Bean location near you in Southern California or Arizona, you can try the new drink for only $2 on Thursday March 12th, 2pm – 6pm.


Watch This Guy Make Iced Tea Like a BOSS [VIDEO]

Don’t you love ridiculously talented street vendors? Every few months a cell phone video of an amazing street vendor with an incredible knack for their craft surfaces onto the web and gets shared on social networks like wildfire. This month is one of those months.

Introducing this Iced Tea artist out of Bangkok, Thailand. Throughout the course of this video, the gentleman spins more times than any grown man should when not in tights and emulating a scene from Black Swan, but the way he mixes that Iced tea, you won’t give a shit. Seriously. This guy is good. Real good: