Most Recent iOS Update Finally Brings TACO And BURRITO Emojis

Taco Emoji 2015

After months of waiting on the promise of the fabled “taco emoji,” it’s finally here. With the latest iOS 9.1 update, Apple has released 150 new emojis including the long-awaited taco.

Back in June it was announced that the taco emoji had been added to Unicode 8.0. That meant, eventually, it would make its way to operating systems sooner or later.

Great news for those who’d rather send a quick taco emoji than spell out the four-letter word. Hey, Tuesday’s are hectic and we need tacos.

Other new food emojis now include a chili pepper, a block of cheese, popcorn, a hot dog and a BURRITO. We’re beyond stoked about that burrito as well.





Text-a-Taco App Finally Lets You Text Tacos


Our generation has a serious problem that needs to be addressed. The lack of everyday food emojis at our disposal is an absolute travesty. How are we supposed to let our bestie know that we’re nomming on a sammich? Or god forbid we need the bae to bring home some corn dogs. What are we just supposed to text them with, words? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Enter Taco Text, the iPhone app we’ve all been waiting for. Created by Xoxco, the app is free and lets users send a taco to friends via text, email, or other social media apps. Users have a choice of four tacos they can send: Breakfast Taco, Everyday Taco, Fish Taco, and the elusive Mystery Taco. Seriously, the site doesn’t have an image for the Mystery Taco so let us know if you figure out what it looks like.

With McDonalds getting into the mobile game accepting payments through phones, we’re thinking it’s only a matter of time before Taco Bell creates their own app that will literally let you text your friend a taco. If they sub their new Biscuit Tacos in for the Breakfast Taco, we’re totally in.

Sorry Android users, the app is currently only available in the App Store.

H/T + PicThx Eater


The iPhone Coffee Holder, So You Never Have to Choose Between Texting & Caffeine Again


Don’t you loathe when you’re holding your latte in one hand and your iPhone in the other, then suddenly need to respond to a text that requires you to put your coffee down in order to use your other hand to text, thus interrupting the constant flow of caffeine to your mouth? Welp, if you answered yes, you’re in luck texting fiends. Behold: The UpperCup — an iPhone case with a cupholder that lets you text while still holding onto that warm cup of espresso juice.

The idea comes from Natwerk, a company currently seeking funding on Indiegogo. An UpperCup for the iPhone 4 would run you at $25, with the iPhone 5 case going for $30.

While the idea itself is amusing, I’m a bit hesitant on the practicality of the product. What happens if you go into rapid-texting mode and accidentally spill your piping hot drink all over yourself? As the peeps over at Incredible Things explained, it would probably result in your “phone short circuiting” and you crying over spilled coffee.

H/T Incredible Things