Fast Food

McDonald’s Introducing New Steak Breakfast Items


It’s a late night in Vegas. You’ve miraculously found your way back to your hotel room, your not-so-designated driver’s passed the f@#k out and you’re fiending – fiending! – for $5 steak and eggs. Do you steal the keys and lurch your inebriated ass down to Tuscany off the strip? Do you ignore your unbearable, unfathomable foot pain and hoof it?

Not if McDonald’s has a say. Along with the new Mighty Wings and Egg White McMuffin, the Golden Arches are introducing a new Steak, Egg and Cheese Biscuit, Bagel and McMuffin as part of their upgraded menu. Granted, $5 anywhere else in Vegas gets you your choice of steak temperature, egg style, toast type and hash browns whereas $5 at McDonald’s probably just gets you an overcooked patty on some bread (“premium” menu items, you know).

But as long as it’s included on the Breakfast After Midnight menu, who’s complaining? Everyone who walked all the way to Tuscany, that’s for sure.

H/T + PicThx Bloomberg News