Look and Drink like a Bum with this Brown Paper Bag Cooler

Coming out just in time for you to ring through a whole season of long, hot summer nights, this Bum Bag Drinks Cooler (due out in August) is the perfect accessory for anyone trying to channel their inner lush without sacrificing the refreshing coolness of the middle to upper-middle class.

Created by thabto (two heads are better than one), makers of other puntastic food products like brass knuckle coffee mugs and grenade salt and pepper shakers, this cooler is water-resistant, tear-proof and made to look and feel like your kid’s favorite sack lunch container.

Actual dimensions are still to be announced, but judging from preliminary photos, it looks like this bad boy will cover the body of your average 12 to 16 ounce bottle, but will ultimately leave the neck exposed, thereby nullifying its use as a police-deterrent.

Available soon(ish) for £5.95 or $9.22.