Viet-Tex And California BBQ Combine For A Special Pitmaster Collab

Photos courtesy of Khoi Barbecue.

If you’re in the Houston area, chances are you’ve heard of the Viet-Tex barbecue creations being spun by Khói Barbecue. Items like Brisket Phở and Bánh Xèo filled with smoked beef cheeks have made the pop-up a popular one in the area, with pitmasters/owners Don and Theo Nguyen drawing inspiration from their Vietnamese roots and imbuing it into central Texas-style barbecue.

They’re not the only pitmasters in the country that use their roots to give barbecue a twist, as Danny Castillo gives a California spin to his Central Texas-style meats over at Heritage Barbecue. The Southern California barbecue icon is known for high-quality meats, as well as spins that include fresh takes on their sides.

Castillo has mentioned that he would love to bring pitmasters from all over to come and collaborate at his spot, and the Nguyen brothers will be some of the first to do just that. On June 13th, they’ll be making the trek over from Houston and popping up at Heritage Barbecue for the day.

Expect to see items like the Brisket Phở and Bánh Xèo, along with Bò Lá Lốt Links, inspired by the Vietnamese dish consisting of spiced ground beef wrapped in lolot leaves (otherwise known as betel leaves).

Heritage and Khoi won’t be the only two barbecue joints represented at this collab, as Convenience West BBQ, run by pitmaster Mark Scott, will also join in on the fun. Located in Marfa, Texas, Convenience West is a spot that’s continually experimenting with new flavors. Their meat, however, is rooted in what they describe as “Far West Tex” style barbecue.

Scott’s style is a little more eclectic, so he’ll be bringing unique dishes to the party like Boudin Wraps and barbecue tacos.

The entire event isn’t ticketed, so you can just show up to Heritage, hop in line, and order any of the special collab items. It starts at 11 am on Sunday, June 13th, and will run until everything sells out.

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Arby’s Launches Trio Of Sandwich Legends Including New Cuban Sandwich

Not too long ago, Jack In The Box released a trio of sandwiches “inspired” by the concept of food trucks. It seems Arby’s has already reponded to Jack’s food truck trio by releasing a few new sandwiches of their own.

Called the Sandwich Legends, these new items include: a Miami Cuban Sandwich, Texas Brisket Sandwich, and New York Reuben.

The Miami Cuban features thick-sliced roast pork (sous-vide for 3.5 hours), pit-smoked ham, pickles, Swiss cheese, and mustard with a toasted roll. On the Texas Brisket sandwich is smoked brisket, pickles, crunchy onion strings, and barbecue sauce (inspired by the famous Franklin BBQ) served on Texas Toast. Finally, Arby’s new New York Reuben features twice as much corned beef as the restaurant’s regular Reuben offering and served on toasted marble rye bread.

Arby’s new Sandwich Legends should be available nationwide by the end of February, Brand Eating reports. An official release of the menu is expected in March.