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Burger King’s Summer Menu Might Include a Pulled Pork Sandwich and Sweet Potato Fries

With summer just a few days away, fast food brands will begin making the transition to their summer-friendly menu items, and Burger King is no exception.

We just received a tip from a Burger King employee noting that the chain is training their staff to handle a new summer menu that includes an apparent wider release of the Bacon Sundae, a couple flavors of Frozen Lemonades, a range of new BBQ-inspired sandwiches and the addition of Sweet Potato Fries.

The menu will be available as a promotion for three months, according to our source. No telling what items will stay on the menu following the three-month course, and no confirmation, yet, if this is a nationwide menu or just limited to a few locations.

Some notable additions come in the form of a Carolina BBQ Whopper and the Memphis BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich. The Carolina BBQ Whopper features a ‘creamy coleslaw sauce,’ lettuce, tomato, red onion, Sweet Carolina BBQ sauce, thick-cut bacon and Pepper Jack cheese. The Memphis BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich features the same ‘creamy coleslaw sauce,’ white onion, Smoky Sweet Memphis BBQ Sauce all over pulled pork.

Here is a closer look at the rest of the menu items:

[Thx Foodbeast Reader AJ]