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Taste The Details: Cowboy Cuisine in Fort Worth, Texas

In the Old West, we can easily picture a scene set for cowboys, working hard on the ranch or out on the range. Most ranch owners wanted their cowboys to be well nourished, helping them stay healthy on the trail. This lead to cowboy cuisine, where fresh beef was the main feature, supported by food staples that traveled well and wouldn’t spoil. Steak, beans, wild game, fish — all plenty to keep a hungry cowboy fed.

In casting for a new industry to accelerate the city’s growth, it was natural to think of a meat packing house, as Fort Worth had long been a livestock shipping center. The reliance and prevalence of beef, coupled with its rich history of the wild west frontier and cowboys, has lead cowboy cuisine to be a linchpin to Cowtown’s unique and all at once typically Texan character, which is captured by the Fort Worth Stockyards and their famous twice-daily longhorn cattle drive. What typically is food prepared by chuckwagon cooks and cowboys out on the range is a staple to the West that consists of, but not limited to, long-stewed chili, chicken fried steak, and plenty of beef.

Though unlikely for most traveling foodies on paper, Fort Worth is a bubbling culinary hub that can hang its hat on cowboy cuisine yet still give shine to Vietnamese and Mexican fare. To fully experience the culinary diversity the city has to offer, look no further than the Fort Worth Food & Wine Festival, a perfect ode to not only capturing the cowboy cuisine of the city, but the deeper heritage of other cuisines that make up the vibrant dining scene.

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Applebee’s Is Offering 50-Cent Long Island Iced Teas All October At Select Locations

As October arrives and we brace ourselves for the end of another year, we can find solace in knowing there’s at least one more sweet deal we can dive into before 2020 begins: Long Island Iced Teas for 50 cents at Applebee’s.

The restaurant chain is offering the fan-favorite cocktail for 50-cents at select Applebee’s locations throughout the state of Texas. They will be available during all open hours, throughout the rest of October.

With a blend of vodka, rum, tequila, sweet & sour mix, and a splash of cola, the beverage is served in 10 oz. glasses for anyone over 21 to enjoy.

You can find this offer valid only at participating Applebee’s locations in Dallas, Houston, Austin, Waco, and East Texas from now until the end of the month.

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Applebee’s In Texas Will Take Gift Cards And Expired Coupons From ANY Business

Who: Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill + Bar

What: The restaurant chain will be accepting gift cards, gift certificates, and email or paper coupons from any business whether they’re expired or not in their Texas locations. Applebee’s will honor pretty much any coupon up to 50 percent off food purchases.

Last year, Applebee’s implemented the same deal, as a way to give back to the neighborhoods their stores are located in. Half off an entire dinner isn’t something to complain about at all — wonder if they still carry the AYCE riblets?

Where: All 65 locations of Applebee’s in Texas. This includes Austin, Dallas Fort Worth, Houston, Central and East Texas.

When: The promotion will be around through the entire month of March.

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Houston Dad Catches Fish With Bare Hands In Hurricane Harvey Flooded Home

The wreckage caused by Hurricane Harvey has been devastating to the residents of Houston, Texas. More than 450,000 victims have been affected by the destruction and 30,000 are forced to seek shelter as the storm rages on. Still, in the wake of this historic flood, we’re happy to see some folks keeping strong for their loved ones.

According to BroBible, one father decided to use a little humor to put his family’s minds at ease during the disaster — by taking up fishing.

Viviana Saldana posted a video on Facebook of her father Saul Saldana catching a fish with his bare hands in the family’s living room. Up to his knees in rainwater, the patriarch dives head first and wrangles a fish with the ease of a grizzly bear.

Hopefully, the Saldanas and the rest of Houston can find some relief once the storm lets up.

Check out this video to see this dude’s impressive fish-catching abilities. Hopefully they kept that sucker. There are so many delicious things they could do with that fish — after they filet it of course.


Survivalist Dog Grabs His Food And Flees To Safety After Hurricane Harvey

Nothing says “American strength” like seeing a dog walk through a hurricane, holding a bag of dog food in its mouth in order to survive.

Otis the dog went missing after Houston, Texas’ weekend disaster that was Hurricane Harvey. The moment owner Salvador Segovia, 65, realized the German Shepherd went missing, he jumped in his truck and started looking for the dog, according to Chron.

Apparently Otis the dog saw how badly the storm hit that Friday, so he decided to grab his food and get the hell out of there.

Thankfully, Segovia was able to find Otis and bring him back home to safety, Saturday, but not before a now famous snapshot was taken of Otis fleeing with the bag of dog food in his possession.

Tiele Dockens took a peek outside at all the damage in her town and saw the dog carrying out its disaster plan. She did not know whose dog it was, she just thought the resourcefulness of the pooch was quite amusing. Her photo amassed over 11,000 likes and was shared 36,000 times on Facebook, as people saw this pup as a symbol of strength through tragedy.

He sounds like a pretty damn special dog, as Segovia detailed that Otis is allowed to frequent Dairy Queen on his own to get a hamburger. Not sure how the payment system works there, but it sounds legit.

If you are unprepared for the impending zombie apocalypse and have no idea how you’d find food for yourself, you better hope you have a bad-ass dog like Otis by your side.

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In-N-Out Is Opening Its First Houston Location Soon

Houston residents have something to be extra chipper about this week as the city in Texas will be home of the newest In-N-Out. What was primarily a West Coast-based restaurant chain is now slowly starting to expand across the rest of the country.

Hey, if that means more Animal-style fries in the world then we’re all on board.

Eater got their hands on a property deed that confirmed the burger chain’s purchase of land in Briarmeadow at Westheimer and Dunvale.

No official word on when the In-N-Out will officially open in the city, but we’ll keep you posted as soon as we find out. Those Double Doubles are simply too scrumptious for just the West Coast to enjoy. Hopefully this will be a major stepping stone towards getting more locations across the US.

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For One Month, Texas Applebee’s Will Accept Gift Cards And Expired Coupons From ANYWHERE

Applebee’s announced a new promotion that seriously makes us wonder if April Fools’ Day came way too early. The restaurant chain announced that they would be accepting any and all gift cards and coupons from competing businesses as payment from patrons at 67 of their locations in the state of Texas.

For the entire month of March, Applebee’s is taking gift cards, coupons (even expired ones), and gift certificates from pretty much any kind of business. So imagine, patrons could pay for their meal through a card from a competing restaurant chain or simply one from an arts and crafts store.

Applebee’s offer, however, is only for up to 50% off food purchases with said gift cards and coupons. Hey, they still have to make money somehow.

Essentially, Applebee’s created the promotion in hopes to be a better neighbor to the local communities. The restaurant noticed many patrons had expired coupons and gift cards to places they would never typically visit, so they offered to accept them as payment for food.

The deal will only be available for a limited time at 67 participating Applebee’s Texas locations in Dallas Forth Worth, Waco, East Texas, as well as other neighboring areas.

With any luck, states other than Texas will get the same sweet deal around this time next year. In the meantime, start saving those coupons!

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Somebody Wants Tacos, Not Chili, To Be The Official Food Of Texas


When you go to Texas, there’s always specific foods that you associate with the Lone Star State – barbecue, chili, and tacos. These food hallmarks have tons of variations across Texas, but only one currently holds the title of “National Dish of Texas” – the chili.

There’s one crusading author, however, that wants to change that. He believes the food that truly represents Texas shouldn’t be chili. Instead, it should be tacos.

In an interview with The Texas Standard, acclaimed author Mando Rayo made his case for tacos as the national food of Texas. The key points of his argument do make good sense. First of all, chili and barbecue can both be turned into tacos. Additionally, tacos are a deep, integral part of Texan culture that everyone across the state can connect to.

“Tacos were not imported here, they were from here, they’re from this land… they’re from the people. When you think about not only the history, but the culture that’s part of eating tacos, or even the trends of food trucks and what-have-you, there’s just so many places to eat a taco. […] I feel that’s kind of one of those foods that people definitely have some sort of connection to. And it’s not just some seasonal connection.”

Rayo has looked at tacos from across the state and turned his experiences into a book and documentary, both entitled “The Tacos of Texas.” He found that tacos aren’t just a food associated with Mexican cuisine anymore. Everybody in Texas who sells food has tacos in some form — breakfast tacos, Asian tacos, traditional tacos… the list goes on.

Rayo has extensively studied tacos and their culture in Texas, and based on that, he feels that tacos should be the official food of Texas. His goal is to make tacos Texas’s state dish, knocking chili off of that pedestal to replace it with a food that runs much deeper in Texas’s culture.

Currently, Rayo has started a petition to make tacos the official dish of Texas, and is looking for a “hungry legislator” in the state of Texas to help get a law enacted to replace chili and put tacos in their rightful place.

What do you think? Should tacos be the official food of the state of Texas? Or is Mando Rayo crazy to even bring up the suggestion? Let us know what you think and vote in the poll below!

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Whether you agree or disagree with him, there’s one thing we can all agree on: tacos are freaking DELICIOUS.