TGIFridays’ New Loaded Burger Stuffs CHEESE FRIES Inside For One Amazing Mouthful

Many of us have been cooking from home these last couple of months and we’ve REALLY been craving something decadent to treat ourselves with. It seems we’ll have to look no further than the nearest TGI Fridays as their latest menu addition is one for the books.

Meet the Loaded Cheese Fry Burger.

This massive entree features a beef patty, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, and red onions. The burger is stuffed with loaded bacon cheese fries that’s drenched in poblano queso between two toasted buns. It’s finished with a loaded potato skin as garnish.

Man, that’s a lot of starch for a burger and we’re all about it. Especially since each order also comes with a side of additional fries.

Check out TGI Fridays’ Loaded Cheese Fry Burger at participating restaurant locations nationwide.

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TGI Fridays Is Unveiling A Vegan Steak

Photo courtesy of TGI Fridays UK

To ring in the new year, TGI Fridays in the United Kingdom is offering vegans a brand new menu item that’s sure to turn some meat eaters’ heads. For any non-meat eaters wishing they could enjoy the experience of steak, but without consuming actual meat, the restaurant chain is serving up grilled Watermelon Steaks.

The restaurant takes a fresh watermelon and cuts it into steak-sized slices. Marinated in garlic and seasoned with a spicy sriracha blend, the watermelon slices are then chargrilled to create a steak-like texture and aesthetic.

Available now at TGI Fridays locations throughout the UK, the dish is served with crispy seasoned fries and roasted vegetables as well as a creamy avocado sauce and Friday’s iconic glaze.

A few years back, a restaurant in New York City created a viral dish they also called “Watermelon Steak” that followed a pretty similar concept. Wonder if that popularity will translate to Fridays’ new item?

TGI Fridays also launched a Vegan Stack Burger to give patrons more vegan options going into the new ’20s.

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TGI Fridays Launches All-Day Happy Hour Specials To Challenge Applebee’s Dollaritas

Applebee’s strategy of getting the masses to return through cheap cocktails and affordable bites has been working. According to Business Insider, the chain restaurant’s sales went up 3.3% in the last quarter, with increased traffic playing a major factor.

Seems like others in the casual dining space are taking note, as TGI Fridays just launched their own discounted booze deal to draw in more customers. Instead of dollar-priced drinks, though, they’re going with an all-day happy hour menu priced at just five bucks per item.

all-day happy hour

Photo courtesy of TGI Fridays

This includes a lineup of four cocktails, draft beers, and wine options all priced at $5 each. New cocktails within the all-day happy hour menu include a frozen Blue Hawaiian, a Long Island Iced Tea, and margaritas. Margaritas and LITs, interestingly, are two of the drinks that performed well at Applebee’s dollar price. There were some questions about the quality of the “Dollaritas,” so hopefully, TGI’s $5 versions are more boozy and have less water.

There’s also food options priced at $5 each, including warm pretzels, chicken quesadillas, cheeseburger sliders, boneless wings, and giant onion rings.

Friday’s new deal isn’t as inexpensive as their rival’s, and a couple of drinks and two appetizers from TGI’s menu will set you back as much as the 2 for $20 entree deal at Applebee’s (which also comes with starters). However, if you’re just looking for a quick happy hour run, TGI Friday’s new option is pretty well priced.

The new all-day happy hour menu starts this week, and is a permanent, not limited, addition to the menu. It’s available whenever participating restaurants are open.

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Irish People Try TGI Fridays For The First Time [WATCH]

A few months back, we got to tour TGI Fridays’ headquarters in Texas and try some of their new burgers. The restaurant chain has been around for decades and is one of America’s first major causal dining empires.

In their latest video, the folks over at Facts decided to sit down to try some staple dishes offered at the restaurant chain. Popular TGI Fridays items include loaded potato skins, buffalo chicken wings, Jack Daniel’s ribs, and caramel apple pie.

So you’ve got the apps, the entree, and the dessert. Nice.

The overall consensus of the menu seemed to be pretty positive, despite that one girl really disliking the Jack Daniel’s ribs. Check out the video to see their reactions to each of these dishes.

Now we’re hungry for potato skins. Great.


TGI Fridays Threw Fried Chicken Wings On Their Newest Burger

Earlier, we learned that TGI Fridays was permanently offering their Endless Apps to customers across the US. Now, the restaurant chain has announced that they’ll also be adding a “Burger Bar” as a way to return to their bar and burger “roots.”

The elevated burger menu will feature seven premium burgers including three brand-new ones from the restaurant chain.


The new Buffalo Wingman Burger boasts a blackened beef patty, Buffalo pimento cheese spread, spicy mayo made from Tabasco Chipotle Pepper Sauce, spicy pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, and red onions. If that wasn’t hearty enough, the burger is topped off with a skewer of Buffalo wings.


The Bacon CheesesBurger is a revamp of Fridays’ original bacon Cheeseburger with an extra layer of cheese. It features white cheddar, an aged all-natural cheddar spread, lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, pickles, hickory-smoked bacon, and Fridays sauce.


Finally, the new BBQn Burger is rocking both classic and white barbeque sauces, spicy Jack cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, red onion, hickory-smoked bacon, and Cajun-spiced crispy onion strings.

Along with these new burgers, Fridays is including their Jack Daniels Burger, Really Good Cheeseburger, Turkey Burger, and Vegetarian Black Bean & Avocado Burger.

The Burger Bar menu will be available starting Wednesday Feb. 22 at all participating TGI Fridays locations across the United States.

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TGI Fridays’ Endless Appetizers Are FINALLY Permanent

We love going ham when TGI Fridays brings back their Endless Apps special every year. For $10, the restaurant chain would give you any combination from a select menu of appetizers on the menu. While the offering was brief, it was pretty worth the trip.

In a shakeup, TGI Fridays has announced the return of their Endless Apps special with a major twist: it’s now permanent.

Returning classics are mozzarella sticks, loaded potato skins, BBQ chicken flatbread, pan-seared pot stickers, and boneless buffalo wings. Two new items introduced this year to the endless line up are meatballs and fried pickles.

Now that the “limited time only” caveat has been lifted, patrons can roll out to any participating TGI Fridays locations and get their Endless Apps fix any time they choose for $10.

Might start with those new fried pickles and work our way backwards. If we pace ourselves, we can probably get through the entire menu in one sitting…twice.

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TGI Fridays Now Lets You Make Reservations Through Facebook Messenger


TGI Fridays is dipping their toes into the world of tech and social media to make dinner a heck of a lot more convenient for patrons. In a new partnership with Conversable, the restaurant chain will now allow guests to reserve a spot at the restaurant through Facebook Messenger.

The restaurant says this will be a first for the industry.

Fridays’ customers can interact with the restaurant 24/7 starting now through Facebook Messenger. Along with making reservations at select restaurants, they can also ask questions about the chain and use Messenger to find local TGI Fridays locations.

Conversable is a conversational platform that provides users with automated one-on-one response flows through message channels. By Fall, the company will allow guests to order food online and get delivery through social media.

This will definitely come in handy on Saturday nights. We hate waiting for tables when there’s so much food to be eaten.


TGI Fridays Spikes Dinner Menu With Alcohol-Infused Dishes

TGI Fridays Spiked

TGI Fridays is getting a little boozier with their dinner menu and we’re always down for that. The restaurant chain has announced the addition of a new line of dishes infused with your favorite spirits. They’re calling them Spiked Plates.

The restaurant’s $10 Spiked Plate offerings include Bourbon Barrel Chicken and Bourbon Barrel Sirloin, both served over a bourbon-infused wood plank. The Hard Cider Half Rack Ribs feature slow-cooked baby back ribs basted with a hard giver glaze and a Sriracha rub. Finally, the Jack Stacked Burger boasts melted sharp cheddar, onion bacon jam, Asiago and Parmesan and a Jack Daniel’s glaze.

Boozy appetizers also include Pretzels with Beer Cheese and Boneless Wings with Cider Glaze for $5.

You know what would go great with all these alcoholic entrees? Probably more booze.