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The Newest Food Emojis Have Been Revealed

Photo by: Omari Allen

Emojis, the colorful language inspired by our collective imaginations and invented by The Unicode Technical Committee, now have new food icons. The new emojis include: round waffles, a stick of butter, yerba mate in a gourd with a straw, an onion, bulb of garlic, a juice box, large ice cube and probably the most anticipated, falafel. Although you probably weren’t clamoring for each new option, the additions should nevertheless spice up your text life. 

Considering how prevalent emojis have become in how we communicate, the perfect emoji for a witty response always seems to be missing. The reason behind this lies in the rigorous emoji approval process. Emojis aren’t just updates made in some windowless room by someone sitting behind a computer, the process is actually very democratic. Anyone can submit an emoji suggestion to the Unicode Technical Committee. Meaning, the balut emoji you’ve always been wanting to text your friends is a possibility. You just have to follow these guidelines to submit a new emoji proposal

The guidelines are fairly straightforward, but the subsequent deliberation can be tedious. For example, the falafel emoji could’ve been three balls rather than a plateful. Emojis work as a language bridge, so it’s important that designs translate across cultural barriers. Designs also vary from platform to platform. Food is a particularly popular area for emoji enthusiasts, so it’s no surprise many want their favorite dish represented.

With that said, writing about food emojis has made me crave food food. I’m sure these new emojis will inspire many funny convos and hopefully more creative submissions to the committee. I look forward to witnessing the evolution of the emoji language. Who knows, maybe one day someone will create an emoji cafe.

Hit-Or-Miss Humor Now Trending

Dude Tries Forcing Pizza Girl To Send Nudes, Gets Brutally ‘Owned’

Delivering pizza sounds pretty stressful, and that’s probably compounded if you’re a woman delivery driver.

Some creep got hold of a Papa John’s delivery girl’s phone number, tried blackmailing her into sending photos of herself, and promptly got shut up by the girl.

Imgur user “dogdogbarkitybark” posted a text message conversation between the two, titling it, “I love being a delivery girl.”

The conversation was immediately awkward, as the guy’s first text was, “Hey babe.” Then it continued to get progressively more creepy, as the dude started proclaiming that she was “wet,” among other things.


Apparently, the creep got her number because he wasn’t home during the delivery, and she was forced to call him.

The girl eventually shut him down after the guy tried pulling some stupid line about being worried for her since there was an apparent tornado warning. She responded with, “Then don’t order pizza when there’s a tornado warning next time, you dumb cunt.”

After she said that, he threatened to report her if she didn’t send him pictures of herself, to where she literally sent him the definition of blackmail, and how it’s a criminal offense.


The fuccboi never responded back, as he probably rubbed one out and got over himself.

The girl later said in the post that the she was ultimately upset that she knew the guy was taking photos of her while she was leaning forward to get into her car.

Although it sucks that she had to go trough that in the first place, at least she shut his ass down.

Check out the whole exchange below:

I love being a delivery girl


Jared Fogle Texted He Paid $100 For ‘Amazing’ Sex With 16-Year-Old Girl, Allegedly

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 11.03.27 AM

While Subway’s former No. 1 spokesman, Jared Fogle, has had his name throw around in relation to a child pornography investigation, an unsettling text message conversation has allegedly surfaced.

According to Business Insider, the FBI has subpoenaed texts messages of a alleged 2008 conversation where Fogle talks about paying for sex with a teenaged girl.

The alleged conversation revolved around Fogle urging A former Subway franchisee to low-key advertise herself on Craigslist for sexual favors.

When the woman questioned how Jared was so knowledgeable about these advertisements, they allegedly talk about Fogle paying $100 to have sex with a 16-year-old girl.

Business Insider posted that the conversation went like this:

Former Franchisee: “Is this the same website you found that 16 year old girl you that you f*****? …I still can’t believe you only paid $100 for her.

Fogle: “It was amazing!!!!

Former Franchisee: “What part of her ad made you think she was selling sex?

Fogle: “U will have to read them to see.

It’s good to note the legal age of consent in Jared’s home state of Indiana is 16, but while the young lady might not cause a legal issue, he’s still being accused of paying her for sex.

The former franchisee said she had brought these texts to Subway before, but they just ignored them.