TGI Friday’s Replaces Woman With Mozzarella Stick In Viral Catcalling Video

Rob Bliss is at it again.

Creator of the controversial catcalling video and the inconsequential makeover of a homeless veteran, Bliss is the reigning champion of viral video marketing. It’s no surprise that major fast casual chain TGI Friday’s reached out to him to promote their newly priced Endless Appetizers.

The resulting video, entitled “#AppCalling,” draws from Bliss’ catcall awareness fame.

While this video is clearly tongue-in-cheek, appropriately objectifying an object, the superimposition of a mozzarella stick where most of the Internet knows a female once walked pulls the brand back into dangerous territory.

By turning a woman into an appetizer, the video manages to literally objectify her while trivializing the highly prevalent and sensitive issue of street harassment.

But you can order as many different appetizers you want for $12, so I guess it’s OK.


TGI Friday’s Has a Drone with Mistletoe Attached, Promotes Awkward Kissing


Drones are everywhere these days. If they’re not used for work, or creativity, it’s definitely for shenanigans. Such is the case with TGI Friday’s. The restaurant chain is capitalizing on the drone craze, at least in the United Kingdom, by using the devices to interact with customers dining in.

In an effort to promote holiday togetherness, a Manchester TGI Friday’s is taking part in a Christmas-inspired project. A low-hanging piece of mistletoe will be attached to the drone and flown across the restaurant. It will hover over diners, putting them on blast and awkwardly suggesting a kiss. All of which will be recorded on a kiss cam.

We imagine whoever is piloting the drones will have loads of fun with this.

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TGI Friday’s Does a Rib Flight Trio, Lets You Pick and Choose


TGI Friday’s are offering customers a taste of their ribs without forcing them to commit to a single flavor. In their Rib Flight Trio, patrons can order three different flavors of ribs from TGIF’s existing flavor base. We wrote about the Bacon-crusted ribs a while back and it looks like they’ll be featured as a choice.

Customers can choose between Chipotle Smoked BBQ, sweet Memphis Rub, Applewood Bacon Crust, Tennessee BBQ or Jack Daniel’s. Each flavor will arrive in sets of two and will also come with seasoned fries and a ginger-lime coleslaw.

The Rib Flight Trio special will be available for $10 at all participating TGI Friday’s locations. However, the special will only be applicable to dine-in customers.

TGI Friday’s has been pretty generous with their $1 offerings as of late. Many may remember the restaurant chain offered a variety of endless appetizers, also for $10.


TGI Friday’s Endless Appetizers Adds Sriracha Chicken Potato Skins and Ahi Tuna Crisps


A while back, TGI Friday’s offered a special where customers would get endless appetizers for $10. Guests could choose one appetizer from a limited menu and get unlimited refills of that appetizer. Now it looks like that limited selection just got a little more wiggle room with TGIF’s newest additions of Sriracha Chicken Potato Skins, Spicy Chicken Tostadas and Ahi Tuna Crisps.

The Sriracha Chicken Potato Skins are topped with Sriracha chicken, Asiago queso, green onions and Sriracha aioli on top of, as you’ve guessed, potato skins. The Chicken Tostadas are served with roasted chili-spiced chicken, craft beer-cheese queso, avocado vinaigrette, chipotle creme, pico de gallo and sliced jalapeños on top of toasted shells. The Ahi Tuna Crisps are slices of ahi on top of tortilla chips topped with Sriracha sauce, guacamole and a slice of jalapeño. I’m sensing a spicy Sriracha theme here.

The rest of the menu includes your basic Loaded Potato Skins, Boneless Buffalo Wings, Pot Stickers, Spinach Dip and Mozzarella Sticks.

TGI Friday’s must know how much people go apeshit over Sriracha. Those geniuses.

H/T: Brand Eating


Here’s How to Make a Bourbon Raspberry Float

bourbon raspberry float-crop

Perhaps the only way to enjoy a solid, well-crafted bourbon, other than neat, is to pour it over a frothing glass of raspberry-doused cherry ice cream. At least, that’s the conclusion we came to when we concocted these Bourbon Raspberry Floats.

Last week, the good folks over at Knob Creek sent over a few bottles of Single Barrel Reserve Bourbon and Rye Whiskey. While the latter went down our gullets like fire, the former had a nice, chocolate warmth to it. After finishing off a couple shots of the stuff, here’s looking at you Rudy, we decided the liquor would make a great boozy treat on a Friday afternoon. Thus, the Bourbon Raspberry Float was born.

Knob Creek’s bourbon packs a punch at 120 proof and is bottled at cask strength; so depending on your palate, feel free to add more or less of the spirit to your float. The recipe as a whole compliments the  bourbon’s sweet vanilla and caramel flavors, while still keeping its bold aroma.


Bourbon Raspberry Float



  • Tub of black cherry ice cream (we picked the Safeway Select brand ‘cuz we bougie like that)
  • Reed’s Raspberry Ginger Brew
  • Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup
  • Oreos
  • Knob Creek’s Single Barrel Reserve Bourbon

bourbon raspberry float ingredients


1. Take several Oreos and separate the creme from the cookie.

2. Dip the rim of a glass in chocolate syrup, then coat with crushed Oreo cookies. Discard the creme, if you didn’t already lick it off.

3. Fill glass with cherry ice cream.


4. Pour 1-2 shots of bourbon over ice cream.

5. Pour in raspberry soda until it reaches the rim of glass.

6. Stick an Oreo on top of the whole sheebang.

7. Eat & Drink.


 TGIF Foodbeasts!


Craving: TGIF's French Onion Soup

French Onion Soup has always been one of my favorite soups growing up and TGIF does it well. As long as you have a TGIF near you this french onion soup is not too far away. Melted cheese, bread, and that amazing deep flavored broth…mmm, mmm, mmmmmm.