Tetris Tater Tots Titillate Template-Loving Tots


Every so often, it’s nice to be a little immature. Like using unnecessary alliteration in an article title, for instance. Or playing with tater tots that look like Tetris pieces.

Puzzle Potatoes — or “Totris” as the reddit community so lovingly dubbed them — are a new frozen potato snack from food distributor US Foods that fit together like, well, pieces of a puzzle. A “healthier” alternative to french fries, they’re also designed to be “fun” to play with, despite the fact that there are no square or long pieces and they don’t light up and disappear once you complete a row

Still, they can provide hours of entertainment if you happen to be a ultra fan of organizing things. And come on, who isn’t?


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Tetris Cookie Cutters Feature All 7 Classic Shapes

Tetris is one of those video games that will never, ever go out of style. It’s a staple in the gaming world, but even if you don’t play it on a daily basis, we’ve come across a version that’ll satisfy your inner nostalgia and sweet tooth — Tetris Cookie Cutters.

Complete with seven “Tetrominos,” this aluminum set features all the classic game shapes that fit together to form a perfect square.

The best part is you can bake all your favorite shapes (7 total), so you’re not stuck getting the stupid “T” block when all you need is a long rectangle to win the game. UGH.

Tetris Cookie Cutters, $10 @ThinkGeek

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Tetris Sugar Cubes

These Tetris Sugar Cubes come from the mind of Russian artist Danil Zdorov as a concept project. No word on where to purchase these if that’s even in the future for this particular creation, but the idea is definitely a marketable one that should surely gain traction in the coming weeks and months. Hopefully some investors or companies take note! Eat on!


Tetris Salt and Pepper Shaker


Recently Tetris celebrated its 25th anniversary as the most popular puzzle game every played. A fan of the game must have liked the game so much that she wanted a piece of it in her house. Therefore she created Tetris block Salt and Pepper shakers. The ‘P’ shape is a pepper grinder, the ‘S’ shape holds salt and the ‘T’ stores any other spice you might want to put on your meal. (Thx Incrediblethings)